Right before Christmas, German magazine Autobild gave themselves a little present: they took all of the current BMW M models and tested them on the circuit to see which one was the fastest. All of the tests were done on the Sachsenring circuit in Germany and, surprising or not, the fastest model turned out to be the M3 CRT (E90) . In fact, according to Autobild, not only was it the fastest from all the models tested, it was also the fastest M Car they have ever tested on the Sachsenring.

The M3 CRT lapped the circuit in 1:38.87 , closely followed by the M5 with a lap time of 1:38.90 and the 1-Series M Coupe with a time of 1:40.18. The list continues with the M3 in coupe, sedan, and convertible forms and ends with the X6M and X5M . Both SUVs were faster than the old E60 M5.

And just for fun, Autobild also brought a Porsche Panamera Turbo S and a Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG to the test. Hit the jump to see the official lap times.

Source: 5post

The Race of Champions (ROC) is an international motorsport event where members of Formula One, World Rally Championship, NASCAR, sportscars, and touring cars race to the finish line in hopes of being crowned number one. The 2011 ROC marked the 24th year running of the race, held in Düsseldorf, Germany’s Esprit Arena. The event ended with Sébastien Ogier claiming his first individual ROC crown. The Nations Cup went to Team Germany’s which consisted of Formula One stars Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel.

Cars like the Audi R8 LMS and the KTM X-Bow were the stars of the event, and this video provides the opportunity to see some of the greatest moments from the ROC.

"I’m so happy," said Ogier in an interview with Autoweek. "It was a very nice weekend, and it was already great to be in the final at my first time. There are a lot of cars to learn here and the track as well. But I didn’t do too badly, and I pushed hard all the way. Tom is a really good driver, but to win this race is amazing."

Hold on to your seats, Porsche fans. There may be something brewing in Stuttgart that will completely change the landscape of Porsche in the coming years.

According to the German site,, the German automaker is working on a completely new model called the Porsche 961. By now bells should be ringing in the heads of hardcore motorsports fans who remember a certain 961 racer that did a brief stint in the 80s. The old 961 only ran a total of three races - 24 Hours of Lemans, Camel GT Championship, and Lemans once again - before it experienced some technical difficulties and was laid to rest in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.

The 961 racer from the 80s was modeled after Porsche’s 959 sports car, but the newest rendition is rumored to be a V8-powered flagship car that takes after the Porsche 918 and will be slotted above the iconic 911 . Details are still sketchy at this point, but rumors are that the 961 has been tagged under the internal code ’9X1’ and in addition to having a powerful engine, the car could also be built as a hybrid, with an electric motor providing additional power to the car to the tune of somewhere around 600 horsepower.

Rumored price tag for the upcoming Porsche 961 has been pegged at somewhere in the neighborhood of €200,000, which is a little under $300,000 based on current exchange rates. The flagship coupe is also expected to make its official debut in 2013, giving us enough time to digest all this information and build up the hype of what is you can bet is going to be Porsche’s new crown jewel.

UPDATE 09/27/2011: British magazine, CAR, has set up some new rumors about the upcoming Porsche supercar which will be placed between the current 911 and the upcoming 918. It seems that the new Ferrari 458 Italia competitor will be codenamed project 960 and will be built on Volkswagen Group’s new Mimo platform. The new 960 will have nothing in common with the 918 Spyder and will use the same components as the future facelifted 911. You won’t see a twin-turbo V8 engine under the hood either; instead Porsche will use a twin-turbo 3.8-liter boxer engine with an output of about 600bhp and 550 lb-ft of torque. Porsche will offer both coupe and roadster versions and prices will start from €200,000, or $270,000 at the current exchange rates. (CAR)

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The Car Show: Season 1 Episode 1

This week’s episode of The Car Show packed many of the things that were vacant from the last week’s episode. Yes, we said it, there was much more Car Show and a lot less filler crap.

Some of the mini segments did make their way into the show, including 0-60 (one of our favorites), Behind the Wheel, and of course, One for the Road. Aside from that, there were more celebrity appearances with two different interviews and a trip up the German Autobahn and down the Pacific Coast Highway in an Audi R8 V10 Spyder .

If anyone finds Adam Carolla the least bit annoying then you’ll be happy to know that he participates in Red Bull’s SoapBox Derby and falls a little short of the finish line. One nasty scrape later and he still finds a way to piss people off. All for the love of cars.

Hit the jump for more details on The Car Show: Season 1 Episode 8.

While we can feel bad about Bluebird Electric ’s failed attempt at setting the land speed record for an electric car, we can at least give due props to another team that set an electric car record of their own this past weekend.

We’re not all too familiar with the "Schluckspecht" EV car, but we’re definitely sure about how EV range has been one of the biggest challenges facing electric cars these days. But if you’re one that can feel at ease about the possibility of having an EV that can travel over 1,000 miles on a single charge, the Schluckspecht EV just might prove that it’s an attainable goal after all.

The whole collaboration came as a result of partnership between Pforzheim University, the University of Offenburg, and the Fraunhofer Institut EMI, the Schluckspecht - apparently, it translates to "heavy drinker" - shattered the previous EV range record, traveling a distance of 1,103 miles (1,631.5 km), which is almost twice as far as what the previous record - 623 miles - was able to accomplish.

The Schluckspecht is powered by 14 lithium-cobalt battery packs and was driven by four drivers in a 36-hour span. The vehicle comes with a lightweight chassis that uses two in-wheel hub motors. It took over 14 years of development before the vehicle finally had its turn in the spotlight. But if you ask anybody associated with the project they’ll tell you that all those years spent building the car was all worth it in the end.


Parallel parking takes a good amount of skill, even for the most experienced of drivers. It takes an even greater amount of skill when you can do it through drifting. Add those two elements together with a world record of pulling off the world’s tightest parallel parking and you have German driver, Ronny Wechselberger.

The man known as "Ronny C-Rock" managed to pull off the remarkable feat when he successfully slid his Volkswagen Polo into a parallel space that measured just 26 cm longer than his vehicle. Pretty cool stuff. The Guinness World Records was on hand for the attempt back in April and only released the video yesterday, but unfortunately for Ronny C-Rock, his name on the record books was rather short-lived.

A few weeks ago, Chinese driver, Zhang Hua, toppled Ronny’s three-month old record when he managed to squeeze his ride into a space that was just 24 cm longer than his car. Guinness has yet to release the video of the new record, but has promised to do so later in the year.

So while we wait to see how Hua was able to break the record for tightest parallel park, we can watch Ronny C-Rock’s record event back in April and give some props to the man for his remarkable achievement, even if his run atop the record books was shorter than he would have hoped.

Hyundai has put together a special edition Genesis Coupe in order to celebrate the company’s participation at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring race this year. Don’t get too excited though, this special edition will only be made available to the German market. The new model, called the Genesis Coupe GT, will be limited to only 50 units and carries a price tag of 41,990 Euro, or about $59,800 at the current exchange rates.

This special edition sports silver and blue livery and a new set of 19" OZ wheels wrapped in Dunlop Sport Maxx GT tires. A new sports suspension also found its way to the special edition and drops the car’s ride by about 30mm. Joining the sports suspension is a brand new sports exhaust with 4 outputs integrated into the new rear bumper. Under the hood, there is a 3.8-liter V6 engine mated to a six-speed manual transmission that together deliver a total of 303 HP.

Source: Es.Autoblog

You can spin its name however you want, but the name "Galaxy Warrior" doesn’t necessarily sound like something you’d want to put in your car. Sure, it could pass as the name of the Ultimate Warrior’s long-lost cousin.

But as a styling package for the Lamborghini Gallardo ? Nope. Not good at all.

True to its name, this "Galaxy Warrior" Gallardo that’s being sold on Ebay Germany does look the part of an intergalactic machine from the world of Warrior. But here on this planet, where the Gallardo is considered one of the most beautifully-designed cars in the world, there’s no room for robotic-looking Italian supercars, even if its an attention-grabber in every lost sense of the word.

In any case, the people responsible for this ungodly sight is a company called ATS Automotive, which gave the Gallardo an aerodynamic kit that includes a new front bumper, new side skirts, a number of new air vents, a new rear bumper, an aftermarket rear wing, and new twin-pipe exhaust system, and a new set of alloy wheels.

While it does sound like a package that’s got everything you need in an aero kit, the visual result of the whole car leaves a lot to be desired.

About the only thing redeemable about this car is that it still comes with the Gallardo’s 5.2-liter V10 engine that produces an output of 560 horsepower. Other than that, and that alone, we’d leave this one alone.

Let’s say you have enough money to last you at least a few lifetimes and you’re looking to splurge it on something that not a lot of people have in this world have. Wouldn’t you opt for a high-powered, street-legal, electric sports car as your choice in burning all that money away? Well, German automaker, e-Wolf, has something that should interest you. It’s called the Alpha-1 SRF - ’SRF’ stands for Silent Radical Force - and it’s about the most awesome-looking electric sports car you’ll ever find.

Based on the chassis of Radical Sports Cars , the Alpha-1 SRF is not your ordinary electric sports car. It’s got the look of an LMP1 racer, except that its street-legal. So you pretty much get the best of both worlds with a car that resembles those LeMans racers, but is legal to drive out on the road.

The only thing that sets this thing back is the price tag, which you’ll find out after the jump. But like we said, if you’re the type to burn that much money at a moment’s notice, then you won’t have any trouble paying to take this awesome electric sports car home to your garage.

UPDATE 07/05/2011: The new Alpha-1 SRF has recently been caught testing at Nürburgring and spy photographers believe that the car is about to break the track’s record for electric cars. Hit the jump for the video.

More details on the e-Wolf Alpha-1 SRF after the jump.

There’s not much arguing the fact that the MX-5 Miata is one of Mazda ’s most popular models of all time. So if there was any other car in the Japanese automaker’s lineup that has earned the right to spawn special edition models left and right, it’s their iconic sports roadster.

With that thought in mind, Mazda has once again given fans of the MX-5 Miata another special edition model for their consumption.

This one, called the Karai, comes from the automaker’s European division and has been given plenty of new digs that will most definitely give it plenty of attention from die-hard Miata fans in Europe.

You can make a case that the all these special edition Miatas have become one too many, even for its popularity. But that’s the thing with this venerable roadster; somehow, people just can’t get enough of it, no matter what their tastes and preferences are.

The Karai, which means ’sharp’ in Japanese, certainly fits the name it was given. Sharply dressed with plenty of aesthetic upgrades, the MX-5 Miata Karai is one that’s going to be a hit to European die-hards of the legendary model.

Details after the jump

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