Ginetta G40

Ginetta G40

  The Ginetta G40 is a compact sports racing car from England that debuted at the 2010 Autosport International Show and is claimed to be the most versatile road and race car on the market. Powered by a sealed 1.8 Liter Zetec, the 1,900 pound race car is limited to 26 units priced at around $40,750 each.

The small English sports car builder Ginetta unveiled their new G40 sports car at the 2010 Autosport International Show. According to Ginetta’s Chairman Lawrence Tomlinson, he was "delighted that Autosport visitors had the first glimpse of Ginetta’s stunning new car. The G40 is the most versatile road and race car on the market today - with safety features that exceed all FIA regulations. We have been completely overwhelmed by demand for the G40 and I just can’t wait to see it out on the grid in its first Ginetta Junior race in April" and promises to be the car to watch in 2010.

Ginetta has a history of creating compact cost effective racing cars for privateers wishing to go racing. The G40 offers all of those things in the form of a four wheeled 1,900 pound package powered by an 1800cc sealed Zetec engine to ensure that the competition stays fair between the 26 competitors who will buy in at around $40,750 as well as a plane ticket to to the U.K.

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