2010 GMC Sierra Hybrid

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Top Speed had the pleasure of trying out a greener option for that other necessary item in any weekend racers garage, a work truck. Sure its nice to have a classic Ferrari or a an all out race car in your garage, but what good are they if you cannot get them to an appropriate environment. That is where our GMC Sierra 2WD Hybrid Crew Cab comes into play, this pick up can haul up to 6,100 pounds of trailer and seat six individuals inside the cab. Aside from the nice touches like the 18 inch chrome rims and larger than life front grill, the Sierra Hybrid has the benefit of being an alternatively fueled vehicle.

The full sized trucks 2-Mode Hybrid/Electric power train is tuned to get as much as 21 MPH when driving around town, impressive for any vehicle that weighs over 5,000 pounds. Don’t let the size discourage you, the Sierra Hybrid is easy to drive and the power adjustable front seat allows the driver to find the perfect vantage point.

The truck uses a combination of an electric module and a 6.0 Liter Chevrolet small block to make 332 HP, but you most likely won’t have to use much of those ponies, we found ourselves driving the Sierra around on electric only power most of the time, negating the need for any of the eight pistons. It was nice to know that they were there when we needed them like when passing on the highway or pulling a heavy load. One thing was for certain, the GMC Sierra Hybrid is working hard to give trucks a good name again.

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Exterior Impression:

GMC Sierra Hybrid

The GMC Sierra is big truck, the kind that has a commanding presence on the road, what isn’t big however are the Hybrid badges. Unlike the Escalade that shows off its advanced two-mode hybrid/electric drive train, our Sierra 2WD Hybrid would blend in with the rest of the crew at any job site. That’s not to say that the Sierra doesn’t identify itself as Hybrid vehicle, the tasteful etchings from the Escalade and Tahoe carry over.

GMC Sierra Hybrid

Our Stealth Grey Metallic work truck of the future rode on the massive standard issue 18 inch chrome rims that are made up of six thick spokes. The GMC Sierra Hybrid rides high up in the air; the truck has plenty of ground clearance, our Sierra looks even bigger than a normal truck because it combines a full size bed with a full size four door cab, making one large piece of Americana.

Interior Impression:

GMC Sierra Hybrid

The inside of the GMC Sierra is as wide open as spacious as the exterior is large. The four door cab can seat six if the center armrest is up. It was easy to find the perfect driving position with our truck’s only option, a 6 way power adjustable chair for the driver. It made it easy to grab a hold of one of the most comfortable leather wrapped steering wheels in any vehicle on the road today and view the well laid our gauges.

The seats were covered in a beige cloth that was easy on the eyes, but we are not so sure how well it would stand up to muddy work clothes day in and day out, perhaps some seat covers would be in order. One option that our Sierra was missing is the large LCD back up camera/hybrid monitor. Instead our truck came with a standard issue GM head unit. The rubber floor mats were a nice touch, they should come standard on every vehicle, they just make clean up so much easier, and after all the GMC Sierra should spend a considerable amount of time in the mud.

The Drive:

GMC Sierra Hybrid

The GMC Sierra Hybrid drives like any large American truck should, the hybrid drive train only added to our driving experience. In fact we found ourselves driving around town on electric only, negating the need for the 332 HP 6.0 Liter modern day V8 with features like active fuel management and variable valve timing. Unfortunately we didn’t have a chance to test the Sierra Hybrid’s 367 lb-ft of torque to haul any cargo even though our GMC truck was equipped with a trailer hitch and has a 6,100 pound towing capacity.

Why to Buy:

GMC Sierra Hybrid

The GMC Sierra Hybrid is a green truck that deserves to get dirty, unlike an Escalade the gas/electric GMC is more of a tax write off than a status symbol. This is the truck that a foreman will drive to a job site. Showing his clients that they can feel safe that their money is going towards a greener future. This is also the truck that we most expect Willie Nelson to drive to the store, although it’s not a bio diesel, the 2-Mode Hybrid system allows the 5,600 pound truck to get an EPA estimated 21 MPG in the city and 22 MPG on the highway.

Why not to Buy:

GMC Sierra Hybrid

If you are the average construction worker, you can pick up a standard Sierra for around $22,000. Being green probably won’t be such a large factor when it comes time to purchasing your new workhorse, especially when it will set you back almost $20,000. If you don’t need a truck, but want to support GM and be extremely flashy go buy a Hybrid Escalade.

GMC Sierra Hybrid

Other options that you can look at are the Ford F-150, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra and Nissan Titan. All are full size pick ups with similar sizes, prices and capabilities; although no country builds a truck like America.

Top Speed Final Verdict:

GMC Sierra Hybrid

We liked the GMC Sierra 2WD Hybrid Crew Cab, the truck’s large living space and dominance on the road made it a vehicle that you feel safe to be behind the wheel of. The truck has seating for six and can haul over 6,000 pounds. This is the perfect truck for fleets and hard working individuals, whose truck will be a large part of their workforce. If General Motors can figure out a way to make the hybrid unit more affordable, our Sierra came in at $39,640, this hybrid pick up would put the F-150 to shame, but we fear that the price to go green is just too expensive for the Sierra’s target market.

GMC Sierra Hybrid


The Prius stands on its own. It incorporates a lot of fuel-saving features you can’t just add on to an existing car. It takes time to make a new car, like you see with the Volt.

I heard that this model offers 6,100 pounds of towing capacity. The perfect pick up truck for you and your business.

Reputation and brand loyalty are everything in the now-crowded field of full-size trucks-which explains the lack of big-time sales numbers for the oddly styled Toyota Tundra and Nissan Titan.

GMC a well known in automobile industries, all their vehicles and trucks are excellent, but the problem is it’s engines is a fuel consuming. good thing that GMC is making their engine’s eco friendly and HYBRID.

America’s love affair with the pickup truck will continue to burn bright even though the status quo is changing. All vehicles, regardless of type, must travel more miles on each gallon of gasoline. Enter GM’s latest duo of fuel-saving pickups: the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Hybrids.

Add to that its spaciousness. The 2010 2010 GMC Sierra Hybrid can accommodate five passengers. The vehicle can carry 1722 Lbs. of payload and tow up to 8100 Lbs. The 2010 2010 GMC Sierra Hybrid comes with 1-year safe and sound service. The vehicle has been designed in Ontario, Canada and Flint, Michigan.

I think this Hybrid will make a good competition in its segment if the people could get over the image of GM’s poor performace quality trucks. If this new Sierra, will be tha answer to GM’s hope that maybe the govt is right in supporting the plan to loan car companies to fund similar fuel efficient line ups.

In fact, GM says the Sierra Hybrid is especially quiet running, thanks to an exhaust system and resonator, low-rolling resistance tires, a low-vibration power steering system, and a quieter fan for the Energy Storage System. The truck also promises a smooth ride, thanks in part to its Z85 suspension and a new hydraulic body mount, that we will see when this Hybrid tropper goes road handy for test drives

I own a hybrid, but I know hybrids aren’t automatically the answer to every problem. For city driving or situations where you do a lot of idling or diving slow (taxis, police cars, in-city delivery vehicles) hybrids (or even all-electric) vehicles make a lot of sense. GM has a system that allows towing, but most hybrids don’t handle that well, and highway driving isn’t any better than a diesel (but better than a non-hybrid). I would like to see this get in the mid-20’s MPG anyway. The Ford Escape Hybrid gets in the mid-30’s. Add in the high price, I don’t see this as being a big seller.

I think this GM Sierra hybrid is one fo teh better line up of GM for this season, although the battery pack may have cuased some compromise, I beleive that this can still be improved for the power advantage and fuel effciency that the Sierra have compare to its competitors.

Due to the battery, riding a Sierra is a little rough which was affected by the extra weight of the battery on the chassis, to resolve this case GM has added liquid filled cab mounts that help reduce cab vibration. Plus, GM added a few extra features to the Sierra to help increase fuel economy, such as Bridgestone low rolling, all season resistance tires, and a cover for the cargo bed to reduce aerodynamic drag. Sounds promising though.

So, you’ve got a problem. You need full truck performance and functionality. For example, you carry some pretty heavy payloads to job sites, and you also do quite a bit of towing. Unfortunately, gas prices are killing you. 12 mpg in city driving just isn’t cutting it. Solution? The 2010 GMC Sierra hybrid, available in the summer of 2009. As full-sized hybrid pickup truck. I guess, that is what you call, a real truck with hybrid fuel economy.

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