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GMC will unveil the Denali XT Concept at the Chicago Auto Show. It offers a 50-percent increase in combined fuel economy over comparable small pickup trucks when running on gasoline, and it incorporates a new, muscular form in a performance-styled, hybrid sport-utility truck (SUT).

GMC Denali XT

The concept is powered by a 4.9L version of GM’s small-block V8 engine that features fuel-saving technologies such as direct-injection technology and Active Fuel Management. The V8 engine delivers 326 hp. It uses direct-injection technology to produce the power of a larger engine, but consumes less fuel and produces lower emissions.

GMC Denali XT

The Denali XT’s two-mode hybrid system is partnered with the 4.9L engine and uses an electrically variable transmission to enhance fuel efficiency in city and highway driving. In city driving, all-electric propulsion is used at low speeds; on the highway, fixed-gear operation enables efficient performance even when towing a trailer.

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GMC Yukon Hybrid to be featured in Super Bowl

General Motors has announced that the GMC Yukon Hybrid will be presented in a 60-second commercial during the second quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl telecast.

The commercial uses images from Sisyphus, a 1976 Oscar-nominated short film by Hungarian animator Marcell Jankovics. In the animated commercial, a person is shown pushing a ball up a hill. The narrator asks: "Why push? Why change? Why grow? Why dream?"

GMC calls the Yukon Hybrid the first full-sized hybrid SUV. Leo Burnett Worldwide, GMC’s new ad agency, created the spot.

Super Bowl XLII airs on Fox on Sunday, Feb. 3. The network is charging advertisers about $2.7 million for 30 seconds of airtime.

Cadillac will air a 30-second commercial during the pre-game show and two spots during the post-game show, Cadillac spokesman Kevin Smith said today. The commercials are for the Escalade SUV and CTS sedan, he said. The Modernista ad agency created those spots.

.. kind of.. we found the perfect fit for Mr.T twenty first century ride, and it is a GMC like in the good old times. Roll cage up to the windshield, massive all terrain tires and drug dealer wheels as well. Two quick red stripes on the side and they are good to go save the world.

Earlier this week, was graciously invited by GM to attend a press event on their famous Detroit test track ’Milford Proving Ground’. In the morning, we completed the safe driving program and test drove several GM vehicles. Later on, we met up for dinner with several other car bloggers and GM’s general manager, Edward J. Peper. Below are the highlights of the event.

GMC Sierra introduced all-new heavy-duty pickups during the ’07 model year. They were highlighted by all-new and differentiated exterior designs, two unique interiors and class-leading power and efficiency. They roll into 2008 ready for work or leisure, with minor refinements and enhancements, while still loaded with segment-leading and segment-exclusive features.

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General Motors today announced it will invest $300 million in its GM Powertrain Tonawanda engine plant to manufacture an all-new, technically advanced dual overhead cam (DOHC) V-8 engine, slated to begin production here in 2009. “This all-new engine will play a critical role in GM’s exciting future luxury vehicle portfolio,” said John Buttermore, GM Powertrain vice president of global manufacturing. “As one of the most technically advanced engines in GM, its power and smoothness will be among (...)

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