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The official debut of the Acura NSX is still years away, but until then, Acura is offering you the chance to drive the NSX concept in Gran Turismo 6. According to Acura, the new "real driving simulator" will offer sports car enthusiasts their first opportunity to get behind the wheel of the next Acura NSX. Of course, the experience won’t be identical to actually driving the NSX, but it’ll still be tons of fun.

"Whether in the virtual world of Gran Turismo today, or on real-world roads and racing circuits less than two years from now, the Acura NSX will be an incredibly innovative and thrilling ride that delivers something entirely new to the world of super sports cars," said Mike Accavitti, senior vice president of Auto Operations at American

Gran Turismo 6 is available worldwide as of today, December 6th, 2013, so hurry up and get it, and get your opportunity to test the NSX.

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Mercedes-Benz Vision Gran Turismo Concept

As amazing as this may sound, the AMG Gran Vision Turismo will make it to production! Unfortunately, Mercedes will be the developer, but a custom builder whom will use the brand new 2014 SLS AMG GT as the base car. The production version will be limited to only five units and one is already sold. Of these five units, two will be available in the Middle East, two in Europe and one in the U.S. As you can imagine, price will be monumental — $1.5 million, to be exact.

The production version of the Vision Concept will feature a carbon-fiber body kit that will the SLS AMG GT’s total weight by about 200 pounds. It will feature a chrome paint job and will come with a retractable rear spoiler and custom exhaust. The car will also ride on custom ADV.1 wheels and will feature a modified interior, with color designed according to the customer’s request.

We assume that the engine will be the SLS AMG GT’s 6.3-liter V-8, but we have yet to confirm this.

We have reached out to the manufacturer to get some more information on the vehicle, and we will bring you a full review once we receive all of the information.

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Shortly after unveiling the absolutely scintillating Red Bull X2014 , Sony and Polyphony Digital decided to give us all a peek at what we can expect with all of its Vision Gran Turismo Concepts . Yup, the two companies weren’t just content with just one teaser image; they decided to give us a tease of a handful of vehicles that will appear as part of the Vision Gran Turismo Concepts.

We’ve already seen the concepts from BMW , Mercedes , and most recently, the Red Bull. Now we’re being given the treat of looking at all these teasers of arguably some of the nuttiest concepts we’ll ever see. We’re not just talking about one or two brands, either. The whole program involves concepts from Alfa Romeo , Alpine , Aston Martin , Audi , Bertone , BMW , Daihatsu , Ford , GM , Hyundai , Honda , Infiniti , Italdesign , Lamborghini , Lexus , Mazda , Mercedes-Benz , Mitsubishi , Nissan , Peugeot , Subaru , SRT (Chrysler), Tesla , Toyota , Volkswagen and Zagato .

That’s a lot of concepts to handle, even for us. Fortunately, we have all these teasers to keep us company until their respective unveilings happen.

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When Polyphony Digital announced Gran Turismo 6, it also announced that a series of makers around the globe would develop a series of concept cars especially for the game. With Mercedes and BMW revealing their respective concepts, the folks over at Red Bull Racing have now released their creation.

You shouldn’t be very surprised to hear that Red Bull is providing a concept for GT6, as it did the same thing for GT5 when it released the X2010 .

The concept developed for GT6 is called X2014 and it is offered in three different versions: the Red Bull X2014 Fan (X2014/F), the Red Bull X2014 Standard (X2014/S) and the Red Bull X2014 Junior (X2014/J). So, we’re not talking about just one car, but three different concepts imagined for the racing world.

All three of them were designed by Polyphony Digital Inc. in collaboration with Adrian Newey, Chief Technical Officer of four-time F1 champions, Red Bull Racing.

Just like with the other concepts, the new X2014 will be offered exclusively int he GT6, so if you want to drive it, you’ll have to buy the game.

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Do you remember the BMW Vision Gran Turismo concept that broke cover at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show ? Following in the steps of its German competitor, Mercedes also revealing a specially developed model for Gran Turismo 6 racing game - and it surely looks like nothing you have seen before from the Mercedes drawing board.

The concept features an aggressive design language, with elements inspired by the 1952 300 SL race car and an interior with F1 elements. It also gets a powerful AMG engine and an exhaust system with eight end pipes.

In fact, Mercedes is one of several makers that will develop special concept cars for GT6. According to Polyphony Digital — the developer of the Gran Turismo franchise — we will see the same thing from Alfa Romeo , Alpine , Aston Martin , Audi , BMW , Bertone , GM Design, Honda , Infiniti , Italdesign Giugiaro, JORDAN Brand, Mercedes-Benz , Nike, Nissan , Peugeot , SRT (Chrysler), Volkswagen and Zagato .

Updated 11/18/2013: After the first teaser image released last week, Mercedes dropped today the full details on the new Vision concept that will be featured in the upcoming Gran Turismo 6 game.

Updated 12/03/2013: Mercedes unveiled a new video explaining how the Vision Gran Turismo Concept was born and all the development process. Enjoy!

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Mercedes-Benz Vision Gran Turismo Concept

Sony usually puts a gap of a few years between two different editions of Gran Turismo. The only exception was the second and the third games of the series, which were unveiled only one year one after the other (2000 and 2001). Now it looks like history is about to repeat itself, as the seventh installment of the game is already under development and may hit stores in 2014, in the "best-case scenario."

This announcement is a strange move, considering that Gran Turismo 6 is expected to go on sale on December 6th, 2013. However, this announcement was made by Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi himself, so it’s no hyperbole..

Of course, the decision was mostly influenced by the release of the new PlayStation 4 — a platform that will be used for the upcoming GT7. According to him, while developing the new GT6, the company had to "tune the software 100 percent to maximize the PS3’s architecture," but the "PS4’s hardware is much better, so I think the overall quality of the game across the board will be boosted when you come to play it."

So PS4 buyers rejoice, as Gran Turismo will soon be a part of your new console. We’re just wondering if the current Vision Concepts developed for the GT6 will still be offered in the GT7, because it will be indeed a real waste.

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Gran Turismo 6 is just around the corner, and we have for you yet another new trailer for the upcoming racing game. The sixth installment in the famous GT series is just a few weeks away, and according to the first details we have, it will offer the closest-to-reality driving simulation you will ever get on a gaming console.

If you not able to tally up all of the cars shown in the new "Start your engines" trailer, don’t feel bad, as the new GT6 will feature no less than 1,200 cars — that’s enough to make your head spin. Of these models, 124 of them are all-new to the series, like the new Corvette Stingray , SRT Viper , Jaguar XKR-S , KTM X-Bow R , Pagani Huayra and many, many more.

We’re pretty sure that you will be able to dig up the car of you dreams in the upcoming Gran Turismo game.

Until then, sit back and enjoy the new trailer!

Fans of Formula One legend Ayrton Senna will be thrilled to know that their iconic hero will be part of Gran Turismo 6.

GT6 producer Polyphony Digital, together with the Ayrton Senna Institute, recently made the announcement that a collaboration was in order between the two companies that could see Senna, considered by many as one of the greatest racecar drivers in history, as a playable character in the actual racing simulator.

The Senna pack will be made available as a downloadable content and, while nothing imminent was announced as to what the pack will contain, all points seem to lead to him being in the game with players afforded the opportunity to "trace the roots of Ayrton Senna’s racing career."

In addition to this news, plans also call for a limited edition PlayStation 3 Ayrton Senna Bundle to be sold in Brazil with the bundle coming with an assortment of freebies, including a copy of Gran Turismo 6, bonus in-game credits, and even the inclusion of Anniversary Edition cars.

There’s a lot to like about Ayrton Senna being in Gran Turismo 6, especially for those who still consider him as the finest F1 racer in history.

Remember, GT6 hits shelves on December 6, 2013. If you’re having trouble with the math, that date is around six weeks away!

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Bathurst — also known as the Mount Panorama or Motor Racing Circuit Bathurst — is a racetrack located in Bathurst , New South Wales, Australia. Each year, the track is the home of two major shows: Bathurst 12 Hour Motor Race, held each February, and the Bathurst 1000 Motor Race, held each October. What is very cool about this circuit is that it is not a traditional racetrack, as it is actually becomes a public roadway when it’s not being raced on.

With the Bathurst 1000 getting closer — it kicks off on October 10th — the folks at Polyphony decided to reveal a new promo video for the upcoming Gran Turismo 6 that features the Aussie raceway.

We are not very sure if Bathurst will be featured in GT6 or if this is just a simple marketing strategy, but it is still pretty neat to see this racetrack in its digital form.

Gran Turismo 7 Production to Conclude Within Two Years

Gran Turismo fans who are getting giddy about the game’s impending launch now have something specific to hitch their proverbial wagons on.

Series creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, has come out and said that the sixth installment of the hit racing franchise is roughly 80-percent complete, with some fine tuning still in the pipeline before the game hits shelves later this year.

In addition to earlier disclosing that Gran Turismo 7 will come out within two years, news of GT6 being this close to completion is stoking what is already a growing fire among Gran Turismo fans

While it’s understandable to look forward to GT7, considering that it’s going to be released for the much more powerful PlayStation 4 , looking past GT6 is going to be a mistake.

It’ll be interesting to see how fast the game flies off the shelves or how close it’s going to come to approaching the $800 million Gran Theft Auto V fetched in its first day.

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