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This year’s E3 comes with new details and trailer (above) on the upcoming Gran Turismo 6 racing game. According to the new details released, the new game will feature world’s most popular cars, including FIA GT3 category racecars that have taken the leading role in GT car racing today.

The list of cars to be featured in the game include: Nissan DeltaWing ’12, the 2014 Corvette Stingray, BMW Z4 GT3, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3, Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 N24 Schulze Motorsport and Audi R8 LMS ultra.

The game will also feature lots of new locations, including: Gemasolar is a massive concentrated solar power plant located in Seville, Spain; Willow Springs International Raceway, the famous circuit in California which is located in a hilly region just outside of Los Angeles; and Matterhorn - an original track that has been created in the vicinity of the Gornergrat station.

The Gran Turismo 6 will be released on November 28, 2013.

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Just yesterday, we reported that the upcomingGran Turismo 6 will feature a total of 1,200 cars. Today, Mercedes announced that three of these model will come from AMG and include: the SLS AMG GT3 , E63 AMG and A45 AMG. These models will join the current lineup already offered by Mercedes in the GT5 which includes a total of 21 vehicles.

The three AMG models deliver a combined output of more than 1,400 horsepower: 500 from the SLS, 557 from the E63 and 360 from the A45 AMG.

The new Gran Turismo 6 will be released just in time for the holiday season, so this might be a good gift idea if you’re drawing a blank for the car lover in your family. The new GT6 will be initially available for the Play Station 3 platform, but it will be offered for the PS4 at a later date.

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Sony is celebrating Gran Turismo ’s 15th anniversary with the announcement of the sixth installment of the series. Gran Turismo 6 was announced today by legendary Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi and will be released later this year. Sony’s exact wording in the press release was “Holiday, 2013,” but we are unsure if that is a typo or if it means Christmas of another holiday. We are awaiting a reply from Sony on an exact release date.

Gran Turismo 6 will bring a total of 1,200 cars; it will retain the models from Gran Turismo 5 and will add new ones, including historic, road and race cars. The game will also offer a stunning new tracks and cars, and a revised user interface.

The new GT6 will also add 33 locations - including seven all-new ones, with 71 different layouts available; 19 of the layouts are brand new. There will also be regular additions of new tracks available online.

The celebration of 15 years of Gran Turismo event at Silverstone included a demo of GT6, featuring the famous Silverstone circuit itself. Guests were able to play the game in the familiar circular Gran Turismo race pods before having a chance to take to the real track in cars provided by Audi, Ford, Jaguar, KTM, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and Toyota.

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The first installment of theGran Turismo video game arrived in 1997 and since then, Sony has sold more than 68 million copies, making it a hit among virtual racing simulators. The latest series - GT 5 - arrived in 2010, and only three years later, Sony is already preparing the launch on the Gran Turismo 6.

The official release will be on November 28, 2013, but the first details on the game will be released on June 10th during the E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles. The new Gran Turismo 6 will be initially offered for the on the PlayStation 3 platform, but we are pretty sure it will also be offered for the PS4 once it arrives.

As for the cars featured in the game, we are pretty sure we are going to see all the latest supercars, plus a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro that has been specially developed for the game.

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The new Xbox 360 is no doubt one of the most successful game consoles currently available and it is ramping up a successor. So it’s no surprise that Sony decided to launch its own next-gen system. The company will be unveiling the new PlayStation 4 (PS4) - internally known as Orbis - tomorrow, with sales to begin just in time for Christmas. Prices will be somewhere in the $450 area.

First rumors we have on the PS4 suggest it will get a CPU based on the AMD’s R10XX architecture, 4GB of RAM and a Blu-ray drive which will support up to 50 GB discs. The graphics will from AMD and will most likely include a Radeon GPU with 18 GCN units. The PS4 will also get a Dual Shock pad with a large touch pad replacing the previous Start and Select buttons.

What does the launch of the new PS4 and all of that techy mumbo-jumbo mean for us, car addicts? We don’t know about you, but we are already dreaming of a new-for-the-PS4 Gran Turismo . This new console will allow the game to deliver more realistic races and, of course, cars that are even truer to real life than they already are.

The game will also offer more accurate vehicle damage and other matters of depth that will make the game shine. You should also expect to see the ability to further customize the look of your car, like you do in other racing games. You will be able to select colors, graphics, vinyl layers, tuning parts, engine/drivetrain swaps and aero mods.

Also, it has been rumored that the new PS4 will allow you to record up to 15 minutes of game play, so you can watch after playing, allowing you to learn from the things you have done wrong.

Do not expect this to happen though until the Gran Turismo 6 finally arrives in stores and you may even have to wait a few years to see the PS4 used to its fullest capacity. Additionally, it is rumored that we will get a first preview of Gran Tursimo 6 tomorrow’s PS4 launch.

Long before being unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, the 2014 Corvette Stingray made itsracing debut in Gran Turismo 5 . Of course, the prototype that was initially unveiled in the famous racing game was heavily camouflaged, but now gamers will be able to drive it completely uncovered.

The camouflaged Corvette caught the attention of more than 500,000 people, so both Chevrolet and Polyphony Digital Inc. have big hopes for the real deal. The new Corvette Stingray will be available as a free download through the PlayStation Store on PlayStation 3 on Tuesday, January 15, and can be driven on some of the world’s most renowned race tracks, including the Daytona International Speedway and the Nürburgring.

For many people, driving the new Corvette in Gran Turismo 5 will be the only chance they have to drive the new American sports car. Also, considering it will take some time until the car arrives on the market, Gran Turismo 5 will be the first "real" test drive of the car.

People will have many reasons to test it, considering the 2014 Corvette has been described as "the most powerful and sophisticated standard Corvette ever." We certainly can’t wait to hop behind the virtual wheel of the digital Stingray `Vette.

At the end of November, the seventh generation Chevrolet Corvette made its virtual debut inside the famous Gran Turismo 5 racing game. Today, Clay Dean, Global Director of Advanced Design, discusses how the Corvette C7 Prototype made it into PlayStation’s Gran Turismo and how video game fans helped in developing new Chevrolet products.

Dean explains that while developing this virtual prototype, designers from Chevy and Polyphony Digital paid attention to even the tiniest details and tried to replicate the real car by as much as possible. The only thing we do not like is the fact that the Corvette is being heavily camouflaged, so we can’t make an idea on how the next sports car will look like.

But luckily. full details on the Corvette C7 will be unveiled on January 13th, 2013 and we will learn everything there is to know at that point. Stay tuned!

A while ago a heavily camouflaged Chevrolet Corvette C7 was spotted in Gran Turismo 5 and everyone imagined that the car will be making its virtual debut earlier than the real-world one. Today, Chevrolet and Sony have confirmed that Gran Turismo 5 players can indeed enjoy a first-of-its-kind driving experience of a camouflaged Corvette C7 prototype.

While developing this virtual prototype, designers from Chevy and Polyphony Digital paid attention to even the tiniest details and tried to replicate the real car by as much as possible. Unfortunately, they opted for a soft camouflage to keep the car’s design a secret until its world debut in January. You didn’t really think they would unveil the car in a video game, did you?

"Until now, only the most skilled drivers on the Corvette team have been authorized to push the test prototypes to the limits on some of the most challenging track surfaces in the world," said Chris Perry, vice president of Chevrolet Global Marketing. "Through this unique collaboration with Gran Turismo, Chevrolet is able, for the first time, to give performance car enthusiasts access to such an exclusive driving experience."

Check out the above video to see the digital version of the C7 Corvette draped in its camo livery!

It’s not exactly dropping its full covers to show us what it looks like well before its highly anticipated world debut, but the mere fact that the Chevrolet Corvette C7 is already inside Gran Turismo 5 makes the wait and anticipation that much more intriguing.

To be clear, the Corvette C7 that was spotted in Gran Turismo 5 was still in full camouflage, providing very little in the way of sneak peeks to make us wonder what’s underneath those covers.

The video comes courtesy of YouTube user "1320edwinpr" who found a way to discover the much talked about Corvette C7 inside Gran Turismo. It doesn’t appear like the car is already playable, and that’s not surprising at all because the Corvette C7 won’t make its world debut until the Detroit Auto Show on January 13, 2013.

That being said, it’s pretty cool to see that despite still being kept under wraps in this world, the video game world of Gran Turismo 5 is doing a finer job with all the teasing.

When Gran Turismo released its video racing simulator franchise four years ago with Nissan , that partnership eventually led to Gran Turismo: The Academy . Just like all genius ideas, further ideas sprout from said original idea to create another idea that leads to...well, you get the picture.

That’s why it comes as no surprise to us that the Gran Turismo 5: GT Academy Edition is dropping onto shelves in the next month. The pack - or in this case, disc - will include all the packs Gran Turismo has made available in the past couple years. Yep, you’ll get treated to Car Packs 1, 2, and 3, as well as Course Packs 1 and 2. It’ll also contain a Special Paint Pack, a Racing Gear Pack, and the cherry on top of the sundae, the Nissan GT-R that was used at the Nurburgring 24-Hour Endurance Race by Kazunori Yamauchi.

For the affordable price of €29.99 - that’s about $28 based on current rates - you can have all of it in one pretty cool package. Check out the video and you’ll probably be counting down the days to its release after you’re done.

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