2013 GreenGT H2

Last year, we showed you the GreenGT LMPH2 model that was invited to the 2012 24 Hours of Le Mans , but did not race. Now that Green GT has nearly mastered its art of alternative fuel usage, it is set to enter its newest invention, the GreenGT H2, to the 2013 running of the Le Mans endurance race.

This H2 is nothing short of an impressive piece of work, as it boasts a pair of three-phase electric motors that each produce 200 Kw of power, which equals out to 544 horsepower reaching the rear wheels. What’s even more impressive is the astounding 4,000 Nm (2,950 pound-feet) of torque these motors create – no, that’s not a typo, two-thousand nine-hundred and fifty pound-feet. Being this is fully electric, we assume that this massive torque amount is instantly available.

Now, in order to run an electric motor, you need batteries, right? Not so fast. You’re forgetting about the oft-left-out fuel cell technology. The H2 uses a hydrogen fuel cell to produce the electricity the motors require. The only emissions produced are in the form of water vapor and heat.

You may think that the GreenGT will run away from the competition with its 2,950 pound-feet of torque and 544 horsepower, but you have to remember that this technology is still in production. The GreenGT H2 can only run for a solid 40 minutes at a time before needing its composite tanks refilled with hydrogen.

We’re excited to see the GreenGT H2 in action and this is really our front runner as the eventual replacement for gasoline power in auto racing. It may even wind up in personal cars too.


Making it as a full-electric race car makes it more adorable. I can’t wait for its

544HP for a full-electric is a good number then the tourque will arounfd higher than the 544 mark of its ponies.

It seemingly prepared and wanting badly for a race. Give it one dude!

If they will launch it on the racing world with a 544HP, will it win against rivals?

If buyers got confused on some of the Lamborghini models, then making the next generation more simpler is really a good idea.

544 horsepower will make you go freak with GreenGT H2. Though this car is really built for speed, you can still be amazed of what this vehicle can do in a race.

It kicks and pumps 544HP, powerful as of now, and it is expected to increase for it’s still on the production.

This will be awaited at the start of 2013. I like to see it on its first-ever race.

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