2011 GTA Spano

Carlos Sainz, Fernando Alonso, GTA Spano. What do these three names have in common? They are all revolutionary automotive icons in Spain’s recent history. The rally driver Sainz is more commonly referred to as “King” Carlos, and is more popular than the entire Real Madrid soccer team. Formula 1 World Champion Alonso made car racing more popular than MotoGP in the two wheeled enthused country. Now comes the Spano, a Spanish supercar that’s set to take the automotive world by storm and establish a presence in a country best known for making SEATs.

Not one to be pushed aside by its more high-profile contemporaries, the limited production Spanish-built supercar is making a new era in the country’s automobile industry. But is it a vehicle that will make Lamborghini owners consider a switch?

Now that the Spanish supercar has been presented at the Geneva Motor Show, you’re going to have to be the judge of that. Whatever you may think of it, one thing’s for sure: the world better get used to the GTA Spano. It’s coming to the town like a Spanish ’El Nino’, and there appears to be no stopping it.

UPDATE 03/03/2011: This review has been updated with new specs and images of the GTA Spano coming out of its first Geneva event!

UPDATE 04/14/2011: Check out the new images of the GTA Spano at the 2011 Top Marques Monaco in the gallery!

Details on the GTA Spano after the jump.


GTA Spano

Styled in a manner befitting of its supercar status, the GTA Spano has some exotic qualities, including the convex bonnet and the Lamborghini-like lateral air intakes that dominate the stylish and athletic look. On the other end, the Spano uses glass with small openings to cool the engine. There’s also a rear wing that fits seamlessly with the car’s overall design with two air intakes and a twin exhaust system that likewise exude an aura of aggression only reserved for the high and mighty.

The Spano’s wing mirrors come with a carbon fiber framework that have been finished and built using aeronautical mechanized aluminum. The Spano also has a large glazed surface with a unique interior lighting system with liquid crystal shading.

Another feature unique to the Spano are the set of wheels it comes in. Measuring 19" at the front and 20" at the rear, the wheels are unique in that they come in an angular shape that was designed specifically for this model, together with the chassis that’s made from titanium, carbon fiber, and Kevlar, providing a strong and impermeable body without sacrificing additional weight on the supercar.


GTA Spano

Inside the Spano, GTA made sure to give the car one of the most luxurious touches on any car of its kind. The Spanish automaker used plenty of leather, carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium while also creating enough space for passengers to seat inside comfortably.
The supercar’s instrument panel is comes with an LCD screen that can be customized depending on the whims and needs of the customer. The steering wheel is made from carbon fiber with a joystick that works as an operations console for the car’s lights, wipers, and indicators.

Another unique characteristic of the Spano is the absence of a central rear-view mirror. In its place, GTA designed a rear camera that projects to an LCD screen found on the car’s dashboard. This rear camera automatically turns on when the car is set on reverse. The Spano’s interior also has two glove compartments. The first is located on the passenger side with the other - and smaller - compartment can be found on the center compartment.


GTA Spano

The Spano is powered by an 8.3-liter V10 engine placed in a longitudinal rear position that produces 780 horsepower and 920 Nm of torque. If 780 ponies aren’t good enough for you, GTA is offering a Bioethanol version that bumps up the power all the way up to 820 horsepower. The supercar can hit 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds with a top speed of 217 mph. GTA GTA is also offering three transmission options for the Spano, including an seven-speed automatic sequential engine, a paddle shift version of the same format, and a seven-speed manual transmission.


GTA Spano

A number of figures have been linked to the GTA Spano - from $670,000 to $725,000 - so it’s difficult to surmise which one is it. The latest figure being thrown around is $670,000 so we’re going to stick with that - for now.

Either way, the Spano will only have 99 units built and will cost a fortune so you might as well save up to buy a house.


GTA Spano

The rarefied air of supercars features only a few competitors so it’s easy to point out which one can take the GTA Spano up to task and make it sweat a little. On that note, we have just the supercar for that: the Pagani Huayra .

Powered by an AMG-sourced naturally-aspirated twin-turbocharged engine that was exclusively developed for Pagani, the Huayra produces a staggering 700 horsepower and around 730 lb/ft of torque.

Both cars are powerful beyond our imaginations so if it’s speed and power you’re looking for, the Spano and the Huayra have plenty to offer.

Given the option, we’re going to give the slight nod to the GTA Spano, if only because it looks more like a supercar than the Huayra, which, in all fairness, looks more like a track-day machine more than anything else.

GTA Spano
  • 820 horsepower!
  • Luxurious interior
  • Exotic exterior look
  • Limited edition model
  • Priced way beyond our budget

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For me, I would still opt with the Spano. I like the way that they made this one simple and sexy, with all hose curves that they have also made a good choice for the engine.

Well, it would actually be quite hard to choose between the Spano and the Huayra. But for the sheer exotic looks. I would probably go with the Huayra, those gullwing doors are really something.

Well, I am not that surprised that the Spano would actually fetch such a high price. Considering that it is a limited edition ride. Besides’ with all that features, it certainly deserves that price tag.

Well, that one’s a rather long wait, it has almost three months since they released the initial info about this car. Good thing the new details are worth the wait.

OMG! 820 hp is incredible output power! I bet this car will blast in the race track! I wonder who will win if the Huayra and GTA will race against each othersmiley

Oh please! Just leave that red hot color to the Ferrari brand! Though I find this car so powerful and the best competitor for the Huayra!

paying millions of dollar for a supercar like the Spano is not a bog joke afterall. Since, we have paid that big amount of our car I think its better of car manufacturer would come up with the design that really stand out and kinda of different form the other.

Really like how the interior is done on this baby, it doesn’t fell as cramped as that of other supercars that I have seen. And of course, the exterior is really something to marvel at, as always.

Wow, this is definitely one sexy looking car. Come to think of it, we haven’t seen a lot of cars coming out of Spain, so this one is definitely welcomed.

Seats GTA is not like a super-buckets, they offer a more driver to enjoy a pleasant landing, but with all the necessary settings. Shifter resembles its shape, head of the snake cobra, bent for a decisive leap. Very neat interior, commendable.

Spain is not only superior in terms of football, because it turns out they are adequately skilled matador country making a supercar.

The 800bhp Spano on the pictures has a brand new interior and white paint job. The vehicle has a top speed of 350km/h and does 0-100km/h (62mph) in less than three seconds.

For interior design, GTA will be one of the best kept secrets of the project. High quality materials like leather and carbon fiber, aluminum and titanium have been used.

That was like whoa! The GTA come up with a very stunning design. I’ve salute the interior design of the GTA!

With the Spano´s construction, GTA Motor intended to go down in history in Spain and around the world, by following with the legend of sports cars manufactured by other Spanish mythical makes.

GTA´s maintenance and after-sales service exclusivity are defined by firms with ample experience which fulfill all the requirements expected by GTA

2010 GTA Spano comes with amazing design, this is look from Glass roof with its exclusive lighting and opaqueness system, Chassis made out of carbon fiber, titanium and Kevlar and Built from materials based on aeronautical technology.

I absolutely love this car. Need to hit the production line. meanwhile….who came up with the name for this car festival? Put a lot of thought into it hey.

One of Spano´s main distinguishing characteristics lies in its lateral view, where the doors fit perfectly into the air intakes, which apart from performing an aerodynamic function, refrigerate elements such as oil coolers, power-assisted steering and brakes, among others. Its design is original, never seen to date, this being yet another distinguishing mark of Concept. As in all true sports cars, the doors have not doorframes.

A limited amount of 99 will be produced of which 49 production spots are still open. A roadster and race version are planned after the coupe has been ’sold out’.

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