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When it comes to tracing every auto company in the world back to its mother company, even the most hardened of auto scribes are not impervious to a few mistakes here and there. That’s human nature; very few people get it right, and those who do sometimes don’t get it right the first time around.

With so many auto brands to try to keep track of, the task of figuring out which company belongs to what is a mind-numbing experience on its own. Fortunately, CAR has made our lives a little simpler by creating a subway-style map of every major automaker and all its subsidiaries, partners, and just about all other decidedly related relationships from each brand.

Granted, the whole map doesn’t touch on each and every automaker in the world, but nonetheless, it’s still detailed enough to include some pretty far-flung brands like SAIC, Lada, and Baja, among others. And speaking of far-flung automakers, apparently, Samsung is in the mix too. We’re not entirely sure how that happened, but if you check the line of GM, you’ll see it.

Source: Car Magazine
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Buying a car can be great fun, but no matter how good your new vehicle is, there is always room for improvement. Most car and truck manufacturers leave room for us normal people to improve, or ruin their products. That’s not to say the original vehicle isn’t good, but in that good old American fashion, we always want to better our situation, in this case, our cars.

One of the easiest and cheapest upgrades one can do is an exhaust system. Sadly, many people add exhausts to cars that don’t need them, likeDodge Neons . A performance exhaust can free up some of the power in your engine by allowing the gases to escape a bit easier. When the gases can escape, your engine runs smoother.

Anyway, when the exhaust flows better, the fuel and air exit the combustion chamber faster and new fuel and air can be burned to create more power.

This works well for certain cars, but for some, the only effect that a bigger exhaust has is more noise. Putting a performance exhaust on a 1.8-liter Honda Civic won’t help the power all the much, but it’ll make it sound like a fart can.

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The newest member of the Ford family is a military man ready to tackle his job and provide all of the information he can about his co-workers. No, we are not talking about a company snitch. We are talking about Santos, is a virtual worker that was originally created for the U.S. Department of Defense at the University of Iowa. Ford Motor Company has decided that this soldier would be the perfect candidate to provide information on the physical strains put on the human body while working on the assembly line. His credentials are bar none. He was part of the Virtual Soldier Research (VSR) program at the university and his job was to execute tasks and then record the strains in the body in his computer brain. Santos can reach, lift, and stretch. He can walk, talk, and answer questions. We picture him a tad like Robin Williams in Bicentennial Man. He is basically a robot with a complete biomechanical muscular system to provide feedback on fatigue, speed, strength, but without the emotions attached to it.

"Creating the safest and most ergonomic way to build a vehicle is a trial-and-error process – in recent years technology has allowed this process to happen in the virtual world," said Allison Stephens, ergonomics technical specialist with Vehicle Operations Manufacturing Engineering. "Santos takes this to a new level. He can perform a task and tell us whether over months and years it will cause back strain, for example, and we can make adjustments until we find the optimal way to get the job done."

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As one of MINI’s first forays into the sports utility market, the MINI Countryman is understandably a jump into uncharted territory for MINI. After all, as a brand that hasn’t produced anything measuring more than four meters - they’re called MINI for a reason - these guys are banking on introducing the Countryman as a "genuine crossover [that] bridges the gap between the classic concept of the Mini and a modern Sports Activity Vehicle.”

Our buddies over at Autospies posted a walk-through video of the Countryman, complete with a detailed description of the vehicle’s exterior looks, as well as its interior features, courtesy of MINI product manager, Vincent Kung. It’s a pretty useful video to watch if you’re thinking of scooping up one in the future. There’s no better person to explain the inner and outer workings of the Countryman than the man who pretty much headed the project from the beginning.

Source: Autospies
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Porsche Cayenne

The 2010 New York International Auto Show will be taking place April 2nd-11th, 2010 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. Show times are from 11am-10:30pm and tickets are still available at the official website. However, if you want to get some sneak peeks at a few of the new 2011 automobiles that will be showcased at this show then you have come to the right place. We have a list of the hottest “It” cars that will be featured in New York.

"Whether you’re in the mood for a new car, or just fantasizing about your dream ride of the future, the New York Auto Show has got just what you’re looking for," said Show Director Candida Romanelli.

Follow the jump for the list of “It” cars making the 2010 New York Auto Show.

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No matter whether you are watching the race on television or are enjoying the aromas first hand, there is one essential tool that any race should have with them. Birdwatchers have their books from the Audubon Society to help them identify different species, well now the web site is offering the same tool to enthusiasts free of charge. These fully color coded entrants list are very well designed and offer all the information you would need to know about a particular race team’s entrant. Best of all, Spotter Guides gives you a diagram of the race car which makes it all the more easier to identify when it is going around the track.

Spotter Guides is currently offering their wares for the American Le Mans Series, British Touring Car Championship, Formula 1 and of course the 24 Hours of Le Mans. So now when the announcer starts talking about an Audi R15 is being held up by a slower Porsche RS Spyder on the other side of the track, you will know exactly which cars they are talking about. Follow the link to download your own copies for this weekends race from Le Mans.

Posted on by Ralph Kalal 1 has published a fascinating – and beautifully written – account about selling cars, viewed from the inside. Edmunds put an undercover journalist, Chandler Phillips, into the car salesman position, and then had him write what he had experienced and learned. As an inside look into the car business, it may be one of the most informative and lucid accounts ever written. But, if you’re in the market for a car – new or used – it’s required (...)
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If you or someone you know likes ipods, and love to play them on your car stereo system; the DLO TransDock Deluxe might just be for you. This TransDock does just about everything from broadcasting your ipod music on FM radio to playing movies on to your car TV. It can power your whole car entertainment center.

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The Magellan Maestro 4000 is basically the simplest and cheapest device that the new Maestro series from Magellan has. It is has completely redesigned the user interface. Physical Characteristics The Maestro 4000 is not a compact GPS system; it is 5 inches wide, 8 inches thick, and weighs about 8.5 ounces. The display screen is 4.3 inches, which is larger than the standard size screen that most GPS devices have. Despite its size, the viewing angle and the quality of the screen is not the (...)
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If this eleven year old girl can do it so can you... Just follow this step by step video to learn how to change your oil.

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