2006 Ferrari Enzo Hamann

The engineers of sports-car specialist HAMANN have designed a comprehensive aerodynamics package for the Ferrari Enzo, taking up elements from motorsports and simultaneously presenting pure understatement. In the development of the HAMANN Enzo this aspect was well to the fore as well as optimizing weight and performance. The innovatively designed front spoiler gives the HAMANN Enzo a striking and individual face and minimizes the lift force at the front axle.

Performance plays an important role in motorsports. This is also true for the HAMANN Ferrari Enzo. The HAMANN engineers have developed a complete high-performance sports exhaust system including a high-performance collector and sports catalysts. The result of this largescale modification is a performance increase of in all 48 hp, that has a correspondingly positive effect on the car’s performance. The four-branch sports rear mufflers, specially designed by HAMANN, release an absolutely powerful and sonorous sound reminding you of the background noise at a racetrack.

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