2011 BMW 5-Series M-Sport package by Hamann

Last year Hamann unveiled a pretty impressive tuning package based on the new generation BMW 5-Series . Not the tuner took it even further. Based on the models equipped with M-Sport package, the new Hamann 5-Series features a new competition front spoiler which increases the down-force, a new rear bumper with four exhaust tail pipes, a new roof and rear spoiler, front bumper and side skirts.

The exterior package is finished by a new set of light alloy wheels in 21" size. The tuner is also lowering the 5-Series by approx. 35 mm with progressive suspension springs. A new rear silencer with four tail pipes is now available for all engine variants of the 5-series (F10). Only the sports metal catalytic converter with special middle silencer remains reserved for the 550i.

The interior has received a 10 piece carbon interior set, including a new sports steering wheel, a new set of pedal set in aluminum painted in silver or black anodized. A high quality set of mats including the embroidered Hamann-logo rounds off the sporty appearance. No changes were made just yet under the hood.


Unveiling this impressive tuning package gives new demand for car concept. As of its 5-series features truly a competitive car concept.

Since the M-sport come up with the four exhaust tail pipes, they should add up a rear spoiler also. And they haven’t mention about the hp and the torque
or anything about the engine.

So it means that they make a major enhancement on the exterior of the car! Those exterior were so cool! The front bumper really caught my
attention, bumper grille is so amazing!

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