2012 BMW 6-Series Convertible by Hamann

Following the recent passing of Hamann Motorsports founder, Richard Hamann , the company is abiding by his wishes of continuing with business as usual by releasing their first tuning package for the recently launched BMW 6-Series Convertible . This new package was just debuted at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show and comes with exterior and interior modifications, as well as a massive engine update.

Hamann dressed up the exterior of the new 6-Series with sporty-dynamic front and rear spoilers, new LED daytime running lights, new side skirts, and a set of Hamann’s EDITION RACE ANODIZED and ANNIVERSARY EVO wheels available in different sizes and designs depending on the customer’s request. The interior also received a transformation with components made of the finest black anodize aluminum, personalized foot mats, and pretty much anything else the customer so chooses.

The best part, though, comes as part of the engine setup. Hamann has juiced up the 6-Series’ 4.4-liter V8 engine by adding a sport exhaust system with four stainless steel tail pipes, as well as an ECU upgrade to increase the total output from 400 to 510 HP. Then they added a special suspension that drops the cabriolet’s center of gravity by up to 30 mm.


This car is absolutely not a good-looking car, although their interior seems very comfortable. But for me it is the one has the most elegant concept. It has a nice wheel and color.

This BMW for a new generation look very aggressive on its design. The transformation of the interior and exterior design looks elegant. The high performance and quality of engine needs to develop more.

When it comes in exterior detailing, I think BMW should really enhance it more. Sadly, to say, but I absolutely don’t find their car a good-looking car, although their interior is seems very comfortable.

This is one has the most elegant concept. Very ideal and sporty type car. As of its exterior and interior it blended right for the car gray and metallic concept.

Every time, I’ve seen a BMW. I can hold myself to look at the bumper. I always recognized it as a nose of the car... Color black for a convertible car is too boring. Maybe they can change it to yellow or some color but not black at all.

The detailing on this is not really impressive. I found it lousy most especially the wheels and on its front. BMW needs lots of improvements to do on this car.

Looks great car. This car is beautiful without a roof and i don’t know if this car has a roof. I want to see this car with roof.

The interior of BMW 6-series is perfect and physically strong looking. This convertible car is perfectly combined in their cute bumper. It has a nice wheel and color.

I love the fact that it is a convertible car but sorry to say. I don’t like its front design though the front headlights had an angst even the wheels seem lousy.

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