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Remember the Hamann Victory revealed back in 2007? Well, the tuner is now ready to bring out an updated version of that package with the Victory II based off of the latest Gallardo LP560-4 . This newest package includes engine upgrades as well as exterior and interior modifications, but the best part is that it looks as menacing as it does in its matte black attire.

Since the new Victory carries the same name as the original, one would think that many of the same additions would still hold. Well, one would be wrong. This new tuned up Gallardo features some distinct characteristics that it can call its very own, including a new front apron, new side skirts, a newly designed rear wing, and much more. A power boost is also new to Hamann’s latest plaything with a jump of 20hp from the standard Gallardo engine.

Overall, this car just looks sick, and in a very good way.

Hit the jump to get all of the information for the new Hamann Victory II, as well as the press release.

The engineers of sports-car specialist HAMANN have designed a comprehensive aerodynamics package for the Ferrari Enzo, taking up elements from motorsports and simultaneously presenting pure understatement. In the development of the HAMANN Enzo this aspect was well to the fore as well as optimizing weight and performance. The innovatively designed front spoiler gives the HAMANN Enzo a striking and individual face and minimizes the lift force at the front axle.

Lamborghini - the brand is synonymous with sporty automobile pleasure for the street. And when you see the new Gallardo, you also know why. 500 hp is at work inside this attractive and, most importantly, airflow-optimized body. HAMANN MOTORSPORT is now offering a styling and tuning packet especially for the Gallardo that brings its motorsport character clearly into focus, and that gives this noble »bull« even more performance.

BMW tuner HAMANN of Laupheim took an adventurous look at the modification of the most potent Bavarian luxury coupé and turned the beautiful vehicle into an uncompromising sports car.

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