Shortly after introducing their new program for the BMW 6-Series Convertible , German tuner Hartge has set its sights on the F13 coupe version with a similar styling and performance upgrade.

As part of Hartge’s new digs for the 6-Series Coupe , the German tuner added aerodynamic modifications that include specially tailored spring sets that give the vehicle a lowered stance by 30mm in the front and 25mm in the rear. To go with the suspension tweaks, Hartge also fitted the 6-Series Coupe with four different sets of 19" to 21" wheels wrapped in 295mm wide tires. The wheels, incidentally, are available in a number of color finishes, as well as matte black or glossy finishes that customers can choose to fit into the car.

For the BMW 650i M Sport package , Hartge also added a new stainless steel exhaust system that comes with a stainless steel center silencer, rear silencer, and dual round tail pipes.

For the relative lack of intricate aero upgrades, Hartge more than makes up for it with a significant power boost that takes the 640i’s output from 320 horsepower to 384 horsepower and 398 lb/ft of torque. Likewise, the 650i also gets its own performance uptick, to the tune of 490 horsepower from the standard 407-horsepower output of the standard model.

Even though we don’t really think the BMW 1-Series M Coupe needs any upgrade packages to add to its stellar style, there have actually been a ton of tuning packages for it since its debut. Now, German tuner, Hartge , is adding yet another one to the list. For their package, the tuner is offering a pretty impressive engine upgrade, as well as a couple of exterior and interior modifications.

For the 3.0 liter turbocharged engine, Hartge is offering a tweaked ECU and stainless steel rear silencer with dual round tail pipes that will increase the output from the standard 340 HP to an impressive 401 HP at 5,850 rpm and a peak torque of 391 lb-ft at 2,950 rpm. Thanks to the extra power, the Hartge 1-Series M Coupe will sprint from 0 to 124 mph in just 11.34 seconds - an improvement from the standard 13.52 seconds. The tuner is also offering a new set of alloy wheels combined with a 30mm lowering kit.

Hartge is also throwing in a boot lip spoiler and a roof spoiler for the exterior and aluminum pedals and bespoke floor mats for the interior.

Diesel cars often get an unfair rep for not being as powerful as their gasoline counterparts are. That’s where tuning firms like Hartge come in.

Not much power? Yeah, they’ll take care of that.

The tuning firm’s latest program involves a BMW 5-Series 535d model and it comes with doses of styling and performance modifications. Styling-wise, Hartge’s package comes with new carbon casings for the mirrors, a set of Hartge emblems for the bonnet and the bootlid, new 80mm mufflers, a suspension tweak, and a new set of 21" Hartge Classic 2 wheels. Inside, the BMW 535d gets a Hartge aluminum medal on the steering wheel, as well as aluminum pedals, and black velor floor mats.

More importantly, Hartge also treated the BMW 5-Series with a sweet performance package, courtesy of an engine conversion that takes the 535d’s 3.0-liter twin-turbo straight six diesel engine and improves its output from 295 horsepower and 442 lb/ft of torque all the way up to 354 horsepower and 516 lb/ft of torque.

With all the changes in tow, the BMW 5-Series 535d can now hit 0-62 mph in just 5.2 seconds to go with an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph.

It’s not flashy buy it certainly catches your attention, especially considering that the 535d runs on diesel power.

The 2012 BMW 6-Series Convertible , a car that was only introduced to us at the start of the year, is about to get its second tuning program courtesy of Hartge, following in the footsteps of the work done by Hamann , which made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show last month.

The scope of Hartge’s program may not catch the uninitiated at first glance, but it’s still significant enough to warrant some attention, something that we think was an intentional move done by the German tuning firm to maintain the car’s extravagant yet aggressive look. Among the items equipped to the new 6-Series Cabrio include a stainless steel sport exhaust system, lowering springs that drops the car’s ride height by 30mm in the front and 25mm in the rear, and a set of 19" or 21" alloy wheels.

Always the type to leave their imprint on their works, Hartge gave the interior of the 6-Series Convertible new aluminum pedals, special floor mats, and a number of Hartge emblems, including one on the steering wheel and on the front and rear where the BMW logo used to plastered on.

Under the hood, Hartge did an engine conversion the 6-Series Convertible’s 4.4-liter V8 engine, remapping the car’s ECU to spike the output from the standard 400 horsepower and 450 lb/ft of torque all the way up to a mouth-watering 490 horsepower and 531 lb/ft of torque.

Not one to be left out of the auto tuning madness going around these days, German tuning firm, Hartge , has revealed the latest program for the BMW X6 . As BMW ’s pre-eminent luxury SUV, the X6 has been the subject of countless modifications from a number of tuning houses in the past, with one of them being Herbet Hartge and his boys.

With this new package, the German tuning house from Beckingen, Germany offers a wide range of modifications on the X6, including a number of exterior and interior refinements and a performance upgrade.

Judging by their reputation in the auto tuning world as one of the best aftermarket shops to bring your BMWs, there’s no denying that Hartge went all out in giving the X6 a complete overhaul that only a tuning house like Hartge can provide. Apart from BMWs, these guys have also built a reputation as master tuners for MINI and Range Rover .

For now though, the onus is on the BMW X6, so check out what these guys did after the jump.

Source: Hartge

Hartge may have a standard tuning kit to upgrade any of BMW’s SUV as we are seeing a small trend in the kits provided for the X-Series. Less than a year ago, Hartge came out with a kit that tickled the BMW X6 M with little enhancements and features. Now, Hartge has turned to all of the models in the BMW X1 line-up to slap on what little upgrades graced the BMW X6 M.

The packages are similar in that they both feature lightweight aluminum and some Hartge emblems to distinguish the vehicle as a Hartge Hartge -tuned creation. The BMW X1 models will receive a three-spoke leather steering wheel with aluminum emblem, a two-part aluminum set of pedals for the automatic version, and aluminum footrest. The list of features goes on to include a stainless-steel rear silencer with round tail pipes, a set of sports springs that lowers the car by 30 mm, a set of 20" wheels, and a set of emblems for the bonnet and tailgate.

In terms of engine upgrades, Hartge has increased the output of the base model - the 18d - by 36hp which brings the total to 179hp and 350 Nm of torque. The result is a sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 8.1 seconds, and a top speed of 134 mph. The xDrive20d’s output has been increased with a total of 32 HP and 65 NM of torque. The sprint from 0 to 60 mph is made in 7.2 seconds and top speed goes up to 142 mph.

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After AC Schnitzer got their hands dirty with the BMW 5-Series , Hartge seemed to want in on a small piece of the action. Their specialty? Why a new set of wheels, of course.

The tuner is offering a new set of Hartge Classic wheels in three different sizes: 18", 19" or 20", depending on the customer’s wishes. The wheels are wrapped up in Michelin, Pirelli, or Continental tires. The 5-Series Hartge wheels also for run-flat tires. At the front, the larger size of 255/35 ZR is used with a slightly wider size (285/30ZR) at the rear-end.

The BMW 5-Series also gets a new sport spring set that lowers the ride by 30 mm, a set of Hartge emblems for the bonnet and boot lid, aluminum pedals and foot rest, and an aluminum emblem for the center of the steering wheel.

TheBMW 550i , for instance, develops a total of 407 HP, but we expect the German tuner to obtain more than that with their usual engine updates.

The German tuner, Hartge has revealed a new aerodynamic kit for the 2010 BMW Z4 Roadster again. As you may recall, Hartge previously released a kit for the Z4 in January 2010 that included a buffet of options. This next kit, although slightly impressive as well, left us hungry for more and not because it was delicious, but because it was lacking substance. Based on the E89 roadster, the kit for the BMW Z4 will include a new front spoiler and lip for boot lid both made of PU-RIM. That’s it. There’s nothing else. None of these new parts are compatible with the M Aerodynamic package and prices for the kit have not yet been announced. Throw us a bone, Hartge.

The BMW tuning specialists Hartge have just unveiled a new kit for the 2010 BMW Z4 Roadster that leaves the German engineered power plant alone and instead focuses on changing up the drop top’s looks with a new aero package and an assortment of stylish wheels as well as a few brilliant touches to the interior. The new front bumper adds a few extra gills to the sporty roadster’s front end as well as a subtle rear spoiler atop the boot lid. The mirror covers are made from carbon fiber for additional race car attitude while an aluminum pedal set enhances the in car feel. Aside from the shiny new footwork, Hartge adds a new instrument cluster as well as a set of specific floor mats.

BMW Z4 by Hartge

In order to increase the Bimmer’s performance potential, the Z4 benefits from a new quad tip exhaust that not only makes the roadster sound even better with the top down, but it even looks better from behind. Hartge ensures that even the pickiest of customers will have a wheel choice they like, ranging from deep dish to multi spoke and even multi color, the German tuner has the perfect set of rolling stock for your Z4. This simple straightforward tuning kit is the perfect way to breathe new life into your BMW that you will immediately see and feel as opposed to trading it in for a new model.

Aside from the aftermarket manufacturer G-Power , the German tuning firm Hartge has taken a crack at improving upon the BMW X6 M ’s greatness. Acknowledging the fact that BMW’s design team knew what they were doing at the drafting table, the bimmer specialists at Hartge made only a few minor changes to the sport activity vehicle’s exterior and chose to focus on improving the X6’s interior in order to provide their clients with a much more personalized driving experience.

BMW X6 M by Hartge

The biggest add on to the X6 M’s exterior are the new stylish Hartge design alloy wheels measuring a massive 22 inches in diameter mounted at all four corners and some select Hartge badging for identification purposes. The rollers are available in a variety of paint choices that include almost every factory body color as well as the option of matte, glossy or brilliant finishes. On the inside Hartge pulled out all the stops starting with a complete carbon fiber trim kit that covers the dash, center console and even the steering wheel.

BMW X6 M by Hartge

The lightweight black stuff is followed by more lightweight aluminum, milled from solid chunks these become a tasteful trio of pedals including the ever so important dead pedal. As far as the soft stuff is concerned, Hartge has included a set of black velour floor mats to spruce up the interior along with matching inserts in the leather seats so that the occupants stay in place when going around the tightest of turns. Overall, Hartge’s approach to the M powered X6 is subtle made up of only a few key components, but this is one instance where we can say that the end result is worth much more than just the sum of its parts.

Source: Hartge

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