A hatchback is a type of automobile design, consisting of a passenger cabin which includes an integrated cargo space, accessed from behind by a hatch or flip-up window. Hatchbacks are also often called three-doors (two entry doors and the hatch) or five-doors (four entry doors and the hatch) cars.

Launched in 1992, the Impreza quickly became one of Subaru’s most iconic vehicle, mostly due to its successful early campaigns in the World Rally Championship. Kept in production for eight years until 2000, the first-generation Impreza was sold with a bevy of flat-four engines displacing from 1.5 to 2.5 liters and in three body styles, four-door coupe, sedan, and five-door hatchback. The second-gen model, also known as the "bugeye era" Impreza was built between 2000 and 2007, and it was the first to lack a coupe version. The third-generation model followed in 2007, with a refresh to occur for the 2012 model year. For the fourth-gen model, Subaru discontinued the 2.5-liter engine, leaving the Impreza with only a 2.0-liter four-banger mated to either a five-speed manual or a CVT. For the 2015 model year, Subaru prepared a refreshed front fascia, updated convenience features and minor drivetrain tweaks for improved fuel economy.

Unlike its predecessor, the revised Impreza moves closer to the larger Legacy in terms of styling. Updates also add technology improvements across the lineup, which each trim gaining new standard equipment. Read on for the full details.

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Honda gave us a taste of the Civic Type R Concept at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. Not content on dropping just one concept, the Japanese automaker is following that up with the unveiling of the Civic Type R Concept II at the 2014 Paris Motor Show on October 2.

There doesn’t appear to be a lot of changes to the exterior of the second concept other than the colors changing and the addition of body graphics. Otherwise, the two concepts look relatively similar.

But there are plenty of changes to talk about. New technology in the Civic Type R Concept II is the real highlight of this new concept, none more than the newly developed "+R" system that instantaneously turns the Civic Type R Concept II into a veritable pocket rocket at the push of the "+R" button.

Honda is scheduled to unveil the Civic Type R Concept II on October 2, 2014 at the Paris Motor Show.

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You have to give it to the Scion xB. I can’t think of another car deserving to be euthanized more than the xB. It’s lived past its life, so much so that its quirky competitors — the Nissan Cube and the Honda Element — have all gone the wayside. Yet the xB remains and somehow, it’s even making yearly pilgrimages to the SEMA Auto Show .

This year, the xB rides into the biggest aftermarket auto show in the world, heavily customized with the vibe of the 70s, mixed with splashes of rock ’n’ roll, and skateboarding. Those three things are passions of pro skateboarder Riley Hawk who lent his name in the creation of the Scion x Riley Hawk Skate Tour xB.

The build is still ongoing and is led by Scott Kanemura of KMA Productions. So far, these rough sketches are the only things we have to show you as far as visual evidence of the car’s existence is concerned. I’m personally interested to see how this build turns out, not because I’m a fan of the xB, but because I want to see how much customization goes into turning the xB into a respectable ride.”

The Scion x Riley Hawk Skate Tour xB is one of a handful of Scion models being prepared for SEMA together with the Scion x Slayer Mobile Amp tC,and three FR-S models designed by media partners as part of the 10th Scion Tuner Challenge.

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2014 was packed with car debuts ranging from compact, fuel-efficient vehicles to powerful sports cars and large SUVs . The Detroit , New York and Geneva auto shows have all played their part this year in giving us some of the most technologically advanced automobiles the market had to offer. As 2014 draws to an end, the spotlight moves all the way to Paris, where a heap of machines are about to be unveiled to the world. As with most important auto shows, Paris will be packed with all kinds of vehicles. Futuristic concepts, sports cars, sedans , hybrids , and luxury SUVs will be featured in all their glory in the "City of Fashion."

Although the Paris Motor Show is usually an event mostly dedicated to French and European cars that aren’t likely to make it to the United States, this year’s edition is of particular importance to North America. France will host numerous debuts that are set to cross the pond, including those of the Ferrari 458 Speciale A, Mercedes AMG GT, Mazda MX-5 Miata or the Jaguar XE. Excited? You should be, because next week will be bringing you a big pile of specs and reviews, alongside numerous photos of the latest vehicles to break cover. Stay tuned to TopSpeed for Europe’s final major auto show for 2014. The party starts on Thursday, October 2nd.

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Hopefully everyone enjoyed the show. We had a great time putting it on, and maybe it will brighten up your day when you hear it. As always, we appreciate anyone and everyone who listens and watches. Don’t forget to leave us your questions and Own, Drive, Burn suggestions below in the comments.

This week we have Justin back, and he has a new car for Weekly Wheels, so we let him start things off with a look at the Acura ILX . After that I get to talk about how the new 2015 Subaru Outback is a great SUV, but a terrible Subaru. Mark finishes us off with a look at the new Audi A3 . Small spoiler, I like it more than he does, even if it is missing a door.

For the news segment of the show I spend some time talking about my new review for Forza Horizon 2 . I think that is the only important part of our whole show really, but the other two figured that we should cover other news as well. In the end we talked about the Lamborghini Asterion , the death of the Lotus Evora, and Infiniti’s desire to build a car that it kind of already makes. We also have some truck talk with Mark as we discuss the fuel economy ratings of the new Canyon and Colorado trucks before we all get angry at GM’s latest “sport truck.”

We didn’t have any questions from last week’s show to answer, so we skipped the Question and Answer section to head straight to Own, Drive, Burn. Our own Ciprian provided us with a trio of the worst cars Ferrari ever made to choose from. I’ll be honest; it wasn’t a super great or entertaining ODB. Sorry about that.

As always, we all hope that everyone has a super great Friday and a wonderful weekend. We will be back next Thursday with another awesome episode. See you guys then.

If you’ve been following TopSpeed the past few months, then you already know the 2014 Paris Motor Show is mostly about concept cars and cool sports cars . The Toyota C-HR concept , the Infiniti Q80 Inspiration , the Ferrari 458 Speciale Spider , the Mercedes AMG GT and the new-generation Mazda Miata are all set to make their global debut on French soil. But Paris is also about regular cars, and, more importantly, about vehicles that we’re not likely to get here in North America. One of them is the updated version of the Euro-spec Honda Civic, which the old continent gets in both hatchback and wagon styles. What’s more, the folks across the pond are also receiving a brand-new trim with their Civic hatch, namely the Civic Sport.

Don’t worry though, Honda isn’t launching a souped-up version of the Civic just yet. That honor is still reserved for the Type R moniker. The Sport model is just the Japanese company’s way of saying "here, have sportier looking Civic until we come up with a brand-new Type R." Nevertheless, we’d still like for Honda to start selling the Civic hatch in the U.S. as well. But until that happens, let’s have a closer look at the newly introduced Sport version.

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The Volkswagen Polo is a “supermini” class car that has been in production since 1975 as a smaller and cheaper alternative to the Volkswagen Golf Volkswagen Golf . It wasn’t until 1994 that Volkswagen decided to move the GTI moniker to the smaller car to create a compact hot hatch. It offered a fun driving experience for fans of the brand who were unable to afford the larger and more expensive GTI. Since that first model debuted, there has been a Polo GTI in every generation of the car’s life. The Mk V model that is currently being phased out for the new Mk VI car is powered by a 1.4-liter TSI engine that uses both a supercharger and a turbocharger. The all-new 2015 Polo GTI will discard that engine for a more modern and more powerful unit.

Now we don’t have a lot of details aside from the fact that this machine will be revealed at the upcoming 2014 Paris Motor Show . Volkswagen was kind enough to bump us a big pile of photos to get prepared, and we can make some pretty good educated guesses about what you will find under the hood.

To get a good look at this pocket-sized performance machine, just hit that jump and check out all our photos. We also have a full rundown of what you should be looking for when it gets officially announced with all the specs in a few days.

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Remember the Rocketman concept Mini unveiled back in 2011? It was a dolled-up three-door hatch that was about a foot shorter than the regular Mini Cooper, and had a panoramic glass roof and a carbon-fiber spaceframe. Its main highlight, besides the fancier looks, was its 78 mpg U.S. estimated fuel economy rating. Initially expected to spawn a production car, the Rocketman remained a concept only. That’s about to change according to Auto Express, which found out more about the company’s new plans straight from Mini head of design Anders Warming.

Details are being kept under wraps for now, as the Brits are still developing the idea, but Warming says the Rocketman could become the base of a Smart ForTwo competitor. “For sure, a Mini should always be a small car , so a new city car would be appropriate for the brand. At the moment, we don’t have the right tech solutions, but we are working on it. We don’t yet have a final solution, you could say," he noted.

But don’t expect to see too much Rocketman in this small, lightweight vehicle. Warming stresses Mini doesn’t plan on using carbon-fiber like BMW did with the i3 . Instead, the tiny city car is more likely to make extensive use of aluminum. "Our concept had carbon parts, but aluminum is more likely. We want to reduce parts, to do more with less."

As for know-how, Mini is reportedly looking to team up with Toyota , who is currently working with BMW on a brand-new sports car . Needless to say, Toyota’s experience with the iQ could help Mini enter a previously unexplored segment.

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Source: AutoExpress

Citroen is serious about making a splash at the Paris Motor Show . After unveiling the Divine DS Concept on September 8, 2014, the French automaker followed that up by pulling the covers off of a pair of DS3 Concepts that highlight its collaborative powers with the high-class Parisian fashion scene.

Citroen’s DS Styling Centre recently collaborated with French fashion label Ines de La Fressange Paris to develop special-edition versions of the DS3 and DS3 Cabrio . The two concepts were designed with a clear objective in mind, enhance the DS3’s appeal as a model suited for the discerning French fashionista.

The concepts come loaded with unique styling and plenty of graphics, the kind you expect to see when a fashion label with the style de vie’ of Ines de La Fressange Paris gets involved.

The DS3 and the DS3 Cabrio were designed separately, each with its own distinctive flavor that emphasizes the personalization potential of the entire DS3 line.

The two concepts are set to make their debuts at the DS WORLD PARIS event this week before heading to the Paris Motor Show on October 4, 2014.

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