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High performance

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As the English philosopher Francis Bacon once said, "Nothing is pleasant that is not spiced with variety." Most car manufacturers, after efforts like the 2012 Bentley Continental GT , would have been happier to call it a day. However, Bentley looked at this automotive Adonis and decided "everything can be improved." This style of constant tweaking has resulted in multiple versions of the GT Continental. The first of these "tweaks" for the 2012 Bentley Continental GT is the new GT Speed .

This Adonis in an Armani suit will be given a shot in the arm. The previous GT Speed had 9% more power and 15% more torque than the base GT Continental. If this same increase applies to the new GT Speed, the W-12 will be pump out around 621 horses and 590 ft/lbs of torque. This would install the GT Speed as a next door neighbor to the top of the line Continental Supersports.

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When most people just see a Nissan GT-R , they are in awe of this seminal feat of engineering. This car offers super car performance and practicality that perhaps makes it the best daily driver on the road today. Yet the Chicago based tuning company, AMS Performance, looked at the GT-R and set themselves a monumental engineering challenge. Cue dramatic music; they set out to build the fastest GT-R . To make this daunting challenge even harder the engineers from AMS kept the GT-R’s stock interior and amenities like air conditioning.

To accomplish the task, they endowed a GTR with 1,500 horsepower . That’s 300 more horsepower than a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport . This car is like showing up to an 8th grade science class with a Polaris missile while everybody else has a stomp rocket.

So did these engineers from Chicago accomplish their lofty goal? The answer is a resounding yes. This car posted the fastest GT-R quarter mile in history, posting a time of 8.97 second a astonishing 169 miles an hour.
Check out the video of this record breaking quarter mile run!

Source: AMS
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When Mercedes burst onto the automotive stage with the CLS 4 door coupe in 2004, a new vehicle type was born. This big 4 door "coupe" caused widespread approval and since its inception in 2004, the Mercedes has cornered the market. The field recently got a bit crowded when Audi introduced the A7 and now BMW has brought out their brand new 6-Series 4 door coupe. Although BMW was late to the party, details have just emerged about this latest BMW’s innards that almost guarantee it will be nothing short of stupendous.

BMW’s challenger to the Audi A7 and the Mercedes CLS first made an appearance at the 2010 Beijing Motor Show where it was known as the Gran Coupe. This new model is due to hit our shores sometime next year. We are intrigued by this four door coupe model because it is a first for BMW and our intrigue turns to salivation when we read about the thoroughness with which the Munich manufacturer has gone about designing this "coupe."

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Source: MotorTrend
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Not too many things remain static throughout our lives. Yet throughout mine one thing has remained a part of the landscape of my life: my dad’s 1968 BMW 2002. He has had this car since it rolled out of Munich in 1968. I have many childhood memories sitting in those Recaro bucket seats. The learning did not cease; if anything it picked up because as I became more interested in cars, this car become the embodiment of everything I look for in a great car: style, performance, fuel economy. Then my dad and I upgraded virtually every component of it and made it better.

This was my study hall where some of my fondest memories were with my dad installing the engine and soaking up the knowledge like a new sponge. Now as I sit in its seats, the recollections flood back. Yet when I turn the key, the engine rumble prompts me to go out into the world and make new memories.

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Dodge Charger SRT8

When you buy a 2012 Chrysler 300 SRT8 or 2012 Dodge Charger SRT-8 you definitely will not be lacking power. These suburban bruisers are powered by massive 6.4 liter Hemi V8’s that pump out a spleen crushing 470 horsepower and 470 lbs/ft of torque. Now, what is an SRT SRT -8 owner to do if he/she wants more power? The answer up to this point has been paying big bucks and taking it to a tuner, but now this will change.

Chrysler is reportedly considering adding a top end engine option for certain SRT models. According to MotorAuthority, this new engine will be based on the current one albeit with a Eaton supercharger that will push the horsepower to between 540-570 horsepower. With this power addition, these muscle cars will be put on the road with Ferrari Ferrari 458-esque power. Where do we sign?! In addition, to control the extra ponies, this new engine will supposedly be mated to a new eight speed automatic gearbox. This new engine can be implemented on those SRT models which are based on the LX platform (Sorry, Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 , no upgrade for you just yet). An exception may be the Dodge Challenger SRT-8 which is based on a tweaked LX platform.

This is an important step in the reemergence of the muscle car in the American market. This reemergence has ignited an automotive world war with Ford Ford , Chevy, and Dodge, each trying to outdo themselves in terms of engineering and appeal. This new Detroit cold war has only one winner and that is the muscle car enthusiasts around the world.

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BMW’s M division has always been known for consistently pushing the envelope in performance and engineering. For example, the E30 M3 had a ferocious 192 horsepower inline-4 that had thrust comparable to a Jupiter missile and could still go around a corner properly. The next generation E36 M3 was powered by a brand new six cylinder engine with 240 horsepower. M’s desire to be the automotive equivalent of Magellan didn’t start or end with the M3 - the e60 M5 set the bar high with its revolutionary V10 which revved to over 7000 rpm! - but BMW keeps excelling at taking the sports car to the next level.

Proof of this comes in the latest details for the future M3 . According to AutoExpress, the new M3 (due out in 2014) will revert back to a six cylinder motor as opposed to the current V8. But just because it has lost two cylinders to the relentless push for greater fuel economy, don’t think that the innovation has stopped. The newest engineering masterpiece from BMW is the tri-turbo engine. That’s right, an engine with three turbos. How does this work? Well, the first two will be rather conventional since they will run off exhaust gasses, but the third will be an electric turbo. This new engine will reportedly push out around 450 horsepower and, in addition to this inventive engine, AutoExpress reports that BMW will add more carbon fiber parts to help lower the weight.

If this M3 does come into production, BMW will set an engineering benchmark that few can hope to surpass and a performance threshold that will set them atop the heap.

Source: AutoExpress
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The Porsche 911 can be considered as classic as a Rembrandt, becoming an artistic addition to the often style-less sports car category. The shape has remained constant because well, why toy with perfection? The fact that it is well know for its iconic look might explain why the 911 has only been changed three times in its 48 year history. The 2012 911, known by its codename “991”, is the latest interpretation of Porsche’s classic 911.

This new 911 is going to undergo a bit of makeover with a 4 inch longer wheel base and wider axle tracks. However, the biggest change happens under the hood. Porsche appears to have decided to downsize the flat six engine from 3.6 liters to 3.4 liters. Motor Authority also points out that the base engine will be based on the one found on the Boxster S and Top Gear says Porsche has ”fitted it with new cylinder heads to allow it to rev higher.” Don’t react to this with angst though because the base power plant pushes out a meaty 350 horses. The Carrera RS version (replacing the Carrera S) will have a nice 400 horsepower which is 15 more than the previous model. As the power goes up, torque goes down in the base model by 8 lbs/ft, while in the RS it goes down by 15 lbs/ft. According to Top Gear, Porsche has also been shaving away the weight (30-40kg) by using aluminum for the floor and most of the external panels. This was done by Porsche to improve fuel economy and lower emissions. Then supporting these new power plants will be a new seven speed manual or the optional double clutch automatic.

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Source: Top Gear
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The title of being the World’s Fastest Supercar is a name that has been restricted for the Bugatti Veyron of today and the McLaren F1 of the past. Many different vehicles can be considered for this prestigious title, but the main component that makes it relevant is the fact that the car that holds the title is a production vehicle. This means it goes from a manufacturer’s factory to a dealership and into the hands of a customer who drives it off the lot. What happens when aftermarket companies and kit cars are put into the mix?

Basically, you end up with some of the fastest “production” vehicles ever made. The Hennessey Twin-turbo Vipers are some of the fastest accelerating vehicles on the planet, but don’t exactly come from the factory. The Ultima GTR has broken nearly every speed record in the book and the company that created it has claimed it to be the Fastest Supercar in the World. The biggest difference with the Ultima is that you could build it in your garage.

Being a kit car has its advantages and every owner has the opportunity to build it to their exact specifications. The factory in England will ship out all the necessary parts so you can get the engine here, and not have to deal with meeting safety regulations. Let’s delve into this so-called record breaking connector set called the Ultima GTR.

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Source: UltimaSports
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The Chevrolet Corvette – GM’s little performance savior. This car has meant everything to Chevrolet for one simple reason; because it used to be the only car with some style. It was the only model that made anyone feel emotional about driving a Chevrolet and its history is second to none. The American sports car market has been utterly dominated by the Corvette from the Airbox models to the legendary Stingray.

The Z06 was originally introduced to push the envelope in terms of performance for the Corvette lineup. Recently Chevrolet decided that the Corvette needed to incorporate the largest and most powerful engine thus creating the ZR1 . The ZR1 model has become the poster child of American supercar fame taking on the challengers from across the pond and, with the hiatus of the Dodge Viper , it is likely to keep its crown for some time.

Even with the invention of the ZR1, the Z06 model has not been neglected. Several different levels of Z06 trim exist, each coming with different types of option packages delivering varied results depending on what type of driving the car will most likely encounter.

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Source: Chevrolet
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Canepa design is offering an opportunity to own one of the most famous Formula One race cars in American history. The 1985 Tyrell Formula One is one of the last Cosworth machines to ever compete in this race series. Its 3-liter Ford V8 made plenty of power helping to propel this race car into the history books at the U.S Grand Prix and the Constructors Championship in 1985. These 012-series race cars are often found in vintage races throughout the world and have remained a popular choice in inspiring future designs.

The Scott’s Valley, California company, Canepa Design, has put this car through an intensive restoration lasting 3,000 hours. This company has always been known for its styling and performance upgrades to various manufacturers’ vehicles as well as the care and sale of collector vehicles. The history of this specific Formula One race-car is well documented and has a rich history with the Tyrell racing team – for more information on its availability contact Canepa at 831-430-9940.

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