High performance

High performance

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Vorsteiner V-RT

The California based tuners Vorsteiner have just released their latest racing technologies package for the current generation Porsche Turbo . The package consists of a complete aerodynamic alteration of the Porsche’s body panels to create a more functional design that can slice through the air. Vorsteiner also fitted the V-RT 997 with a set of the company’s own 3 piece forged rims measuring 20 inches in diameter.

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AutoWeek is reporting that GM Vice-Chairman Robert Lutz says the company will have to undertake a “massive restructuring” of product plans if the 35 mpg fuel economy standard which passed the House of Representatives yesterday becomes law. “The minute we have confirmation of the 35-mpg rule, that is the point where we go through all of our forward product plans and probably introduce, frankly, massive restructuring of the product plan,” he said. “A 35-mpg fleet mix means there is a bunch of (...)
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Ferruccio Covini’s first attempt on a six-wheel super car dates back to 1974, yet the idea of using a double front axle was to shy for the technological progress. The project was abandoned in favor of the Soleado project.

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Features This tire is the world’s first road tire approved for speeds up to 220mph/360kmh. The ContiSportContact 2 Vmax was especially developed for ultra high-speed cars like Porsche and Ferrari Ferrari . This tire is available in four sizes. The starting point for this high-tech tire was the already proven ContiSportContact 2. To improve high-speed capability, the Continental engineers incorporated more tread grooves to attain maximum cooling of the ContiSportContact 2 Vmax tire, even when (...)
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Features: Low void asymmetric/directional tread design;dry/max handling optimized outboard (21% void);wet handling optimized inboard (31% void), Optimized for outstanding dry traction Large, stable block elements provides enhanced stability, wear and handling under high torque loads Wide center ribs, flat crown profile, high contact surface ratio Thanks to the proprietary BlackTech™ tread compound the BFGoodrich g-ForceT/A(r) KD tire has excellent wet and dry grip (UTQG traction (...)
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Features: Special sport compact sizes engineered for FWD applications; SUV dub and dub-plus sizes engineered to handle truck load capacity requirements; traditional performance sizes as well Unidirectional racing-influenced tread design provides exceptional dry and wet traction and handling with low noise Large CAD-designed tread elements enhances stability, wear and handling under high torque loads Deep, wide grooves help speed water evacuation and reduce hydroplaning together with the (...)

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