With so many automakers celebrating some kind of anniversary this year, it’s easy to lose sight of some of the other automotive and motorsports anniversaries that are scheduled to take place this year.

For their part, Volkswagen wanted to make sure that Formula Vee gets its proper recognition as a series that’s turning 50 years old this year. So before the start of the 24 Hours of Daytona over the weekend, Volkswagen led the way in celebrating 50 years of Formula Vee with a parade of the finest cars from the series.

Formula Vee traces its roots back to August 1963 at the Daytona International Speedway. Back then, the inexpensive racecars only made use of 1.2-liter engines that produced less than 40 horsepower with chassis taken from the Volkswagen Beetle. The success of Formula Vee in the US made its throughout Europe and on July 4, 1965, Formula Vee officially held its first race in Europe in front of 50,000 fans at the Norisring circuit in Nuremberg.

Since then, the series gave birth to Formula Super Vee, as well as the already established Formula Vee 130.

The 50th anniversary of Formula Vee was attended by some of racing’s biggest names, a lot of whom also trace their roots in the series. Indy 500 winner Arie Luyendyk was there, as were U.S. star Michael Andretti, Daytona champion Didier Theys, Le Mans winner Hurley Haywood, former DTM greats Hans-Joachim Stuck, Leopold Prinz von Bayern, Klaus Niedzwiedz and Dieter Quester, and rally icon Markku Alén.

"That was a highly emotional experience, celebrating the beginnings of Volkswagen Motorsport against such an impressive backdrop and together with such great names from the world of racing,’ Volkswagen Motorsport Director Jost Capito said.

"The revival here in Daytona, where it all began with the first Formula Vee race, has reunited many of these legends and that is something of which we are very proud. Vee are family – just like Volkswagen, Formula Vee is one big family."

2013 is a big year for the auto industry when it comes to anniversaries. Aston Martin, for one, will be celebrating its centenary this year. Ford , on the other hand, will be blowing the candles on the 150th birthday of its founder Henry Ford. And then there’s Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A, which will turn 50 years old this year.

The Italian automaker has already lined up a list of events to commemorate its 50th anniversary, starting with the debut of its one-off celebratory car that has been hyped since the middle of last year. In addition to the supercar itself, the Italian automaker will also be holding a 750-mile rally through Italy on May 7th, and will feature some of the finest and most powerful Lamborghinis in the world.

So what better way to kick off what is expected to be a busy year than to release a video looking back on the 50-year history of the Raging Bull. From humble beginnings all the way to the evolution of its modern-day supercars, the video will undoubtedly give us a look at how one of Italy’s finest supercar makers was born and a look ahead to what is poised to be an exceptional anniversary year.

Source: Lamborghini

Long before the Nissan GT-R wreaked havoc on the roads and earned its nickname, Godzilla, its predecessor was considered one of the most important cars in Nissan’s history. It was one that paved the way for a generation of drivers to, in their own words, "chooses the path of racing.”

Ever since the Skyline and the GT-R names were split, which led to the complete disappearance of the former in favor of the latter, not a lot of people have given the Nissan Skyline its due credit as one of the fiercest cars in the 1960’s.

In this video, we take a stroll down memory lane to reacquaint ourselves with how the legend of the Skyline was born all the way back to the 1964 Suzuka Grand Prix. This is where the earliest models of the Skyline, then a relative unknown model built by Prince Motor Company, took the fight to the most supreme machine of them all, the Porsche 904 Carrera GTS.

No, the Skyline didn’t win that particular race, but what it did was serve notice to just about everyone that this was a car that meant serious business.

We’re not gonna spoil you any more info from the mini-documentary because no amount of words will do justice to seeing the video for yourself.

Source: Nissan

While modern-day Buick struggles to compete with the likes of Lexus and Acura , there was once a car with a Buick logo that muscle-car enthusiasts dream of driving. Funny as it sounds now, in its era this car used to give the Corvettes and other high-end sports cars a run for their money. This car is none other than the Buick Grand National.

With a turbocharged V-6 under the hood that helped gain quicker accelerations and a standard black paint job that made the design of the Grand National more intimidating, this car is definitely considered as one of the true muscle cars, during its heyday. To make matters worse, this car peaked in an era where econo-boxes reigned supreme and performance was an afterthought.

The Grand National, in today’s standards, is like the 2013 Shelby GT500 with both cars being a working man’s supercar. So, now you’ll get the big picture how the Buick Grand National was in the 1980s...

With rumors circling that GM is trying to revive the Grand National name for a high-performance Buick, we just hope that the rumor of will come true and spark excitement like it used to back in the 80s.

Click past the jump to read our historical review of the iconic Grand National

A few days ago, BMW announced the M3 DTM Champion Edition — a special M3 built as a tribute to 40th anniversary of BMW’s M subsidiary. Today, the company has unveiled a sweet video marking the most important moments in the company’s history.

“A company is like a human being. As long as it goes in for sports, it is fit, well-trained, full of enthusiasm and performance." These were the words of Robert A. Lutz, BMW AG Board Member Sales, back in 1972 when the new company was officially being announced. They were the words christening the youngest subsidiary of BMW AG at the time, BMW Motors W Motors port GmbH. Today, the company is called BMW M GmbH. Fortunately, it is just as fit, well-trained, and full of enthusiasm and performance as it was 40 years ago.

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For true Ferrari enthusiasts that are planning to visit Italy during the Winter holidays, Ferrari has a treat in store for you.

Ferrari has opened an exhibition to pay tribute to the late Sergio Pininfarina and the not-to-be-forgotten Pinin Farina, by showcasing every model that has been designed by the man himself and his team. The idea behind the exhibition is to show the public the exemplary creations that came out from the Pininfarina drawing board. The exhibition includes 11 models that are divided between the front-engined berlinettas, such as the 1964 275 GTB4 and the Spider version of the legendary Daytona , the mid-rear-engined models, notably the milestone BB, and the contemporary creative evolution which encompasses, amongst others, the Testarossa and the 599 SA Aperta, the latter a homage by Ferrari to Sergio and Andrea Pininfarina. The highlight of the exhibition is the famous Modulo concept which previously was an unseen exhibit from the Pininfarina family’s private and company collections.

This exhibition was opened on October 27th and it will remain open until January 7th, 2013. So, anybody who is going to Europe, or Italy in that matter, can visit that museum before January 7th and behold the Italian passion that emanates from every single Pininfarina-designed Ferrari on display.

The Chevrolet Corvette is heading into its seventh generation and it’s set to be unveiled in Detroit on January 13th, 2013. With the release of this almost 100 percent all-new `Vette – only the cabin air filter and the top latch are carried over from the C6 generation – also comes an all-new version of the Corvette’s signature crossed flags logo.

GM was rather generous with us upon announcing the upcoming release of the C7 Corvette, as it also released an image of the restyled badge. Sure, it is essentially a modernized version of the C6’s badge, but it’s still cool nonetheless.

In celebration of this upcoming release, we thought we would outline all seven renditions of the Corvette’s crossed flags badge and connect them to their respective generations. So kick back and enjoy as we take you from 1953 all the way through 2014!

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Michael Schumacher could race again

Between 1994 and 2004, Michael Schumacher was the driver to beat, as he won seven F1 Driver’s Championships during that span. After retiring following the 2006 season, Schumacher took a cushy “Advisor” position with Ferrari Ferrari . It was clear that racing was not out of Schumacher’s system yet and he returned in the 2010 season to race for Mercedes GP. Schumacher never regained his form and endured very rough 2010, 2011, and, thus far, 2012 seasons.

Well, after finding out that Lewis Hamilton was taking over his slot at Mercedes in 2013 , we all pretty much assumed he would fade off into retirement. It didn’t take long for Schumacher to confirm our assumptions, as he just announced this morning that he will retire (again) following the 2012 racing season. There was some speculation that he would head to Sauber to take the place of Sergio Perez, but that is apparently a no-go.

Schumacher, in a cheeky manner, poked fun at himself via the Associated Press, by saying “…at some point it’s time to say goodbye and this time it might be forever.” Well, we wish Michael all of the best and we thank him for his 18 years of involvement with F1. We’re sure he’ll back his way into management somewhere – possibly even with Mercedes, who just signed the new Concorde Agreement. Regardless of the last three years, he will forever go down as one of the best drivers to ever grace open-wheel racing.

We’ll keep an eye on Schumacher’s movement and let you know if he is considering moving back behind the scenes as he did with Ferrari.

Click past the jump to read Michael Schumacher’s press release.

Chevrolet has seemingly decided to speed up their history lesson on the Corvette generations just a bit by introducing their generational videos a little faster. It’s the C6 generation’s time to shine, making us think that the C7 Corvette ’s debut is just around the corner.

In this video, Harlan Charles, Corvette Product Manager, offers all of us a few details on the latest Corvette models and talks a little bit about the Corvette’s 60th anniversary. The 2013 Corvette 427 Convertible Collector Edition is also discussed in this video and has been described as "the most capable Corvette convertible ever made."

The sixth generation also marked the return of the Z06 and ZR1 models and, when compared to the previous generations, the C6 Corvette is leaner and meaner with a more lightweight, compact, and shorter body.

Chevrolet is continuing their trip down Corvette memory lane with two very cool videos on the Corvette C4 and C5 generations. In these videos, Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles talks about the performance innovation of the fourth generation Corvette, as well as all of the improvements in the C5.

The C4 Corvette was unveiled back in 1984 and featured plenty of enhancements such as an impressive drag coefficient, anti-lock brakes, traction control, and run-flat tires. The C5 Corvette came onto the market in 1997 with a larger amount of trunk space. The transmission was also moved to the rear and the rear was raised for better aerodynamics. This Corvette also featured better technology like a heads-up display unit and run-flat tires on all models.

Check out the Corvette C5 Tribute video after the jump. If you missed them, you can go back to see the Corvette C1, Corvette C2, and Corvette C3 tribute videos.

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