Honda Civic

Honda Civic

  Launched in 2006, the Civic comes with a 1.8-litre i-VTEC petrol engine. You also get a Hybrid version with a 1.3 i-VTEC engine and an Integrated Motor Assist. The Civic comes with both a manual and automatic gearbox but there is no diesel engine option. Its competitors are the Toyota Corolla Altis, Renault Fluence and the Chevrolet Cruze.

The truth of the matter is, there’s absolutely no way a Honda Civic Type R Mugen hatch can keep up with an Audi R8 V10 . Trying to do so is an exercise in both futility and stupidity, but given certain circumstances, like navigating through a twisting country road, can the Civic Type R keep up with the R8 V10?

Ever the curious bees that they are, Autocar went out and tried it for themselves. Turns out, the R8 is still faster than the Civic Type R - no surprise there - especially at straight roads where the former just disappears out of sight. But this exercise wasn’t so much about finding out which is faster because we already had an answer to that. This was done to determine whether the Civic Type R gave the consumer more bang for their buck than an R8. To that end, Steve Sutcliffe seems to think that it does, referring to the R8 as a car that’s "too fast for its own good in roads like this".

We’ve probably shared a little too much now so we’ll just leave the rest so you can enjoy the video yourselves.

Source: Autocar UK

Two cars are having quite a battle north of the border for sales supremacy. In one corner, hailing from Japan is the smiling zoom-zoom of a car known as the Mazda3 and in the other corner, also from the Land of the Rising Sun, is perennial top-seller and all-around Canuck favorite, the Honda Civic .

OK, fancy introductions aside, the battle between the Mazda3 and the Honda Civic for the top spot in Canada’s top five sellers is as thin as a strand of hair with the Mazda3 outselling the Honda Civic by only 135 units (5,436 to 5,301). For the whole year, the gap between the two Japanese sedans is even smaller, with the Mazda Mazda 3 leading the Civic with 17,198 units sold from January to the end of April, compared to 17,095 - a 103-unit gap. Rounding out the top three is the Toyota Corolla , which still has an outside chance of catching up to the two front-runners with 13,509 units sold.

The race is interesting particularly because the Mazda3 and the Honda Civic are neck-and-neck with each other for the number one spot. So the next couple of months should an interesting period for the two companies, one in which we’re pretty sure they’re going to keep close tabs on, not just on their own sales, but on the other as well.

To what lengths will you go to to prove that your Toyota Prius is not a push-over on the road. Apparently, for Timothy Hird of Winder, Georgia, far enough to get him thrown in jail.

The Toyota Prius owner became so incensed at the lack of ’road cred’ his Toyota Prius was getting that, in a fit of rage, he attempted to race a Honda Civic just to show that his Prius could hang with the non-hybrid types. The incident occurred at a Publix supermarket near Braselton, Georgia when the driver of the Civic pulled out in front of Hird, inciting him to the point that he ran to his Prius, sped up, and caught the Civic before shouting "Watch this!" at the passenger of the Civic and began blocking their car. In an attempt to get past the raging Hird, the driver of the Civic almost ran into a police car.

As a result of the incident, both drivers were booked for reckless driving with Hird suffering the brunt of the punishment - he got thrown in jail - for his highly aggressive, and obviously dangerous attempt in proving that his beloved hybrid Prius was no slouch on the road.

Way to go, Mr. Hird. You did prove your point, although we didn’t see the whole point of it in the first place. Hey, more power to you and your stay behind bars.

Usually the Honda Civic gets a makeover about every five years, but this year Honda will shift the cycle. Why? Changing market conditions and tougher fuel economy and emissions regulations will delay the reformatting for one more year.

John Mendel said in an interview with Automotive news: "In general, we are not changing cycles. We change vehicles as need be. The ability to do something based on more current information is better than waiting a full model cycle. Some of that is being able to have the opportunity to change [based on] what you see happening in the marketplace."

According to him the next Civic will be larger than the current current model, but its exterior has been resized to match the current one a little closer. Also, the Honda CR-V will stick to a five-year cycle, so we will get a redesign model next year.

That’s the good and bad thing about the automotive business and everything else for that matter. A line is drawn and then someone else will come along and erase it to draw the line again. What we don’t understand is why Honda can’t just say, "Hey, yeah, we had to shift the cycle." It happens guys. It’s not that big a deal. Plus, the Civic is still a pretty good sell for Honda, so the delay probably wouldn’t hurt anyway.

Honda (UK) and Team Dynamics Motorsport announced today the Civic BTCC rally car that will race the 2010 Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship by Matt Neal and Gordon "Flash" Shedden.

The car will be painted in Championship White paint, Honda’s traditional racing color.

Also touring car fans will have the chance to win a one-off Civic Type R Mugen Concept car in a competition that will be running in participating Honda dealerships.

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Redesigned in 2009, the Honda Civic gets refreshed exterior and interior styling features comprised of updated headlight and taillight combination; new alloy wheel designs for Civic EX, Civic EX-L and Civic Si; and updated seating cloth materials for a more premium interior feel. For the sedan version prices are ranging from $15,655 to $25,340, and for the coupe version from $15,455 to $24,255.

The 2010 Civic (both sedan and coupe versions) are powered by a 1,8 liter inline 4-Cylinder engine with a total output of 140 hp. The SI versions get a 2,0 liter engine with an output of 197 hp. The standard model get either a 5-speed manual transmission, or a 5-speed automatic one. The SI version 6-speed manual one.

The technologies line-up includes: Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure; side curtain airbags; driver’s and front passenger’s side airbags with a passenger-side Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS); and dual-stage, dual-threshold driver’s and front passenger’s airbags (SRS).

UPDATE 06/18/2010: Check out our review of the 2010 Honda Civic by clicking here .

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In Japanese the word Mugen means unlimited, it is also the name of Honda’s in house racing branch that brought us the ultimate Mugen Type RR . Doing what they do best, the factory backed tuners are taking their big winged Civic Type R a bit further to create the special edition Honda Civic Type R Mugen 200 in celebration of their 2010 (BTCC) British Touring Car Championship racing efforts and will compete with vehicles like the Ford Focus RS and the Renault Mégane R26R off the track.

Destined exclusively for the British isles when it goes on sale this April, all 200 examples of the limited edition Civic Type R are covered in a Championship White finish accented with gloss black mirror covers and features exclusive Mugen equipment like bespoke front and rear bumpers with lower hanging side skirts, 19 inch alloy wheels, Mugen badges and Limited Edition number plaque and the all important (LSD) Limited Slip Differential.

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For most of us who aren’t immersed in the world of auto production, the technology and research that goes into building a car is something a lot of us probably underestimate.

Honda ’s latest commercial featuring the European Honda Civic touches on a pretty simple truth; the creation of the car came as a result of a tireless collaboration among a host of individuals , all of which, are pretty determined in building the perfect European Honda Civic.

While it may seem that the whole advertisement is geared towards letting the whole world know just how much time and effort goes into making the European Honda Civic, Honda is quick to let everybody in on idea that they used just about anything under the sun to build the perfect European-released Honda Civic Honda Civic , among them includes outboards, racer cars, robots, bikes, quads, and just about any other material Honda has previously used before.

Source: YouTube

Not too long ago Topspeed reported about Honda’s in house tuner Mugen and their plan to take the Civic Type R hot hatch and pump up the adrenaline a few notches. Well today the Japanese automaker has confirmed that their R spec hatchback will indeed go on sale in the European market, and Mugen won’t be far behind with their own tuner ride complete with aggressively restyled bumpers, vented hood and fenders and an oversized rear wing that would make even the boldest of Evo owners jealous.

Honda Civic Type R Euro by Mugen

To go along with the boy racer body pieces, Mugen is also offering a set of lightweight 18 inch alloy wheels available in either gunmetal or bronze. Mugen has also dedicated quite a bit of time and energy into making the race ready Civic light on its feet and able to change directions at a moments notice, so they have fitted a sport suspension package as well as an upgraded brake kit. However the best parts of the car are those which you wish you never have to see, like a copper fiber clutch set that is made to take the added abuse that comes along with making quick shifts thanks to the Mugen short throw shifter, but the Pièce de résistance is a limited slip differential that is sure to cure any of the woes associated with a front wheel drive performance vehicle.

Like usual the UK got all the coll cars! And the new Honda Civic Type R Mugen is no exception. Designed especially for the British roads, the new Type R Mugen is now officially into production and will be limited to only 20 units, each priced at £38,599 (around $64,000 at the current rates).

Honda Civic Type R Mugen into production; limited to 20 units

Each and every Civic Type R Mugen will be hand-built at MUGEN Euro, based in Northampton – with customers receiving a unique, involved experience during the build process of each car. Under the hood there is a 2.0-litre i-VTEC engine that delivers a total of 240 hp - 20% increase over a standard model. The extra power of the tuned engine is transferred to road or track via a limited slip differential, and grip and handling are also significantly improved through a completely revised suspension set-up, with custom-made springs and dampers employed.

All the 20 units will be painted in Championship White – the traditional racing color of the brand and will will wear a special badge inside on the center console, listing the serial number of each unique model.

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