Honda CR-Z

Honda CR-Z

A new trailer for Honda’s new promotional campaign, “Live Every Litre” has been released and the search is on for the lucky few that can not only be part of the documentary/movie, but also be one of the first in the world to ever drive the Honda CR-Z .

The “Live Every Litre” project is a collaboration between Honda and Cludio Von Planta, a Swiss filmmaker responsible for, among other things, the ‘Long Way Round’ and ‘Long Way Down’ motorcycle series’, which starred Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman.

The whole gist of the “Live Every Litre” project is that Honda wants to have ordinary citizens go on their very own roadtrip in a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ kind of way while driving the CR-Z wherever he decides to go. For their part, Von Planta and the rest of his crew will film the whole road trip in its entirety before editing all the footage to make into a feature-length film.

The journey will begin before the Honda CR-Z makes its market debut in Europe – around May – and will take the lucky driver on a European road trip on-board the world’s first six-speed manual hybrid.

Check out the trailer of the “Live Every Litre” project and find out how you can join the contest to drive the CR-Z on a European road trip of a lifetime.

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Just yesterday we brought you what looked like a sales brochure for the upcoming Honda CR-Z confirming that the Japanese automaker was seriously considering a production version of the stylish gas/electric hybrid coupe for the near future. However one very tantalizing page that was missing has suddenly surfaced with a CR-Z tuned by Honda’s in house tuner, Mugen.

2010 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Coupe - official brochure leaked

From the looks of things the "unlimited" kit brings a more aggressive big mouth front bumper complete with a race car inspired splitter, lower hanging side skirts, and a new rear bumper to complete the hybrid advanced sports ground effects package. At the top of the hatch rests a downforce inducing rear wing and Mugen has seen fit to equip the tuned CR-Z with their signature 17 inch alloy wheels at all four corners. It’s a pleasant surprise that despite the global trend towards greener vehicles that the major automakers have left some room for a little fun.

Stay tuned we’ll get back with more details!

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2010 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Coupe - official brochure leaked

It’s no secret that the Japanese automaker Honda is planning to bring a production version of the CR-Z Concept that was unveiled back in 2007 at the Tokyo Auto Salon to market. Thanks to the information super highway we now have our own bootleg version of the upcoming hybrid Honda’s sales brochure confirming that the debut of the 2010 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Coupe shouldn’t be too far off. With gas prices awaiting an inevitable rise and a shift towards premium compact and hybrid vehicles, Honda is going to be faced with the same struggle as the Ford Fiesta when the CR-Z comes to market. The gas/electric hybrid CR-Z Coupe will be powered by the combination of a 1.5 Liter four cylinder internal combustion engine and an electric motor to provide a combined total of 126 HP and will be mated to a gas sipping six speed manual transmission.

Sales in Japan are slated to begin in February of 2010, but until then check out the gallery below.

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While it’s definitely lacking in international appeal, the Tokyo Motor Show still figures to attract a strong local audience all eager to see the latest vehicles from the Japanese auto giants.

Honda CR-Z Concept

One car that’s expected to be unveiled in Tokyo is the concept version of the
production-ready Honda CR-Z hatchback . It’s not a fancy super car or an electric concept, but the CR-Z is just about as good as were going to see in Tokyo.

The car, which has been widely reported to start production by next year, will come with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that has been tinkered with Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist technology as well as a six-speed manual transmission that takes the driving reins away from the car and back to the driver.

With the relatively thin depth of the Tokyo Motor Show this year, you can expect that a lot more people will be paying attention to what Honda - and all the other Japanese car brands, for that matter - has to offer.

And with the announcement that the CR-Z is coming for the show, you can expect a lot of curious eyes loitering around the Honda booth by then.

The term “electric” comes with an unnecessary stigma of being slow and boring to drive vehicles. However automakers like Fisker and Tesla are creating fun to drive sports cars with green power trains and zero emissions, but the ability to have your cake and eat it too comes at a price. These exotic electric vehicles come at a steep price, but the world’s most popular automaker may have something to say about that by the end of this year.

After seeing the CR-Z sports coupe at the Tokyo Auto Salon, the Japanese automaker Honda’s new CEO, Takanobu Ito, has announced that the hybrid version of the CR-Z sports car will begin to appear in showrooms starting at the end of 2009 and should be everywhere by February 2010.

The new hybrid CR-Z will join Honda’s current lineup of alternatively powered green machines made up by the Insight and Civic Hybrid, a hybrid powered Jazz is set to be unveiled as well in the near future. The Japanese automaker is also working hard on a new hybrid system that they hope to adapt to the larger vehicles in their lineup.

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Hybrid vehicles will most definitely be around for as long as we still use internal combustion engines in our cars. With models like the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight selling like crazy automakers are going to capitalize on whatever sales they can generate at this point in time. So in an attempt to diversify the hybrid market, the Japanese automaker Honda is toying around with the idea of a hybrid sports car. The world’s largest producer of engines is hoping that the crowds at the Tokyo Motor Show accept their new CR-ZX this October with open arms.

Based on the Insight, the CR-ZX will be powered by a small displacement four cylinder engine, ranging somewhere from 1.3 to 1.5 liters that is expected to return almost 60 MPG while in a hybrid sports mode. The body features a very stylish large open mouth front bumper and a sleek three door hatch back profile. This future sports hybrid could compete with other green sports cars like the upcoming Volkswagen Blue Sport Roadster and perhaps even a hybrid 370Z . The hybrid Honda may not be quite up to the level of all electric vehicle like the Tesla Roadster , but if there was any automaker who could it’s Honda. We will just have to wait and see what the tuners at Mugen could do with a CR-ZX SiR.

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I promise to ease up on the green posts after this one, but fuel efficiency is among the top of most new car buyer’s shopping criteria. So, Top Speed has already announced that Honda plans to produce a road going hybrid version of their CR-Z Concept car that was revealed at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. The good news is that this attractive Honda hybrid should make it to the U.S.

The production CR-Z will be powered by a 1.5 Liter gasoline engine connected to either a conventional 6 speed manual transmission or a futuristic CVT. Honda has high hopes for sales in the U.S., 1500 units a month, although Europe remains the single largest market projected to absorb 2500 units per month.

The dreamers at Honda are scheduled to unveil a production prototype of the CR-V Hybrid sometime this year, with a production version to follow in 2010.

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Uh-oh... Hybrids were just cute little things for others to play with, but this week it seems the little gas sippers are trying to invade the world of prefromance cars. First it was Toyota taking the Prius racing , then Mugen got its hands on an Insight , now Honda may be offering a high-performance version of the upcoming CR-Z .

The CR-Z is already set to be sporty hybrid vehicle, but now it looks like Honda still wants to get more out of the little guy with a Type R version. There aren’t any real details yet on what will be added or taken away to make the CR-Z Type R, but if Honda goes though with the program, rumors are certain to start before the car appears sometime in 2010.

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Nissan is currently working on their hybrid coupe model which comes as a response to the Honda’s CR- Z Hybrid . The hybrid sports car, a front- wheel- drive, will be built on a modified “B” platform and will assure an aggressive coupe design with a wide stance. This kind of looks is very popular in Europe, its primary market.

Nissan developing Honda CR-Z Hybrid rival

Nissan is also focusing in keeping the weight at a very low level so they will probably use aluminum body panels. The engine is expected to be a four-cylinder 1.5-liter HR15DE, coupled to an electric motor. The power would get to the front wheels through a six- speed DSG transmission. But for now all this is detail as neither this model nor the Honda’s CR- Z Hybrid won’t be revealed before 2010.

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Honda announced additional details regarding its new small hybrid scheduled for introduction in early 2009. An official name and full product details will be announced later this year.

In addition to weight reduction, a significant cost reduction in Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) components will result in the most affordable hybrid vehicle to date. This dedicated hybrid vehicle will be offered as a 5-door hatchback with seating for five passengers and will employ an exterior design concept that evokes the FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle. Along with the Civic Hybrid, the new vehicle will be produced at an expanded IMA production line at Honda’s Suzuka factory in Japan.

The new small gasoline/electric hybrid vehicle will have expected annual global sales of 200,000 units per year - approximately 100,000 of which are bound for the North American market. Following this launch, Honda also plans to introduce another unique small hybrid vehicle based on the CR-Z sports car first shown at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show as well as a Fit hybrid model. Including the Civic Hybrid, these four hybrid vehicles are expected to reach combined annual global sales of approximately 500,000 units.

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