Honda HSV

Honda HSV

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We are all excited with the Honda HSV-010 GT racer , and more than that, curious about a street version of the car. Due to the harsh financial situation, Honda does not plan to produce such a car in 2010, but we can hope for one later on, as the HSV was intended from the beginning as a street-racing duo and is a suitable concept for production. We can imagine an eventual street version as being of course less wide, with minimum ground clearance, more discrete spoilers and smooth flowing lines. The street-version engine could be based on the racing V8, but with a slight displacement increment (from 3.4 to 5 litres) and a little revved down.

When the Japanese automaker Toyota wanted to show the world what their latest super car, the LF-A could do, they entered a pair of preproduction Supra successors into a number of exhibition style endurance races at the world famous Nurburgring . Following a similar path, Honda’s domestic racing program has just announced that they will be returning to the island nation’s top tier of motor sport when they debut their next generation super car, the HSV-10 GT on March 20 at the beginning of the 2010 Super GT season. It is only fitting that the NSX ’s successor, the Honda Sports Velocity turns its first wheel in competition at the at the Suzuka Circuit, being that it is the automaker’s own test track, making it an even more important initial run for the HSV because you know that all of the people that are going to decide the new sports vehicle’s fate will be in attendance.

Despite the exotic V10 powered future NSX rumors, the new HSV-10 GT is powered by a low displacement 3.4 Liter V8 with a maximum output of over 500 HP. The high output engine is mated to a Ricardo sequential manual gearbox, the same unit used by Nissan and Toyota Toyota in their Super GT machines, ensuring that their drivers will be hard pressed to miss a shift. With a body that is somewhere between 21st century NSX and an ASL Garaiya from the Japanese Autobacs tuning shop, the future HSV-10 GT is guaranteed to carve out a place for itself in Japanese automotive culture.

Updated 01/18/10: Official specifications released; new image gallery added.

Updated 01/22/10: Check the Honda HSV in action at the Suzuka race track where the car is preparing for the Japanese 2010 Super GT Series. More video after the jump.

Press release after the jump.

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