Honda Insight

Honda Insight

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Mugen means unlimited in Japanese. It is a brand that is often thought of as tuning racecars and high-performance street machines. This time they have put their efforts into improving the aerodynamics of Honda’s latest hybrid . Mugen is once again showing off its close ties with Honda, the Insight went on sale in Japan last week.

Since hybrids are designed with fuel-economy in mind their body’s main purpose is to cut smoothly through the air and reduce drag, not win any car shows. The Mugen kit drastically improves the automobiles appearance and at the same time reduces lift. Both front and rear lower spoilers work in tandem with the side skirts to channel air around the body and not underneath it. Although the rear spoiler seems a little extreme it improves down force. The side mirrors were even designed to reduce turbulence when driving with a slightly opened window.

Honda Insight by Mugen

Of course, Mugen improved the handling as well. The suspension setup comes with a set of sports-tuned springs and damper that reduced ride height by 20mm. There are two different kinds of wheels in the package: the XJ is 16-inch mesh wheel and the NR a 15-inch, 8-spoker.

Mugen has also included a system called Intelligent Tire Condition Monitoring System (i-TCMS) which, besides measuring tire pressure, also displays tire temperature and will inform the driver when a tire has reached an undesirable condition.

The engine did not receive any modification except for a high-performance air filter and out back is a triangular sports exhaust tip.

Tuning hybrids is new business for the Japanese tuner. It is nice to see that just because an emphasis is put on fuel efficiency, fun is not left out of the equation. Unfortunately like most Mugen accessories this one is Japan only.

Honda announced that the 2009 Insight hybrid will be priced below $19,000, meaning it will get the same fuel economy as the larger Civic Hybrid but will cost less ($23,500).

The Insight also will sport a 1.3-liter, four-cylinder engine and lightweight aluminum wheels, although it will drop the aluminum body panels used in the Insight’s earlier two-seat incarnation.

Honda President Takeo Fukui announced the details today while unveiling a concept version of the five-door, five-passenger hatchback at the Paris Auto Show. The revived Insight will cost less than the Civic Hybrid, thanks to cost cuts in its battery, motor and electronic control unit. Its fuel economy will mirror the Civic Hybrid’s, at 40 mpg city/45 highway.

Although the new Insight will undercut the current Prius’ pricing ($22,000), it does not beat the current Prius’ 48 city/45 highway millage. This becomes even more important as the 2010 Prius will likely widen the millage gap even further with better fuel economy. So the future hybrid champion may be decide by lower cost of better millage.

As officially announced few days ago Honda will unveil the Insight Hybrid Concept at the Paris Auto Show. The production version will go on sale on the U.S. showrooms in April.

Like the Prius, the new Insight will be a five-door, five-passenger hatchback. Honda will price it significantly below hybrids available today. From this unique position in the marketplace, the Insight will advance the affordability and accessibility of hybrid technology to a new generation of buyers.

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It’s official; Honda will call its Prius fighter the Insight. The company revealed the first official images of its new gas/electric hybrid ahead of its October 2nd debut at the Paris Auto Show. Sales of the production Insight should begin in the U.S. by the spring.

Honda Insight Concept

The design of the five-passenger hatchback seems to share a bloodline with the FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel cell vehicle as well as the CR-Z concept hybrid. All three of these cars could possibly show the future of Honda’s design. Although Honda is still keeping the exact pricing a secret, the company says the Insight will come to market at a price significantly below hybrids available today.

Honda will follow-up the launch of the Insight with the introduction of the CR-Z. This is all part of Honda’s plan to make hybrid vehicles 10 percent of its total global sales. The goal is ambitious considering that Toyota’s new Prius and Chevrolet’s Volt will both be fighting for this same market within two years.

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‘Bisi Ezerioha has presented his Honda Insight Honda Insight Import Dragster at SEMA. Ezerioha, who was born in Nigeria and now lives in Hacienda Heights, CA, runs the “World’s Fastest All Motor SOHC Honda,” and he re-set that record with a run of 9.76 seconds at 145.28mph at Battle of the Imports in Joliet, IL in September. It was a typical run for Ezerioha, who has continues to improve the performance of his Honda on the IDRA, IDRC and NHRA tours. Combining his knowledge with that of drag racing and it (...)
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The Honda Insight equipped with the innovative Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) was the first gasoline-electric hybrid automobile to be sold in USA. IMA couples an all-new and compact 61 cui, 3-cylinder engine and an ultra-thin electric motor for outstanding efficiency. That combined with a rigid aluminum body structure and world-class aerodynamic design gives the Insight the ability to travel as far as 70 miles on a gallon of gasoline and still meet California’s stringent Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) standard, making it the world’s cleanest, most fuel-efficient gasoline-powered automobile.

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The Insight is Honda’s two-seat hybrid vehicle and has been the leader in gas mileage since it was first introduced in 2000. From the moment one first sees the car, until long after it is driven, it’s clear that the Insight is unlike anything else on the road today.

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