2007 Honda S2000RJ

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Honda participated in 1964 to his first Formula 1 championship, in 2006, 37 years later, Honda launched itself a new challenge while participating in the Formula 1 Championship with a team 100% Honda. The Honda S2000 was
born from passion, and will carry the pleasure to drive to the highest level.

In order to divide our passion, a special series of the Honda S2000 was created, composed from 50 copies, intended for the markets from italian, french and spanish. 

Honda S2000RJ

This special series distinguishes itself not only by the color of his body, a white one appears very elegant, but also by the audio headunit case, specially relalise by Honda F1 Racing, with the original signatures of Rubens Barrichello and of Jenson Button.

Honda S2000RJ

On this headunit case is located equally the logo Honda F1 Racing, as well as a number of series, for each model of this special edition. 

The S2000 version RJ resumes the colors of the team Honda Racing F1, while the inside is covered in red and black leather to complete the panoply Racing.

Mechanical, nothing is changed. With 120 horses to the liter, the 2 aspirated liters of the roadster Honda awaits since 8 years the competition, but sure the attraction of the novelty is passed.

Honda S2000RJ

Exclusive equipment

  •  Exclusive exterior Color: special pearly white colour
  •  Interior in black and red leather
  •  Audio headunit case specific realized by Honda F1 Racing -numbered and signed to the hand by Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button. 
  •  Hard Top of series, equally of White Made pearly color Premium

Every mask audio is unique, because of the signatures of the pilots. The mask audio, with the signatures of the pilots, is not available in spare parts or incidental. 

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