2007 Honda Stream Special Edition for "Style" lovers

Valentine’s Days is coming, and it is a good opportunity for automakers to make more money. How? With lovers special editions.

Honda will offer a Stream Special Edition for "Style" lovers, with new equipments, style and a competitive price to stay competitive on the market.

It is based on the X and G versions of the Honda Stream and will come with an exclusive black interior, a new automatic light control mechanism and the use of chromes here and there to increase the quality feel.

Honda Stream Special Edition for "Style" lovers

Both versions share the i-VTEC technology under the hood (1.8l for the X and 2.0l for the G) and a 5 speeds automatic gearbox or CVT (G) along with 2WD (front wheels) or AWD systems.


I don’t really get what the article trying to imply with the "style" lover, but I’m still impressed with this gorgeous edition of them for it can also offer an impressive engine specification which is only appropriate on it.

Style lovers, in what sense? The article didn’t elaborate it that’s why we’re confused on that statement. Even with the specs of this special edition are they only the same with Mugen?

Well what do you mean by lover edition? All i can see is a regular steam with enhanced headlamps and seats.

a beautiful car.but i think the tailamp is not to suitable for this amazing car.

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