2008 Honda Civic HFP Concept

The Civic Honda Factory Performance (HFP) Concept sedan revealed today at the SEMA Show represents a new approach on performance improvement. With more consumer concern about fuel prices, future customers may want to maximize the performance of their vehicles without compromising fuel economy. The best way to do that is to put the car on a diet

Honda Civic HFP Concept

The concept features: HFP body kit, super-light alloy wheels with aerodynamic covers, a lighter HFP exhaust system and an upgraded HFP suspension kit.

Honda Civic HFP Concept

It also offers the possibility of improving both fuel economy and performance. In fact, a very similar package has proven its worth on the race tracks of Japan on the Civic Type R race car, which campaigned in a spec series called the Super Taikyu Series.


Well, I guess it didn’t clicked on the market because the way I see it the Type R and S sells well with almost the same performance withh lesser price of course.

They should include this into production, so far HONDA TYPE R is the only common and not the HFP honda is giving their customer the very best of the factory has to offer.

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