2008 Honda Civic Type-R Modulo

Honda will unveil at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January the Civic Type-R Modulo, a street-legal, track-ready version of the Civic Type-R sedan.

Source: Carscoop

The Civic Type-R Modulo features a wing spoiler, clear tail-lights and a set of cool 19-inch alloy wheels wrapped in 225/35 R19 rubber. The door panels were replaced with carbon fibre, the door handles gave their place to latches while the stock front seats were swapped for a pair of impressive (and lightweight) Recaro bucket seats.

Honda Civic Type-R Modulo
Honda Civic Type-R Modulo
Honda Civic Type-R Modulo


interesting that you said it needs a more forgiving ride, because Honda/Mugen made a even more hardcore version of this car and the ride is even harder.

Dang how in the world you say it’s weak? are you in this world dude? don’t be are sore loser.

Thereal is this sites biggest kisser.

still a y weak civic

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