2008 Honda Touring Modulo Inspire

As we were saying a few minutes ago, Honda will unveil two Modulo concept vehicles in its exhibition at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2008 with NAPAC. First of it was the Sports Modulo Type R, and the seconds will be the Touring Modulo Inspire.

The Touring Modulo Inspire, based on the new Inspire, is a luxury vehicle that combines a sporty character with a premium feel.

Honda Touring Modulo Inspire

Also on display will be Civic Type R, Step WGN and Fit models, and motorcycles featuring Honda’s most advanced equipment. The latest Honda car navigation and audio systems and other genuine Honda accessories will also be presented.

Honda Touring Modulo Inspire


The interior touch didn’t really look nice for me even the exterior styling is very common for me but I think everyone would still love to have this kind of car.

DAMN!! Honda needs to Offer this one; but with rear Wheel drive and Optional All-Wheel Driver Perhaps. This CAR Is BAD!!

damn! i want that one!

I don’t want to be the one who says it, but Damn! Honda copy the Mercedes like no other, lol

Well anyways it looks great, Honda is coming to the top for this year

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