2009 Honda Ridgeline Powersports Concept

SEMA is all about showing off what accessories are available in the parts catalogue. So Honda rummaged around its box-o-fun and came up with the Ridgeline Powersports Concept.

Honda Ridgeline Powersports Concept

It’s not so much enhancing the Ridgeline, but what you can do with a Ridgeline. Honda picked a product from their other line of vehicles (a CRF 450R motorcycle) and showed how it can be strapped into the back of Honda’s truck. The small back of the Ridgeline also then gets to show off the use of the bed extender. Other features include a new grille and black finish 18" wheels, which Honda is testing the market’s reaction before making available.


Nice. So does anyone know what the bike is in the back? Dirt bike right, but what kind.
I like it. smiley

The rap about "street trucks" like Dodge’s Ram SRT-10, Chevy’s Silverado SS and Ford’s own F-150 SVT Lightning is that they handled and performed well...for trucks.

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