2010 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Advanced Sports by Mugen

Mugen unveiled today a new tuning package for the 2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid. Called the ’Hybrid Advanced Sports’, the new tuning package includes aerodynamic body kits, engine tuning components, suspension, braking, and interior upgrades.

The aerodynamic parts include a new rear spoiler, diffuser, and new alloy wheel options. As for the engine, Mugen did not release any new numbers, but we expect to see an impressive boost. We do know that the package includes a new suspension and a new brake system.

As a reminder, Mugen unveiled the first tuning package for the CR-Z back in February. It included front and rear aprons, a large roof-mounted wing, side skirts, rear diffuser, a new grille with LED daytime running lights, and a variety of 17-inch alloy wheel designs. The interior got new carbon fiber mirror, unique gear lever knobs, and floor mats.

More details will be unveiled for the ’Hybrid Advanced Sports’ at a later date.


The looks of this CR-Z is very stunning. I noticed the car lines of it and even the headlights of this car. It makes this car look so fabulous. I also love the fact that this is an environmentally friendly.

Mugen is really great when it comes in redesigning a car, and this one is so fabulous! I love the aggressive looks of it but the decency is still there, but I don’t like the fact that it is a hybrid one.

Wow! I like the sportiness of this vehicle. For a hybrid car I have to admit that it look incredible. And it makes me wonder on what will be the engine performance of this car?

Wow! I like the sportiness of this vehicle. For a hybrid car I have to admit that it look incredible. And it makes me wonder on what will be the engine performance of this car?

I have to admit that the Mugen makes an awesome and high speed performing vehicle. The platform of the car seems great for a hybrid. I was thinking if this car will be in a higher price tag. BTW, the its seems that they have used a carbon fiber material for the engine of the car.

Wow! The platform of this car look so great though it reminds me of Audi car. The eagle eye headlights really look so aggressive for a hybrid. It makes me wonder on what will be the speed performance of this car.

It seems that this model is quite successful that’s why Honda makes a 2011 version for this car. The aesthetic was great and the engine performance is fast enough for a hybrid car.

Well, the recent production of the Honda CR-Z has an impressive engine performance. BTW, the good thing about hybrid car is that they deliver better fuel economy.

The more aggressive, the better. Actually you can check on its performance and you’ll see which one has made it on the spot. I actually dream of owning a hybrid car, but I know I couldn’t afford to buy one.

Aesthetically, the car is great! However, learning that it is a hybrid version..Well, I lose my interest. I think it’s better if they will have a further research for this concept. 

i think this one is the best example of hybrid concept being mixed with sportscar! But it wasn’t mention here the performance of the car. But I guess, it has a limited top speed.

They say this would bring joy to the hybrid equation. Well this brings my lunch up for my driving equation. This thing makes the Crosstour look acceptable.

aggressive rear spoiler, i bet mazdaspeed 3, and golf GTI user will get jealous with it.

This looks like a winner for Honda, very well made inside and out.
It doesn’t even look like a hybrid unless you really check and the cabin is quite special and very un-hybrid like the others.

nope.. CR-Z mugen type R is the top of the line sport tuning of the CR-Z, mugen only tweak it’s suspensions and a little bit of the performance.

I guess this is the same as the Mugen Type R’s performance.

dang... what the heck.. it’s been 3 years ago and yet they still sold it to the market with low price.

how about the HP and the top speed? they didn’t mentioned any words here.

In no way have I, or will I ever be a fan of the classic hatchback look, but this doesn’t look bad at all. The sporty curves and styling make you give it a second glance.

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