2011 Honda CR-Z Concept by Mugen

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The hybrid craze has gone to new levels and everyone wants in on the action. Unlucky for those that are late in joining the game, Mugen has come around with yet another version of the Honda CRZ , promising to transform the vehicle into one "hot hybrid hatch." Their newest package comes with a killer supercharger that takes the CRZ to a greater level of performance, and possibly a better fuel economy as well.

The Honda CRZ Mugen will still come with its standard 1.5L four cylinder engine, but will get the boost in power from a new supercharger. Standard outputs for the CRZ come in at 113 HP and 107 lb-ft of torque for just the engine, while adding the standard hybrid package will get those outputs up to 122 HP and 128 lb-ft of torque. Mugen has taken their upgrade a step further by developing their own electronic package that, together with the supercharged engine, will deliver a total of 197 HP and 181 lb-ft of torque. Just like there’s no sex in the champagne room, there’s no slacking over at Mugen’s place either.

Mugen takes their package a step further by adding induction and exhaust upgrades that they hope will improve the hatch’s current stats of 38mpg and 117g/km CO2. They have also added front and rear five-stage adjustable dampers, bigger brakes, and lightweight 17in forged Mugen GP alloys. Aesthetically, the CRZ will get Mugen-spec front and rear bumpers, a large rear wing, and side skirts. The company has also promised a "large reduction in overall weight."

The Honda CRZ Mugen will make its first grand appearance at the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed in July. As of right now, it is just a one-off prototype, but Mugen says they are willing to offer it in a limited number production if there is enough interest. At the very least, we should be able to order some of the parts used as aftermarket supplies.

UPDATE 05/18/2011: Mugen has unveiled the first official images of the CR-Z Mugen before the car’s official debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. While the tuner has yet to say anything about the official specifications, Colin Whittamore from MUGEN Euro said: "We’ve retained the three driving modes from the standard car and economyranges from 50+mpg in ’eco’ mode to mid-30 mpg when tapping into the supercharged power in a special ’MUGEN’ mode."

UPDATE 06/13/2011: The new Mugen CR-Z has finally made its video debut with a rather impressive promotional video. Honda has also announced that, in the first tests, the Mugen CR-Z has completed a 0-60mph time of around that of the Civic Type R (which sprints from 0 to 60 mph in 5.7 seconds).

UPDATE 08/01/11: Since many of you were wondering if the CR-Z RR Concept would ever be put into production, Mugen has officially announced that the concept has been built for show purposes only and there are currently no plans for further production.


I would say that this one is definitely one of the wildest takes on the CR-Z that I have seen. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical when the first sketches come out, but the actual car just blew me away.

It is one of the best, just the new NSX is better.

I really admire a Honda Car that is assemble or set by Mugen. It releases the best feature this car has. Fromexterior design upto engines and mags, its all design just for Honda.

I would agree. The CR-Z is really a good car already, so there is no need to change that. I think what Mugen did was to simply enhance the outstanding qualities of the car.

And that’s really the thing that I dig about Mugen’s work here. They were able to keep much of the simplicity of the CR-Z while still being able to inject some spunk into it.

Yeah, one thing good about Honda’s cars is that they are not that too flashy when it comes to exterior design. In fact, much of their cars are designed rather simply. However, they make for that with reliability and good performance.

Actually that one is quite true. But the fact that people are buying the cars despite different models looking similar to each other just show how popular Honda’s designs are.

Nice, they really made a great work out of the CR-Z. I was really impressed when they released the first sketches, and now that they have brought up the official images, I am even more impressed with their work.

At the first glance it reminds me of the BMW M3. I was wondering if 113 hp, is just enough for a hybrid car? However, I think the power output is less than for a sportscar. Either way, it wouldn’t change the fact that it comes up with a higher price tag and I can’t afford to have one.

I just notice that Honda produce the same car designs with just some alterations perhaps on the bumper part or the doors, the headlights and even the back part? Thank god they are producing great engine powers

As far as I know, hybrid and electric cars are two different concept. And based from
I could remembered, the CR-Z is an electric car. Are they changing concept? Well, the design is good but let’s just see on how it will perform.

But it was said that its not a hybrid car..Well, I don’t know what to expect on this car except that it has a less power output.

Aesthetically,this car looks amazing. However, I have a feeling that this would be a hybrid car. If ever this would be the first in its type that has an awesome design.

I really can’t say anything much about this one except that it looks a lot better than the standard CR-Z. Good thing that they didn’t make this one too flashy.

I especially like the front of this one, it really looks very stylish. And the engine upgrades are also rather good, since they have boosted the car’s fuel efficiency significantly.

Well, the CR-Z actually has a good standing when it comes to hybrid car performance, so you need not to worry about that one. On the other hand the car’s styling is also pretty good.

I’m not really familiar about hybrid cars but I think the exterior of this car look great though the performance is a bit questionable for me.

I cant find any reason why should i be so excited about this car. I find the performance not that impressive.

Just curious, is this just a design study, or has Mugen already released the package? This one really looks like a nice way to trick out the CR-Z.

Mugen definitely did it again with the work that they have done on the CR-Z. I really like the look of the front part of the car and the roof on this one.

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