2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Sport Hatch by Noblesse

Ever since the Honda CR-Z hit the market, it’s been the subject of numerous tuning projects, be it aerodynamic, performance, or a combination of both. The strong appeal of Honda’s hybrid sports hatch is a testament to the car’s appeal and easy-to-upgrade nature, where only a few other cars can attest. This time around, the CR-Z was given a ground aerodynamic package courtesy of Japanese tuning firm, Noblesse.

Among the notable additions to the CR-Z include front and rear bumper aprons, side skirts, a new rear diffuser, a large roof wing, a lightweight carbon fiber hood, underbody aero parts, a sport exhaust system, and a new set of alloy wheels.

All the changes have turned the CR-Z into a meaner and more aggressive looking hybrid sports hatch, a testament to the ease with which a tuning firm can upgrade the hybrid sports car from a standard-looking hatchback to a car that is sure to catch tons of attention out on the streets.


I like the specs and the front, and I hate the back, it looks unfinished

Beautiful, I’m loving the lately Honda designs

lovely, now where talking about pimping my ride, it looks great with those set of wheels and spoilers. I bet many Hatch user are getting jealous with this fully tuned Hybrid CR-Z.

You knew that it wouldn’t be to long until somebody put a big wing on the back of another Honda. Fanboys rejoice!! All it needs now is a primer gray body kit.

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