2011 Honda CR-Z Memorial Award Edition

Getting an award is quite an honor, but getting the title of Japanese Car of the Year is apparently something that warrants a little more than a simple thank you. The Honda CR-Z’s success on the Japanese market has led it to this prestigious award, and has led Honda to unveil a special edition to celebrate the event. Appropriately named the Memorial Award Edition, this special edition will only be available in Japan in a limited run of 1000 units. Honda sure seems excited about this title, huh?

The CR-Z Memorial Award Edition will be offered exclusively in Pearl Deep Sapphire Blue exterior paint with Dark Pewter Gray 16" wheels in a five double-spoke design. Onlookers will know exactly what this car is all about thanks to a sticker affixed on the driver’s side quarter glass that lists all of its options.

For the interior, the new CR-Z Memorial Award Edition adds a medium gray finish, sporty aluminum pedals, and a standard navigation system. Other than that, you get the standard 1.5-liter i-VTEC four-cylinder engine with 122 HP and 123 lb.-ft. of torque.

The price for the special CR-Z Memorial Award Edition is JPY 2,794,000 (or about $34,200 at the current exchange rates). So basically, customers interested in the Award model will get to spend almost twice the amount of the standard CR-Z for less upgrades than we can count on one hand. Doesn’t seem smart, does it?


To commemorate the win of the Honda CR-Z as the Japanese Car of the Year, the carmaker had chosen to release a limited edition of the CR-Z in Japan.

The vehicle is dressed in a Pearl Deep Sapphire Blue coat and comes with custom rims. The vehicle rides on new 16-inch wheels that feature a five double-spoke design and a silver finish.

This is a big time cop out and outright surrender by Honda and it seems, an admission that they no longer have the stones to be seen as a segment leader. Now comes the Hyundai Veloster, which will kick the asphalt out of this weak kneed poser and must leave Honda fan boyz twisting in their shorts.

lovely, i bet the prius is now jealous with the CR-Z. but i wondering what happened to the prius? it just suddenly disappear from the car news and sites. are the people forgotten about the existence of the Prius?

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