2011 Honda Native Concept

Of all the aesthetic advancements that are expected to be applied to automobiles in the future, a color-changing exterior ranks right up there with flying wheels, a talking engine, and a car that runs on pure H20. Suffice to say, it’s unlikely, if not improbable to see any of those things in the near future.

Having said that, artist Liviu Tudoran is undaunted, having thought up of a Honda concept that is not only made of light material, but also uses a photo-chromic technology that allows the car to change its color. Calling it the Honda Native, Tudoran’s concept is powered by an electric engine that gets its energy from high-voltage lithium-ion batteries. In terms of design, Tudoran creates another notable concept that has an interior made of light aluminum while taking advantage of the new OLED technology and using it as a display for the Native’s speedometer and touch screen controls.

We can’t honestly say that this is Tudoran’s best work, but for a designer of his skill, his best is still pretty impressive compared to other concept renderings we’ve seen in the past.

This Honda Native, if it does somehow come to life, looks like a formidable Beetle squasher.

Source: Auto Motto


It is absolutely unique! Well, I would admit that I really admire this futuristic vehicle, but I hope they also include some pictures of its interior. Anyway, I will surely wait for this.

The platform of this Native concept is so unique, but I don’t think that Honda had any plan to put this on the market but maybe they put this one on the next three to five years hereafter. smiley

One of the best indeed but the fact that this concept is not reliable on the road makes me kind of disappointed on this. If I have this, I would better display this than to drive. smiley

This concept is really one of the best! The style and its platform is very unique but I need to asked this, is honda really had a plan to put this in market production?

This actually looks very good for a concept. I really like how well the lines and curves flow here. In fact, this could actually pass on as a next generation Civic.

Well, this is made to be incredible car. Aside from its pretty cool appearance. The aerodynamics performance that makes its stands out.

That’s right! Still pretty cool concept,and looks so cute in style. Aside from that its power engine with high performance ability because of its high-voltage lithium-ion batteries. That’s an incredible one.

Now, I can see the future designs of cars. It seems that most of the concept cars is somewhat distorted but I find the Native concept kind of cool! I Hope it has an performance!

Actually, i like the design of this car but I think it will be an electric car. Hope I’m wrong with my guess. I’m not really into electric cars even if they are helpful to the environment!

Well, the color changing concept is actually rather nice. But then again, how would that be useful for the car, except maybe just to easily change its color?

For the sedan type,actually it has the same lines but coupe style is different.
Anyways, I think Honda makes a weak response to the tough competitor Civic and Cruze.

Still pretty and impressive looks. I probably say that this skills is so amazing based
on its high density of engine.

This type of cars is good and suitable for spy agents this is like a hidden car that no one can recognize who knows inside of it,such amazing right?

This Honda Native, if it does somehow come to life, looks like a formidable Beetle squashier.

Thank you Honda for finding a way to visualize everything that is wrong with modern car design. Does it come with a barf bag? It might actually look (and probably drive) better after a head-on collision. Calling this a car is the equivalent of calling a port-a-john a living room.

Impressive! the Tudoran’s concept is so unique..I can see good vision for future cars and Well Done for this. I’m Glad they actually made it look pretty
damn good.

The Honda Native looks so cute. It looks like a capsule type aircraft. haha..But though, I can’t ignore the fact that the design looks so futuristic and knowing that its powered by an electric engine that comes from a high-voltage lithium-ion batteries..wow! that’s so cool!

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