2012 Honda Civic Sedan Concept

In addition to the Honda Civic SI Concept , Honda also brought the new Civic Concept Sedan to the Detroit Auto Show. Together with the SI Concept, the two new Civic models give us a good idea on what the latest generation of Honda’s legendary Civic line is going to look like.

As for the Civic Concept Sedan, Honda designed the car using clean and powerful lines and overall pronounced character lines in the front while having lower character lines towards the rear fender, enhancing the car’s dynamic outlook of vibrancy and forward energy.

Similar to the Si Concept, the Civic Concept Sedan also features a front fender surface treatment that forms a complex, three-dimensional look, further enhancing the sedan’s depth and sophistication.

Moreover, the Civic Concept Sedan features a completely new front grille that’s defined by crisp lines and a solid bar that integrates a chrome Honda emblem to go along with a set of 19” machined alloy wheels.

Apart from the Sedan and Si models, the ninth generation Honda Civic line-up will include a sedan, a coupe with conventional gasoline models, and two sporty "Si" performance versions, along with one hybrid and a natural gas alternative-fuel variant.

According to John Mendel, executive vice president of sales for American Honda, the new and redesigned Civic is going to be the best one yet. “The Civic is known for providing a balance of ’just-right’ packaging, fun-to-drive character and outstanding fuel economy, at a price that even first-time buyers can afford," he said.


I wish Honda is also offering Aero kits on the show room, because honestly is really difficult to find a good kits for the civic. but the wheels looks good and well paired for the honda civic. just a tough... do honda fit the new 2.0 type r engine here?

lovely, for sure it won’t be long for the Mugen got their hand with the new civic sedan. IMO the Rear end looks weird, I would rather take the rear end of the previous model of the civic than this one, the tail light is kinda smaller than the current one.

anyone else thing it looks a lot like the vw scirocco?

good look though.

Yes.. the best so far smiley Can you imagine how the Civic will look like in 20 years?

Looks a bit like the Avensis + Corrola smiley

I think this is the USDM version of the CIVIC. I’m pretty sure that the JDM version is more Stylish and aggressive, well this is just a speculation we just have to wait for it’s production.

is this the new Honda Civic? i don’t get it.. why does it look different from the first render of Honda Civic. i wonder what is Honda thinking about the new civic..

wow i love it.. now i believe its a good competitor to the current mitsu lancer.. love the look of this civic WAYY better than the current IMO smiley

wow, i like it smiley it looks as aggressive as the current mitsu lancer... now i consider the civic a good competitor to the lancer... still love lancer smiley

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