2012 Honda CR-Z iCF Mugen

The 2012 Honda CR-Z Mugen is beginning to take shape with at least one special edition model already being announced. The 2012 CR-Z iCF Mugen is being prepared by Honda U.K., promising the kind of performance capabilities that are befitting of Mugen’s fine-tuning.

For now, the only details that have surfaced regarding the CR-Z iCF Mugen is that it will carry a modified 1.5-liter engine that comes with an added centrifugal forced air induction system and a remapped ECU that takes the output of the hot hatch to an impressive 173 horsepower. This improved powertrain system allows the car to hit 0-62 mph in just 6.1 seconds while boasting of a top speed of 130 mph.

There doesn’t appear to be any final declarations as to how many of these cars will be sold by Honda UK Mugen dealers in the coming future. But for those interested to know how much a piece will sell for, Honda has announced that one model will carry a price tag of £24,000, which is around $37,200 based on current exchange rates.


I like the cool spoilers on this car. The design is pondered but it looks a bit small with the set of tires used.

The headlight is cool, but I’m used to the tradition. The maximum speed of 130mph was nice. I think it was overpriced. I don’t know, but I think their price is much expensive than I thought. 

Don’t you think it is too slow for that 130 mph? Haha. I mean they should boost its engine even more. Honda is quite remarkable on the design they are having for this car, and for CR-Z iCF Mugen, I can say that it is way too beautiful and stunning on its exterior looks.

$37,200, this Mugen will cost $37,200? Wow. I would like to buy it if ever I have given the chance. Haha. I love the simplicity of this car along with its gorgeous and stunning looks. And the engine specs is enough for me.

It looks so cute on the design of its front hood. Moreover, I noticed that it looks very decent and promising on its abstract design. I’m just a little curious on its interior features.

173 mph is already promising for a hatchback that’s why I’m still impressed on this even though it only has an output of 173 horsepower. Moreover, I love its neat body paint; it looks great on that.

Its maximum speed is already so impressive for a hatchback vehicle. I just wonder if what engine, they were use on this one. Moreover, this new face of Honda CR-Z looks very lovely and attractive.

Yeah! I have to agree with you. Mugen is really blatant with that, and I must say that I’m truly so impressed on their looks, especially with this CR-Z. However, 173 horsepower is not satisfying at all.

Mugen is really notorious on modifying a vehicle and turned into a fabulous and awesome car. However, I’m still not so impressed with its engine output. I just don’t think that it could give a nice speed on it for that engine only.

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