2013 - 2014 Honda CR-Z by Honda Performance Development

Mopar, AMG , SVT, and TRD – all names synonymous with factory performance with balanced characteristics and an intact vehicle warranty. Yet with these great names in manufacturer-approved performance parts, one automaker was suspiciously absent from the scene despite having a huge aftermarket following: Honda .

That’s about to change with Honda’s new Honda Performance Development, or HPD division. Roll out will be quite slow, however, as the division builds a name for itself within the Honda brand. HPD’s first project is the slow-selling Honda CR-Z hybrid .

Owners of manual-transmission CR-Zs can now have Honda install a 200,000 rpm Rotrex centrifugal traction-drive supercharger mated to a Griffiths air-to-air intercooler. A respectable 67-horsepower increase is expected, bringing total horsepower to 197 ponies and roughly 170 pound-feet of torque, while fuel consumption remains at 42 mpg. Other modifications to the CR-Z includes a performance exhaust, suspension upgrades, a wheel and tire package, and a big brake kit. Not bad for a hybrid. The supercharger kit runs $5,495 plus installation.

Philip LaPointe, manager of HPD Street Performance, told Automotive News in an interview that, “We’re sticking our first toe in the water. We didn’t want to start with too high volume. We need to know who’s going to build the parts and distribute them. We need to get our dealers and logistics up to speed."

LaPointe continued saying the performance parts for other Honda models would go on sale over the next few years. Buys will likely be waiting till the all-new 2016 Civic rolls out before a full-on HPD kit would be available from the dealer showroom, however. “The dream scenario is to have performance parts available at [new-product] launch,” he said.

Honda will allow buyers to retain the balance of their factory warranty even with the supercharger kit installed.

Updated 8/21/2014: Honda has finally unveiled the final specifications and cost for the supercharger kit from HPD. Not only is it more powerful that we expected, but it also is cheaper than expected and the full warranty remains intact.

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2014 Honda CR-Z HPD Performance Package


Honda CR-Z by Honda Performance Development

With 67 additional horsepower, the HPD package CR-Z makes a total of 187 horsepower while still getting 42 mpg and retaining a partial factory warranty.

Honda CR-Z by Honda Performance Development

The standard 1.5-liter, in-line-four gets its extra grunt from a 200,000 rpm Rotrex centrifugal traction-drive supercharger and is cooled by a Griffiths air-to-air intercooler.

Honda CR-Z by Honda Performance Development

Performance, 18-inch wheels and 215/40R18 Y-rated tires totally change the feel of the normally uninspiring hatchback. HPD sport dampers and coil springs help lower the ride height by 10 mm (0.39 inches) and improve handling significantly.

Honda CR-Z by Honda Performance Development

A 300 mm (11.8-inch) big front brake package with slotted rotors brings everything to a stop

Honda CR-Z by Honda Performance Development

A HPD exhaust helps the CR-Z exhale a little easier.

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