2016 Honda S660

When it comes to Japanese sports roadsters, there’s nothing better than the Mazda MX-5 . That much a lot of people can agree on. But while the MX-5’s status within this segment is undisputed, a host of automakers are determined to break in and make a name for themselves.

One of these companies is Honda and a few month ago at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show , we were introduced to the Honda S660 Concept , a prototype mini roadster that pays homage to the beloved 90’s model, the Honda Beat.

The Beat ended its production in 1996 but it seems that a successor in the S660 is expected to be produced in the near future. According to a report from Japanese site Response, Honda is preparing to build a production model of the S660 Concept at the company’s plant in Yokkaichi. Yes, that’s the same factory that built the Beat, so there’s a little case here of the Japanese automaker coming full circle with its entry-level sports roadster.

Honda reportedly expects to see a production model of the S660 next year so we’re looking forward to seeing how that one’s going to look and perform. There’s a chance that we’re not going to see anything bigger than a 660 cc, three-cylinder turbocharged engine that produces just 64 horsepower.

But we’re crossing our fingers that Honda opts for a full liter under the production S660. If anything, it deserves as much if its going to line up against the Mazda MX-5.

Note: Concept version pictured here.

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Smart Roadster

SMART files patent on new Roadster Concept design

We’ve been waiting a long time for Smart to actually build a production model of the Roadster, but from the looks of things we’re nowhere closer to seeing that happening than we were a few years ago. It’s a real shame because the Roadster really looked like it had a lot of promise, even if it still resembled a giant’s shoe.

But it was unique to look at, that much we can tell you. Plus, it was also touted to retain its own pint-sized three-cylinder engine, making it an ideal competitor for the Honda S660 Concept.

Honda S660 Concept

Honda S660 Concept

Aesthetically, the S660 Concept looks like an absolute gem.

For a concept car, the front of the S660 Concept is rather production-ready, plus it looks set to take on the best roadsters in the market, despite its low output numbers. There’s a little bit of the EV-STER Concept in its design, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Plus, the angular side panels evoke the kind of sportiness you’d want to see in a sports car.

Honda S660 Concept

From the rear, things get a little more concept-like, as this is not the type of tail we would expect to see from the production model of the S660.

Honda S660 Concept

Speaking of concept styling, we also don’t expect the production version of the S660 to carry this kind of interior. For Honda to even approach this level of cabin sophistication, you’d think that it would’ve used it on some of its bigger sports models like, say, a future S2000 ?

What is your take?

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