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You might not be familiar with them, but this group of Honda enthusiasts, that call themselves the FF Squad, may not have the fanciest of cars, but they sure know how to race them.

Check out these two videos to be introduced to these fellows, ordinary Joes that have a common love for racing and Honda vehicles.

There’s certainly a lot of work that needs to be done to make these cars look more ’race-ready’ - for starters, those racing numbers on the doors made from electric tape could be done a little bit better, yes? - but despite the pretty beat-up look of most of these Hondas, the men behind the wheel do a pretty good job making the most out of their cars.

Racing is racing after all. And even if you don’t necessarily have a high-powered sports car, the FF Squad has shown that even standard Hondas can make for good race cars.

Nevermind that we don’t understand a single word of this commercial; the new Honda CR-Z is getting prepped for its initial marketing blitz in Japan with a set of new commercials that promotes Honda’s new hybrid car.

In typical Japanese fashion, the commercials border on the quirky side with a touch of high imagination. Then again, we kind of figured that the CR-Z doesn’t really need that much promotion in its native land, especially when news broke out that orders for the CR-Z have already reached 10,000 units in just its first month .

But as they say, you can never have enough promotion for a new product, especially when you have the resources to do so.

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Source: YouTube

The new Honda CR-Z is already a very successful model. If you remember, a while ago we reported that demand in Japan in stronger than expected . So Honda’s decision to bring a more powerful hybrid coupe on the market comes with no surprise.

While there are no official details on it, rumors suggest the next hybrid sports coupe will feature a more fuel efficient 2.5-liter, four-cylinder gas engine attached to Honda’s well-known IMA hybrid system.

The future car will have the same size as the Accord Coupe and will have a four-seats configurations. Motor Trend also reports that Honda is currently testing a system similar to the Chevy Volt’s range extender plug-in hybrid system that will be used on large cars and SUVs.

Source: Motortrend

To be or not to be? This is the question when it comes to the future Honda NSX sports car and latest reports suggest that it will "be". The German magazine, AutoBild, reports that the NSX will be revealed in 2011 and will be a road-going version of the HSV-010 GT .

The production version will be a front-engine V8 model, but with a displacement of 3.4 liters instead of the 5.0 used in the racing version. However, output will be kept at more than 500 hp.

The car is expected to make its official debut in 2011.

Source: AutoBild

Normally, we’d be the first ones to chastise the driver of this Honda Accord for this could-have-avoided accident. But since the driver is pretty high up on his years, we’re going to excuse it to a case of mistakenly pushing the accelerator pedal as he was backing in to a parking space. Instead of slowing down and braking the Accord, the old man accidentally pushed the accelerator and the car shot up and backed into a billboard.

Needless to say, the Accord was caught in a pretty precarious position. Fortunately, the man wasn’t seriously injured from his unexpected thrill ride and last we heard, he chalked it up to just a bad case of pushing the wrong pedal.

So you’re safe for now, Honda. No recalls are coming – at least not yet.

Source: Jalopnik

We have very simple – yet emphatic – words to describe this piece of video. In so many words, it goes something like, “Holy Sh…Cow!”

Yes; “Holy Cow!”

If you’re wondering why this video warranted such a reaction, you have to see it for yourself. But to give you an overview, a Honda CRX was engaged in a fun little drag race when shortly after it made a rather fantastic start, the car’s clutch dramatically exploded, sending just about every piece of metal – the transmission, the radiator, the intercooler – flying out of the car.

As you can imagine, the CRX’s whole front end was massively ruined, looking like it just got into a high-speed collision with a rather sturdy cement wall.

Video footage of the CRX clutch massacre awaits you.

Source: YouTube

Some people might find this dude’s talent particularly weird with the whole blowing through a plastic tube gimmick while making inaudible sounds. Well, these people don’t know any better.

As far as we’re concerned – and by ‘we’, we mean all those familiar with the symphonic music he’s making – we can’t get enough of it.

Listen to it more intently and you’ll realize that he’s got a knack for mimicking the sound of a Honda VTEC engine, down to the smallest of details like the turbo bypass, the gear changes, and that unmistakable VTEC engine roar.

Source: YouTube

Hey America, how do you like them Honda CR-Z ’s now!

We remember a few weeks ago a report coming out that US Honda dealerships didn’t want a part of the CR-Z because they felt that it wouldn’t be a hit among its US customers. Well, the folks from Japan seem to have fallen in love with CR-Z after a Wall Street Journal report said that orders for the hybrid car are going at such a rapid pace it’s now ten times higher than what the company expected. Initially pegging sales of 1,000 models a month, Honda is now poised to exceed 10,000 orders for the CR-Z in its native land in just its first month.

Some people attribute that the sudden interest in Honda hybrids can be attributed to growing public discontent surrounding its chief rival – and largest hybrid maker in the world – Toyota .

According to Chris Richter, an automotive analyst at CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, "If Honda can gain sales; they are going to promote the brand at the expense of Toyota. They are not blind to the situation.”

See, America. The CR-Z isn’t such a bad car after all. Besides, at this point, would you feel any safer inside a Priu s than you would with a brand-new CR-Z?

We don’t think so.

Contrary to what some people might say, the Honda Jazz looks a lot more like a chic car than a sporty one. Nevertheless, the Japanese-based automaker still decided to offer an SI version of the Jazz to make it more appealing to the young and young-at-heart market segments.

The SI version will be available in two different engine variants: a 1.2-liter and 1.4-liter engines, both of which will be mated to a manual transmission. The car will then go on sale beginning April 1st with a price tag of just £12,835 ($19,200).

The new Jazz SI is distinguished by a new set of16-inch Chronos alloy wheels, a chrome sports front grille and rear spoiler, and Honda’s SI branding on the Jazz’s boot lid and glove box.

Press release after the jump.

HKS is a tuner well known for its package for Hyundai Genesis Coupe or Nissan GT-R . But on their latest work they turned the attention to a hybrid model, the Honda CR-Z to be more precisely.

For the CR-Z, the tuner is offering modifications for the exhaust system and the suspension as well as styling upgrades. The Hypermax III coilovers are usually used on high-performance racing machines, but in combination with Advan Racing forged wheels they make from the CR-Z a car suited for any driving situation.

We do not known if they will also offer engine upgrades, but we can hope, no?

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