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The first Foose Coupe was delivered to its happy owner last week in California. The car is limited to only 50 units and this one is the fourth built: the first two were prototypes built for the SEMA Show in 2006 and one was sold to a private owner.

The Foose Coupe is powered by either a 392ci (6.4L) Hemi V8 with an output of 500 Hp and 480 lb-ft torque or a Ford 5.4-liter V8.

The car also features: plush leather seating, carbon fiber trim, a pistol grip shifter for the five-speed manual, a fully independent front and rear suspension, 14-inch brake discs with six-piston Baer calipers and 20-inch polished alloy wheels wrapped in Pirelli P-Zero tires.

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Boyd Coddington Dead at 63

Boyd Coddington, legendary builder of some of the world’s most beautiful hot rods, has died at the age of 63. The cause of death was not immediately disclosed. However, Coddington had been hospitalized last month following a fall.

Coddington raised the building of hot rods to an unparalleled level of beauty. Among his signature works are Chezoom (a gloriously modified ’57 Chevy) and Cadzilla, a sleekly modified ’49 Cadillac.

Boyd Coddington Dead at 63

Coddington won the award for “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster” at the Oakland Roadster Show - the ultimate trophy in the world of hot rodding – a record six times.

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Volvo will unveil at the Volvo Museum in Göteborg the Jakob hot rod, a hand-built hot-rod based on the first ever Volvo to roll off the production line in 1927, the ÖV4 (the Swedish abbreviation for Open Car, 4 cylinders)

Volvo Hot Rod Jakob project

Hot Rod Jakob is far smaller than the original. It is a two-seater instead of offering space for four. And it has those typical Hot Rod attributes: large wheels, no wings and a muscular rear axle. And if you get a bit closer it is possible to see differences in terms of materials and details. The chassis is built of lightweight carbon fibre, just like today’s most advanced racing cars, not from heavy steel beams as in bygone times.

Volvo Hot Rod Jakob project

The brake discs are remarkably slim, but their huge diameter (450 mm front, 515 mm rear) guarantee that the braking surface is still going to be more than sufficient. The wheel spokes are made of aluminium instead of wood, but they are exactly the same in number. The massive tyres with their specially milled tread in the form of Volvo’s iron symbol give an assertive, modern aura, while the charming luggage compartment at the very front - in actual fact an elegant leather case - instead conjures up images of white suits, straw hats and wide skirts.

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It has been the subject of more enthusiast magazine build stories than any other car and has graced the cover of Popular Hot Rodding (PHR) countless times. It even played a supporting role in “Hollywood Knights,” serving as the supercharged transportation for Tony Danza and Michelle Pfeiffer.

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Commissioned by Dave Hall of Phoenix, Arizona, this very special automobile underwent total bottom-up construction taking over 22,000 man-hours to build. The foundation is a totally custom chassis featuring 2000 Corvette suspension, 500 cubic inch aluminum big block engine and 4L80 E transmission. The body is channeled and lengthened. Most of the sheet metal is hand fabricated along with all chrome trim. All glass is custom "one-off". The interior is of selected leathers fashioned by Paul Reichlin, done in-house.

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After many months of work FastLane Rod Shop unveiled the DuPont HotHues, a customized 1940 Ford Pickup. The rear 3/4 shot on a ’40 is pretty neat. You can also see the tonneu cover - it’s set within the bed for a cleaner look. The white brightens things up a bit. ENGINE Make Chevy Small Block FastBurn 385hp 350 Crate Year 2004 Displacement 350 Intake manifold Edelbrock Performer Air Gap Permastar coated Carburetor(s) Barry Grant Demon Air cleaner OBrien Truckers Oval, (...)
Part supercar , part custom, part hot rod, it’s the ultimate ride. Chip Foose’s incredible Foose Coupe that debuted at SEMA 2006 has become a new signature series, limited edition vehicle available through Unique Performance. Only 50 of these will be offered to the public. The open wheeled hot rod-esque car is a piece of rolling art that is as powerful as it is distinctive. The car blends elements of a ’33 Ford coupe and the legendary ’70 ’Cuda, as well as other classic cars (...)
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They rocked and rolled their way into the hearts of America, more horses under the hood than a stampede of wild stallions! They were the speed merchants of the 50’s-who guzzled gas by the gallon and burned rubber by the inch, while today’s boomers were just learning how to walk!

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When it comes to a segment of the automotive aftermarket as broad and rich as street machines (which potentially covers any modified post-WWII vehicle), the use of hyperbole such as "best ever" usually results in groans of disbelief and rolled eyes. In the case of Bob Johnson’s 1971 Plymouth Cuda, however, Popular Hot Rodding Magazine believes that the term may actually apply. The key design features of the Cuda were maintained, but the wheelbase was stretched three inches, and (...)

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