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  Hulme Supercars is a New Zealand company established to fit into the international supercar market. The company was named after New Zealand's only Formula One World Champion, Denny Hulme. Hulme Supercars' first project was a high performance mid-engined road car called the Can-Am. This vehicle sprouted a sibling in 2011 called the F1.

The 2012 Summer Olympics are in full swing now and medals are quickly adding up. We started wondering what about the varying cars of the world? There is no auto racing in the Olympics and a love of awesome cars is one thing that is shared throughout the entire world. So why not include them?

Here at Topspeed, we felt it was time to give our 4-wheeled friends a fair chance and display the top supercars from each of the countries participating in the 2012 Summer Games – those that produce supercars. So let’s have a look at what these countries have to offer. You may be surprised to find out what countries produce some awesome supercars and what ones don’t produce any at all.

We stand to learn a lot about the world of supercars while putting this piece together, so we are certain you will learn a ton right along with us.

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The Hulme CanAm is an ultra high-performance, mid-engined roadster that was only built in a limited run of 20 units. Anyone who missed out on that opportunity needs to listen up. Hulme has now sprouted a sibling to the CanAm called the F1. Don’t let the name confuse you; this new, true driver’s car is a road going model and complies with the European Small Series certification for use in all 27 EU states plus many others that accept EU certification.

The Hulme F1 was named in honor of Denny Hulme, New Zealand’s only Formula One World Champion and double CanAm Champion. It will be constructed of a state of the art carbon/titanium/kevlar composite chassis along with composite body panels to ensure a total weight of only 2380 lbs. It will feature an F1 style high down force and will be equipped with the latest crash absorption systems and a fully developed ABS electronic driver aid system to provide a safe driving experience.

The F1 will be powered by a hand built, supercharged, 700 HP engine developed in cooperation with "Nicholson McLaren." Hulme says it will provide amazing torque and tractability , but no official performance numbers can be given because the car hasn’t been built yet.

Production notwithstanding, Hulme is already accepting "Options to Purchase" agreements for their new roadster and the first deliveries will be made in late 2012. Once production begins, the Hulme F1 will only be built in a limited run of 20 units.

Stay tuned for more details on the Hulme F1!

UPDATE 10/04/2011 : Hulme has just released a six minute long video detailing the story behind the Hulme Supercar. In it, Hulme’s goes into how unique and special the car is and how great it would be to own a truly individual supercar. Marketing ploys and investment seeking aside, the Hulme supercar does have a certain appeal to it.

Image is a Hulme rendering of the F1, modeled after the CanAm with added wings and cabin top.

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