Hummer H2

Hummer H2

The life support keeping Hummer alive is going for another shallow breath. The Hummer H2 has suspended production.

This is not too much of a surprise in the industry because Hummer has been in trouble for a while now. General Motors has been looking to offload the brand since the high gas prices of last summer. That was before everyone’s credit hit the skids, making it even tougher to buy the expensive SUV.

The H2 was the largest civilian Hummer being produced after the H1 bowed out in 2006. Now the Chevrolet Colorado -based H3 as the lone Hummer left in production.

This is not a really big surprise after all. We knew already Hummer was in big trouble, and big cars are not the future. In conclusion the H3 production has been halted and 200 workers are without work.

“What we are doing at considerable difficulty and expense to the company is moving all eligible employees from the H2 workforce into other parts of the company — finding them jobs,” said Mac Nab. “That will start to happen at the beginning of March. Some of the older employees have already been moved.”

There is no info yet on when or if the production of the H2 will be started again.

Source: Hummer Guy

From the ’Better Late Than Never’ file, Hummer unveiled today a version of the H2 that runs on E85 ethanol fuel. The car brand known for being a fuel hog is getting greener. The H2 can actually run solely on E85 ethanol, gasoline or any combination of the two fuels. Other GM flex-fuel vehicles currently on the road are only able to run up to 85 percent ethanol (E85).

The latest developments that have enabled the H2 to run on E85 ethanol are being carried on to other vehicles in the Hummer line. The H3 will become E85 capable later in 2009. A four-cylinder turbo diesel engine is also being developed for the H3.

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Sometimes, having too much money can harm people’s mind and desires, what can be a total kitsch for us can be a luxury for them. It is the case of an arabian from Dubai who recently got rich and and decided that if Bentley wouldn’t make a SUV line than he can invent one just for himself.

Hummer-Bentley SUV

He could have chosen for a Range Rover, a Q7 or a VW Touareg V10 TDI but he wanted to invent his own SUV and so he embodied a Bentley in a Hummer . It looks really bad and hurts the eyes when looking at it, it is of totally bad taste but this is the result of too much money and no sense for beautiful.


The HUMMER H2 Safari concept brings a unique, open-air experience to those who want to experience as much of the outdoors as possible when taking their H2 to a favorite wilderness location. A unique, safari-inspired matte olive finish allows sportsman to take the H2 Safari on to the trail and blend in with the scenery.

The new movie “Transformers” will be launched across Europe on JUne 28. And you all know the plot of this movie: aliens who take on mechanical forms when they arrive on earth. One of the four main characters is “AUTOBOT RATCHET™” who transforms from a HUMMER H2 rescue vehicle. The movie which is based on the popular Hasbro action figures, stars Shia LaBeouf, Tyrese Gibson and Josh Duamel and includes Steven Spielberg in its production team. It is set to further widen the awareness of the (...)
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This is a real car, not a silly toy for the little girls that like to play with cars and not with dolls. In fact this is more like a car for a women who still loves her puppets. First of all the mix of many pink nuances and chrome parts is unforgivable. But this is not the ugliest part of all. So please don’t open the door because the inside looks like it comes from a kindergarten where just the girls are allowed. If you remember the Hummer begin life as a mean and bad machine for the Army. (...)

HUMMER announced the 2008 H2, with a completely redesigned, more refined interior that combines luxury with HUMMER’s legendary ruggedness; enhanced safety features and a more powerful engine that is coupled with a new, six-speed automatic transmission. The new powertrain combination improves efficiency when compared with previous models.

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Cant wait to see the new Transformers film? Check out its new Myspace page to get some new movie footage: soon there will be updated trailers for the new movie by executive producer S.Spielberg and director Michael Bay. What is the movie about/ Who is in ? "the film stars Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky who discovers the map to the Allspark, the source of life which the heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons wage a war over. The project originated with producers Don Murphy and Tom DeSanto, (...)

With its iconic design and unparalleled capability, there’s no mistaking a HUMMER for any other vehicle. Every HUMMER H2 starts with a fully welded ladder-type frame that features a modular, three-piece design incorporating a number of hydroformed components. The result is outstanding strength, stiffness and dimensional accuracy. Ensuring on-road ride comfort and control, as well as off-road capability, is H2’s standard independent front torsion bar and five-link coil spring rear suspension. The solid rear axle ensures durable sure-footedness, particularly in tight, off-road situations. A self-leveling rear air spring suspension system is available for severe off-road and towing requirements.

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