Hummer H2

Hummer H2

It’s been a while since we last heard something about the Hummer H2 , but now the folks over at SR Auto Group have decided to bring it back to our attention with its sweet "Project Magnum." Based on the H2, the new Project Magnum has soared sky high since our first encounter many years ago. Since its conception, it has gone through a couple phases to evolve to where it’s at today.

The project started with the addition of a new Fabtech lift kit and a new set of 20-inch wheels, featuring a matte-black face and a gloss-black lip. The wheels are wrapped in monstrous off road tires sized at 40×15.5×20.

The package continues with a set of Brembo brakes and a Hotchkis rear sway bar. For the exterior, SR Auto Group opted for a Leios matte black paint, a wide fender flare kit, and a strut grille kit. The last piece of the package is a throaty Magnaflow exhaust system that makes the engine sound even more beastly.

Now Project Magnum is ready to enter the new year with a brand new look and sound!

While the real horsepower war rages on, Jeremy Dean has the guts to unveil the "Back to the Futurama" project. What does that mean? He took a Hummer H2 and added two real horses to obtain the Hoover Cart. The total project cost him $15K.

The designer said his project was inspired by the Great Depression; a time when people could not afford gas for their vehicles and so they hitched them to horses, creating "Hoover Carts".

"I was fascinated by the Hoover Cart story and the image I saw in my mind of the re-imagined vehicle, this ultimate coping mechanism, and it seemed to me then, as it does now, a monument to the absurd, as only something utilitarian done in prolonged crisis can be," said Jeremy Dean.

Who said the Hummer is not environmental friendly?

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Source: Egmcartech

While winter is over in most of the world, Geiger Cars has decided this is the best time to unveil a Hummer H2 customized for any road condition including 1 meter high snow.

Called the H2 Bomber, this vehicle is equipped with Mattracks 88M1-A1 rubber tracks at each wheel measuring 40cm wide and 150cm long. The interior gets a matte silver finish with extra headlights on the roof and lettering printed in an army style, but an added element of fun can be seen in the sunroof, navigation system with a Kenwood DVD drive, roof monitor with headphones, and rear-view camera.

Under the hood the V8 engine has been tuned to deliver 398 bhp and 574 Nm of torque.

So, off-roaders, what are you waiting for? Oh yeah, next winter!

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About six weeks ago, we featured artist Jeremy Dean and his rather unusual work of art, a horse carriage made from a Hummer H2 .

After months of hard work and painstaking labor, Dean finally took his ‘Futurama’ ride out for a leisurely stroll around Central Park. Pulled by two horses he appropriately called ‘Duke and Diesel’, Dean certainly drew a lot of attention for himself and his SUV-inspired horse carriage.

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Source: Winding Road

Hummer’s days as America’s monster machine may be numbered, but it doesn’t mean that people will stop tinkering with it. After all, it is one of those rare vehicles that seems to have grown quite a cult following in the US.

So what if the Hummer is a brand with no future? The truth is, cars like the H2 will always be an image of masculinity, a car that will always be given special attention. So, while GM has in fact announced that Hummer is effectively on its death bed, CFC company has nonetheless revealed a very cool tuning kit for the H2.

As part of CFC’s kit, the Hummer’s bonnet is covered in a black carbon film while the side and rear windows are draped with CutLine ThermoTec. There are also 28" TunerShop light-alloy and LSD wing doors.

As for the interior, CFC has decided to make this particular H2 into some kind of home entertainment center, complete with 17 - yes, 17! - Axion displays, a DVD-player, XETEC amplifiers, XETEC subwoofers and digital television.

Talk about rolling in style.

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Whether you love them or hate them, you have to admit that Hummers are pretty important vehicles to have in times of distress. Though not in the magnitude of natural disasters –although they could come in handy at that time too – situations like blizzards and snow storms call for vehicles like a Hummer to do things no other car can perform.

In this particular case in Baltimore, a Hummer H2 came to the rescue of a snow plow – and a very big one too - that ironically got stuck in a couple of feet of the very same stuff that it was supposed to get rid of.

Fortunately, a nearby H2 was in the area and the owner promptly gave the woebegone snow plow a very timely assistance. Just goes to show that for all of the environmentalists cringing at the sight of a Hummer out on the road, this particular video should show that Hummers – despite the gas-guzzling menaces that they are - still have a place in our world. Sort of.

Source: Baltimore TV

In today’s day and age of sophisticated car tuning, there aren’t a lot of tuners that can proudly say that they were able to turn a Hummer H2 into a high-tech, horse-drawn carriage.

For the record, Jeremy Dean prefers to be called an ‘artist’ rather than a ‘car tuner’. But whatever title he wants to take, there’s no denying the painstaking labor he and a group of his buddies went through to make this highly unusual ride.

For starters, Dean bought a second-hand H2 for a relatively cheap tag of $15,000. Then, he decided to use up all of his life savings to convert the H2 – which he describes as a ‘monument to America’s consumption, greed, and arrogance’ – into, of all things, a horse cart.

To fully understand the rationale behind Dean’s thinking, he explains that there will come a time when the world’s resources will all but dry up rendering all the extravagant and gas-guzzling vehicles roaming the world today useless - unless it is being pulled by a horse. To illustrate his point, he went ahead and converted the H2 into what can only be described as the glitziest and most glamorous horse-drawn cart in the history of the world.

Check out the video and watch how a full-fledged Hummer H2 ended up becoming a pretty razzle-dazzle of a horse cart.

It’s true that the future of the large American symbol of excess is uncertain, but that doesn’t keep automotive enthusiasts from making into the truly cool car that it can be. However where the YAAS EDITION was built for a king with gold and fine leather, this GeigerCars Hummer H2 is more suited for a pimp with its two tone crème paint scheme, 30 inch chrome dinner plates and purple headliner.

Hummer H2 by GeigerCars fit for a Pimp

For starters the Geiger H2 is painted Latte Macciatto, it begins with a noble brown base and then a few elements are covered with a very interesting crème-beige. The H2 rides on a set of extremely oversized wheels that measure 30 inches in diameter. Inside are a set of high performance Brembo brake set up consisting of huge 380 mm cross drilled rotors and a set of 4 piston calipers up front and 2 piston units out back.

Like all of Geirger’s creations, the engine has been supercharged and now delivers a maximum output of 547 HP and 563 lb-ft of torque from the blown V8. This translates into a 0 to 60 MPH sprint that will take less than 7 seconds and allows the pimptastic brick to hit a top speed of 141 MPH.

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That Dubai has a lot of cool cars, well that’s not a secret anymore! And to make us even jealous on this guys, GM launched a new limited edition H2 across the UAE. Called H2 Limited Dark Chrome Edition, the new special edition will be limited to only 1300 units.

Hummer H2 Black Chrome Limited Edition

It will be available on both SUV and SUT models and will be distinguished by: black chrome details, including Twenty-inch chrome-clad wheels, grille, hood latches and handles, fuel filler door, door handles, mirror caps, “H2” badges, side air vents and spare tyre cover.

GM will offer three exterior colors: Silver Ice Metallic, Sedona Metallic and Carbon Black Metallic. Silver Ice Metallic and Carbon Black Metallic are offered with the Ebony/Shale interior combination, while the Sedona Metallic color is exclusive to the Limited Dark Chrome edition and is offered only with the Sedona interior.

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Hummer may have suspended the H2 production just so this would never happen again. From the ‘more money than taste’ file comes this chop-top H2.

Spotted in Abu Dhabi, it’s hard to even call this a convertible. There doesn’t appear to be any sort of roof that can be put up in case of rain (or dust) storms. It just looks like someone took circular saw and went to town on the H2’s roof and rear pillars. It also doesn’t help that the "hood scoop" looks like it is the product an oven pan and a few colored lights from Home Depot.

Source: GT Spirit

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