2011 Hummer H1 by Cam-Shaft

It’s been over a year since the last Hummer rolled out of GM’s production facility , but Cam-Shaft was able to snag one of the remaining off-road monsters for a little virtual makeover. The premium wrapping team in Steinbach were hired by the owner of this H1 to turn the vehicle into a rolling tribute to Call of Duty, a popular first-person and third-person shooter video game series.

This special Hummer H1 was created with the help of co-operation and joint efforts which discussed the project thoroughly before coming up with various sketches (some accepted, some rejected). The final goal was to create a perfect combination illustrating their love for cars and video games.

The H1 was then transformed with a matte black vinyl wrap and various "Call of Duty" logos and inscriptions, as well as other minor styling modifications. In the end, they added a special set of games logo and other styling details and a special set of giant wheels and offroad tires to complete the menacing look.


Very aggressive style that they added a variety of special logos and games other styling details, as well as using a giant off-road wheels to seemingly more menacing.

I would say that they have made an awesome make over for this off road vehicle. This is definitely a cool vehicle for cars and video games. It seems like a monster ride.

Once the production for a certain vehicle was rolled out. For sure, there’s still a future production for that one as long as aftermarket company are alive. I’m really impressed with the aggressiveness of this vehicle. However, I was expecting that they are going to boost the figure performance of the car.

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