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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Topspeed is running down a list of the most attention-grabbing pink cars spotted anywhere in the world. We’ve already given you the pink Audi R8 and the Donut King Nissan GT-R , so the next one on our list is a limousine in the UK that we believe every young girl going to their prom should go in.

The novelty of vehicles being stretched into limousines is a concept that isn’t exactly ground-breaking. We’ve all seen them in the past and while most have captured our attention, the shock and awe nevertheless wanes as time goes by.

Every so often, a stretched out limo is so flamboyant that no amount of time can make us forget about it. Take this stretched-out Hummer for example. It looks like a doozy in its own right, but what takes it over the top is the fact that it’s colored – you guessed it – baby pink.

Tutti-fruttiness aside, the pink Hummer is as loaded as any limo you can ever find, and it’s all designed to fit all the needs and wants of a girl looking for a great night on the town. The pink Hummer limo has three TV’s, laser lights, strobe lights, 1800-watt sound system, star lights, optic lights, and a pink leather interior that makes you feel like you’re in your own private club. Speaking of private clubs, the pink Hummer limo also comes with its own mini bar to satisfy all your alcoholic cravings.

Not too shabby for a limousine that is considered as one of the most sought-after limos for hire in the UK.

Source: Bonrich

It’s been awhile since we last heard of the Hummer-to-China deal, but apparently, the two sides have been working hard on ironing out the final kinks of the deal that would involve Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery buying one of the most iconic SUV brands in the world.

As part of the deal, which is expected to be completed at the latter part of the year, Tengzhong will maintain Hummer’s vast dealership network – the SUV brand is sold in more than thirty countries around the world.

A Tengzhong spokeswoman said: “there will be no change in Hummer’s existing global sales networks and the quality of its after sales services after the completion of the deal.”

For a while, the deal was being opposed by members of the Chinese government because it didn’t reflect too positively on the country’s attempt in becoming more eco-friendly.

Now it seems that the government has reserved course, with the commerce ministry softening its stance, saying that the deal was nothing more than a company taking advantage to grow its portfolio and network all over the world.

With talks now in the advanced stages, expect the deal between Tengzhong and Hummer to be finalized sooner than later.

Source: Reuters

It’s true that the future of the large American symbol of excess is uncertain, but that doesn’t keep automotive enthusiasts from making into the truly cool car that it can be. However where the YAAS EDITION was built for a king with gold and fine leather, this GeigerCars Hummer H2 is more suited for a pimp with its two tone crème paint scheme, 30 inch chrome dinner plates and purple headliner.

Hummer H2 by GeigerCars fit for a Pimp

For starters the Geiger H2 is painted Latte Macciatto, it begins with a noble brown base and then a few elements are covered with a very interesting crème-beige. The H2 rides on a set of extremely oversized wheels that measure 30 inches in diameter. Inside are a set of high performance Brembo brake set up consisting of huge 380 mm cross drilled rotors and a set of 4 piston calipers up front and 2 piston units out back.

Like all of Geirger’s creations, the engine has been supercharged and now delivers a maximum output of 547 HP and 563 lb-ft of torque from the blown V8. This translates into a 0 to 60 MPH sprint that will take less than 7 seconds and allows the pimptastic brick to hit a top speed of 141 MPH.

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There are eyesores and then there are EYESORES.

This custom-made Hummer H1 we found on Ebay must have had a cruel -yet extravagantly rich - owner whose sole purpose in purchasing this Hummer was to outfit it with an inordinate number of LCD TVs. How else can we explain this monstrosity of a creation.

On the outside, it looks like the Hummer was butchered and replaced with separate parts from an array of metal sheets that somehow ended up resembling a vehicle. If the vehicle`s exterior isn’t enough to drive you away from this monstrosity, the interior will most definitely will – unless of course you`re a big fan of ostrich leather dashboards and the aforementioned number of LCD TV`s that has somehow turned the interior of this Hummer into one of those military-issued mobile HQ units.

Now, of course, we`re not exactly demanding you to never entertain the thought of buying this car, but if you ever wish to be taken seriously by all of your peers for the rest of your life, use this one and only time to heed our suggestions.

If you browse through the Ebay page of the seller, you`ll notice that he said that over $185,000 were put into this Hummer to make it look like what it is now. But then you`ll also realize that the `Buy it Now` price only rounds up to $89,000 – almost a 100,000 less than how much he spent for it.

We`ll say it again, this is one bargain you`re better off not pursuing.

Source: Ebay

It’s beginning to look like Hummer is not moving to China after all.

Weeks after it was reported that General Motors was on its way to selling the beleaguered car franchise to investors from the East, strong objections towards the impending sale may have killed all the talks between GM and the Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Corp.

China’s planning agency was apparently behind the blocking of the sale, saying that purchasing the Hummer would go against China’s new energy-saving policies.

In addition to that, China’s National Development and Reform Commission also noted that while the Hummer remains one of the most popular SUV brands in the world, selling it off to a buyer that has neither the expertise nor experience to produce the Hummer would only hurt the franchise’s credibility in the long run.

You may recall the surprising news a while back that General Motors found a suitor for the Hummer from China, which caught a lot of people by surprise. And now, it may not come to fruition, after all.

We haven’t heard any response from General Motors yet, but with the strict laws in China regarding foreign purchases – they require regulatory approvals, by the way – it’s becoming more and more likely that GM should open the possibility of having to look for a different buyer for the Hummer franchise because as it stands, the Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Corp may have been pulled out of purchasing the Hummer by its own government.

Source: Detroit News
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Have you ever wondered how meteorological scientists study tornados? Well this is an instance where the movies didn’t lie to you. Just like in the film Twister, tornado researchers drive vehicles directly into the path of the storm and release “pods” that take scientific measurements and capture data for the researchers to study.

Real life twister hunter Dr. Joshua Wurman was looking for a vehicle that he could use for the VORTEX2 tornado research study, a vehicle that could withstand heavy rain, hail, flash flooding and washed out roads. What he chose was the HUMMER H3T to be the lead vehicle in the largest tornado study ever conducted.

The elevated ground clearance and ability to ford up to a 24 inch flood made the H3T the perfect vehicle for the job. Dr. Wurman was quoted as saying that “we can send the Hummer into places where we haven’t sent our other probe vehicles before.”

You can follow the Hummer Storm Chaser at the link below for updates and a twister inspired blog.

Source: Hummer
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SEGA releases new arcade simulators based on Hummer

Videogame makers SEGA are expanding their arcade lineup with a new simulator based on the classic American symbol of Excess the Hummer . The system is simply called “Hummer” and has been designed as a full motion arcade game that moves along with the operator’s inputs while displaying the game footage on the oversized monitors in front of the driver.

That Dubai has a lot of cool cars, well that’s not a secret anymore! And to make us even jealous on this guys, GM launched a new limited edition H2 across the UAE. Called H2 Limited Dark Chrome Edition, the new special edition will be limited to only 1300 units.

Hummer H2 Black Chrome Limited Edition

It will be available on both SUV and SUT models and will be distinguished by: black chrome details, including Twenty-inch chrome-clad wheels, grille, hood latches and handles, fuel filler door, door handles, mirror caps, “H2” badges, side air vents and spare tyre cover.

GM will offer three exterior colors: Silver Ice Metallic, Sedona Metallic and Carbon Black Metallic. Silver Ice Metallic and Carbon Black Metallic are offered with the Ebony/Shale interior combination, while the Sedona Metallic color is exclusive to the Limited Dark Chrome edition and is offered only with the Sedona interior.

Press release after the jump.

Hummer may have suspended the H2 production just so this would never happen again. From the ‘more money than taste’ file comes this chop-top H2.

Spotted in Abu Dhabi, it’s hard to even call this a convertible. There doesn’t appear to be any sort of roof that can be put up in case of rain (or dust) storms. It just looks like someone took circular saw and went to town on the H2’s roof and rear pillars. It also doesn’t help that the "hood scoop" looks like it is the product an oven pan and a few colored lights from Home Depot.

Source: GT Spirit

The life support keeping Hummer alive is going for another shallow breath. The Hummer H2 has suspended production.

This is not too much of a surprise in the industry because Hummer has been in trouble for a while now. General Motors has been looking to offload the brand since the high gas prices of last summer. That was before everyone’s credit hit the skids, making it even tougher to buy the expensive SUV.

The H2 was the largest civilian Hummer being produced after the H1 bowed out in 2006. Now the Chevrolet Colorado -based H3 as the lone Hummer left in production.

This is not a really big surprise after all. We knew already Hummer was in big trouble, and big cars are not the future. In conclusion the H3 production has been halted and 200 workers are without work.

“What we are doing at considerable difficulty and expense to the company is moving all eligible employees from the H2 workforce into other parts of the company — finding them jobs,” said Mac Nab. “That will start to happen at the beginning of March. Some of the older employees have already been moved.”

There is no info yet on when or if the production of the H2 will be started again.

Source: Hummer Guy

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