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It’s been a while since we last heard something about the Hummer H2 , but now the folks over at SR Auto Group have decided to bring it back to our attention with its sweet "Project Magnum." Based on the H2, the new Project Magnum has soared sky high since our first encounter many years ago. Since its conception, it has gone through a couple phases to evolve to where it’s at today.

The project started with the addition of a new Fabtech lift kit and a new set of 20-inch wheels, featuring a matte-black face and a gloss-black lip. The wheels are wrapped in monstrous off road tires sized at 40×15.5×20.

The package continues with a set of Brembo brakes and a Hotchkis rear sway bar. For the exterior, SR Auto Group opted for a Leios matte black paint, a wide fender flare kit, and a strut grille kit. The last piece of the package is a throaty Magnaflow exhaust system that makes the engine sound even more beastly.

Now Project Magnum is ready to enter the new year with a brand new look and sound!

Electric cars are certainly beginning to take flight lately, with Tesla becoming the unlikely leader of the whole revolution. Okay, maybe it’s not quite a revolution yet, but it’s at least starting to gain a little more traction. It has gained enough traction to garner the attention of UK coach builder, Prindiville.

Prindiville, being the creative company that it is, couldn’t just make any run-of-the-mill EV. Nope, its engineers and designers came up with a near mock up of the latest Hummer H3 – you know, one of the many defunct GM brands – only miniaturize and electric driven. What a concept!

Prindiville has now begun production and released a slew of specifications, so we felt it was time to give it the appropriate TopSpeed once over via a full review. So is this new custom EV in a shrunk-down Hummer body a good buy for the average driver?

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It’s been over a year since the last Hummer rolled out of GM’s production facility , but Cam-Shaft was able to snag one of the remaining off-road monsters for a little virtual makeover. The premium wrapping team in Steinbach were hired by the owner of this H1 to turn the vehicle into a rolling tribute to Call of Duty, a popular first-person and third-person shooter video game series.

This special Hummer H1 was created with the help of co-operation and joint efforts which discussed the project thoroughly before coming up with various sketches (some accepted, some rejected). The final goal was to create a perfect combination illustrating their love for cars and video games.

The H1 was then transformed with a matte black vinyl wrap and various "Call of Duty" logos and inscriptions, as well as other minor styling modifications. In the end, they added a special set of games logo and other styling details and a special set of giant wheels and offroad tires to complete the menacing look.

It’s been over a year since the last Hummer rolled off the production line , ending the gas-guzzling era of the oversized and intimidating vehicle. Now, in a production more ironic than Congressman Anthony Weiner actually showing off his wiener, General Motors has unveiled an electric golf cart version of a Hummer for all of those men in plaid pants that want to display their machismo on the course. The MEV Hummer HX is now on sale for a bargain price - when compared to a full size Hummer - of $16,000.

The MEV Hummer HX electric golf cart was named after the HX concept revealed by GM in 2008. It is powered by a 3.75hp electric motor, but a $1,475 5.5hp electric motor is also available as an upgrade.

The model comes standard with upholstery embroidered with the H2 name, a custom floor kit, polished chrome wheels, side rails, a rear license plate, a painted front grille, H2 logos on the sides and rear, a HUMMER stamped rear bumper, and an H2 body kit licensed by General Motors. The HX MEV can also be ordered in a 6 passenger limo version for $3,874 or an 8 passenger version for $4,974.

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Ranking the best cars is fun, but ranking the worst is like frolicking on a perfect beach, it just never gets old. Taking into consideration that the year is almost complete, we wanted to rank the worst vehicles of the decade and seeing as how there were so many, ten just wasn’t enough.

Some weren’t very hard to think of, stuff like the Chevrolet Aveo and the Smart ForTwo were obviously going to be on the list, but there were a few that will shock you. If one sentence can sum up our thought process during this evaluation it would be this, ’high sales don’t mean anything’.

Look at the Chevrolet Impala and the Jeep Wrangler . Both sell fairly well, but both are awful. The Impala is fat and drives like a boat and the Wrangler is an off-road machine that most won’t take in their yard, leaving it hard and uncompromising on the road. Despite these two perfect examples of automotive incompetence, both didn’t make the list.

Find out what did by hitting the jump.

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We’ve all been there. You’re standing in the line at a gas station and you look up to see that the lottery has been bumped up to some unimaginable number. As the clerk slowly rings up the customer in front of you, you think of all of the things you would be able to buy and accomplish if you were lucky enough to strike it rich. It’s your turn now and you’re feeling a little froggy, so you jump. One lotto ticket please.

Like we said, we’ve all been there. Unfortunately, some of us have been there a lot more times than others and the amount of money that is literally slipping right off your fingertips stacks up as your chances get trimmed down. This is the exact idea that designers Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom from the Rhode Island School of Design wanted to convey when they took $39,000 worth of lotto tickets and built a Hummer H3 . They wanted everyone to see that with the money people have spent on lotto tickets, they could have just saved it up and bought something cool with it.

Their designs don’t just stop at Hummers either. Check out the gallery to see what other things were built using the useless pieces of paper that people paid for. We’re glad they built a Hummer because no one else is going to anymore.

The SUV that made a name for itself for being one of the most intimidating of any vehicle on the road is going out in a whimper. The last Hummer H3 - and the very last Hummer for that matter - rolled out of General Motors’ production facility in Shreveport, Louisiana last Monday, culminating the official end of one of America’s most iconic SUVs.

The last H3 was ordered by rental car agency Avis, which if we were these guys, we actually won’t rent out because of the "history" attached to it for being the very last Hummer ever built. Who knows, the SUV might fetch a pretty good price in the coming years.

Whatever Avis does with it though, is their business. More important to us is Hummer’s quiet curtain call. The irony is definitely intoxicating.

Hummer can’t catch a break, can it? If it’s bad enough that the brand is now on its way to being completely dissolved, now comes news that the Hummer H3 models manufactured from 2006 to 2010 are being recalled because of defective hood louvres. All in all, a total of over 162,000 Hummer models are included in the recall.

According to a report done by Consumer Reports, the hood louvres have the potential to become loose over time, causing it to completely fly off of the vehicle. It turns out that the tabs that keep the louvres in place are liable to break over time, which then causes vibrations that can loosen the entire hood louvres before separating off the hood completely.

As a result, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has issued a warning to H3 owners to be wary of the potential problem and that the slightest bit of vibration should be enough reason for them to call Hummer at 800-732-5493 or bring their H3s to their local GM dealerships to have the problem fixed as soon as possible.

While the real horsepower war rages on, Jeremy Dean has the guts to unveil the "Back to the Futurama" project. What does that mean? He took a Hummer H2 and added two real horses to obtain the Hoover Cart. The total project cost him $15K.

The designer said his project was inspired by the Great Depression; a time when people could not afford gas for their vehicles and so they hitched them to horses, creating "Hoover Carts".

"I was fascinated by the Hoover Cart story and the image I saw in my mind of the re-imagined vehicle, this ultimate coping mechanism, and it seemed to me then, as it does now, a monument to the absurd, as only something utilitarian done in prolonged crisis can be," said Jeremy Dean.

Who said the Hummer is not environmental friendly?

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While winter is over in most of the world, Geiger Cars has decided this is the best time to unveil a Hummer H2 customized for any road condition including 1 meter high snow.

Called the H2 Bomber, this vehicle is equipped with Mattracks 88M1-A1 rubber tracks at each wheel measuring 40cm wide and 150cm long. The interior gets a matte silver finish with extra headlights on the roof and lettering printed in an army style, but an added element of fun can be seen in the sunroof, navigation system with a Kenwood DVD drive, roof monitor with headphones, and rear-view camera.

Under the hood the V8 engine has been tuned to deliver 398 bhp and 574 Nm of torque.

So, off-roaders, what are you waiting for? Oh yeah, next winter!

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