Hyundai Genesis

Hyundai Genesis

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It is no secret that I am a fan of the upcoming Hyundai Genesis Coupe . The Korean coupe offers excellent performance and styling at a reasonable price, and will certainly inject some newfound enthusiasm into the sport compact segment. However; for me, the best part about the new Genesis Coupe is that it is rear-wheel-drive.

Seriously, there is no other car on the market today that offers as much as a Genesis Coupe R-Spec . The tuner friendly entry level two door features 19 inch wheels housing beautiful Brembo brakes, a limited slip differential in the rear end and a boost friendly four cylinder that could easily make 250 HP at the wheels with a little motivation from the aftermarket. All for under $25,000. Try to get that with a BMW.

Ever since I saw the factory tuned concept complete with vented carbon fiber hood in photos, and then when I laid eyes on the the sporty yellow coupe sitting under a tree last year at Pebble Beach in person, I have been dying to get behind the wheel. Tomorrow I will get my chance and I am excited. I will apologize in advance if you never hear from me again, because if I can get my hands on an R-Spec, I might just make a run to Mexico.

Stay tuned for updates from Top Speed’s Genesis Coupe ride and drive.

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Controversy broke out a few weeks ago when it became known that Rhys Millen’s Hyundai Genesis Coupe drift car didn’t have the manufacturer’s 3.8 Liter Lambda V6 under the hood. Instead the RMR Genesis Coupe competed in the first round of Formula D competition with a Nissan sourced VQ series V6. Now the majority of the Formula D cars in the paddock have all sorts of Frankenstein engine/chassis combinations, but because Rhys is running a factory backed program, this was a no-no.

It is easy to understand that the former World Drifting and Formula D Champion knows a thing or two about the sport, and understands the necessity for a bulletproof power train under the harsh conditions of the sport. Due to the fact that the partnership was not official until right before the season opener in Long Beach, we can forgive Rhys for trying to pull a fast one.

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Hyundai Genesis Prada

Usually the devil wears Prada, but in this case, the Genesis wears it. Hyundai collaborated with the famous Italian luxury goods maker to develop this special edition "Genesis Prada" that was revealed at the Seoul Motor Show today.

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The Korean automaker Hyundai announced that they would be teaming up with Formula D champion Ryhs Millen to campaign a Hyundai powered, RMR built, Red Bull Sponsored, Genesis Coupe in everything from time attack to pikes peak and of course drifting competition in 2009. Here is a video of Rhys showing off what he has in store. Keep in mind that the car shown is only the SEMA show car set up. So it’s powered by a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine, the same one offered in the R Spec . For the professional circuit RMR is boring stoking and turbocharging the Hyundai six cylinder to make over 600 HP.

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It is nice to see that tuners are off to a good start with the Hyundai Genesis Coupe . This clean orange example has undergone a few tasteful modifications. It is possible to say that it is what hasn’t been done to the Genesis Coupe that makes it so attractive. Keep up the good work, and stay off the vinyl.

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Just announced at the Chicago Auto show is that Rhys Millen will spearhead Hyundai ’s motorsports efforts with the Genesis Coupe. He and the car are scheduled to compete at Pikes Peak, a full season of Formula D and numerous Redline Time Attack events throughout 2009.

"I’m a free agent, so if Hyundai is interested in me for Pikes Peak or Formula Drift or road racing, I’m open," said Pikes peak record holder and Formula D champion Millen.

Hyundai steps up their genesis game by recruiting Rhys Millen Racing

To prepare for the task ahead the team at RMR has prepared a Genesis Coupe by stitch-welding the chassis and then installing the carbon fiber body panels from the RMR SEMA Genesis . This was done in an effort to increase the structural rigidity and bring down the weight of the car. Mr. Millen has a target weight of a 2,400 lb curb weight.

Aerodynamic improvements to the race vehicle include a lower front splitter and rear diffuser to suck the car onto the ground and an adjustable rear wing to keep the back end planted. The car is able to use a larger wheel and tire combination than the factory model thanks to the wide body kit in the back. This Genesis Coupe also benefits from a vented hood to keep down under hood temperature.

Instead of going with the base 2.0 liter four cylinder turbo engine like the show car, Rhys has decided to go with the V6 and displacement has been increased from 3.8 to 4.1 liters. The Lambda V6 makes use of a Turbonetics turbocharger to force air into the engine and AEM engine management system is used for the brains of the operation. All these modifications result in 550 HP and 520 lb-ft of torque, quite an improvement from the 310 HP of the stock engine on high test gasoline. Rhys will be shifting gears thanks to an HKS sequential transmission.

The Hyundai sits on a set of three-way adjustable KW coilovers. Other suspension components such as: swaybars, lower control arms, rear control arms and toe links are all adjustable so that the car can be dialed in for whatever task is thrown its way.

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Yesterday we had a quick preview of the Hyundai Genesis Coupe R-Spec. Now Hyundai has given a full release on the hot-rodded Genesis Coupe .

The Genesis R-Spec comes with Track-tuned suspension, 19-inch gunmetal-finish alloy wheels, performance summer tires, Brembo braking system, Torsen limited-slip differential, and R-Spec badging. Powering the coupe will not be the top range 306 hp 3.6-liter V6 engine, but rather the 2.0-liter low-pressure turbocharged four-cylinder unit that delivers 210 hp. As suspected, this was to be more tuner friendly at a lower base cost. Pricing for the Spec-R starts at $23,750, and Hyundai calls the car a "high-performance blank canvas for tuners".

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Hyundai announced today pricing on the 2010 Genesis Coupe . Prices will start from $22,000 for the 2.0T version with Six-Speed Manual gearbox and will go up to $31,000 for the 3.8 version with ZF Six-Speed A/T SHIFTRONIC. The R-Spec version, set to be revealed today in Chicago is priced at $23,750.

The 2010 Genesis Coupe is being offered with a choice of two performance-focused engines – a 212-hp, 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and a range-topping all-aluminum, 306-hp, DOHC 3.8-liter V6 engine.

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