Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe

  The Santa Fe is Hyundai’s second attempt to crack the soft roader segment after the Tuscon and the Terracan. It comes in 2WD and 4WD variants and with a 2.2-litre CRDI engine. Its competitors are the Honda CR-V, Chevrolet Captiva and the Mitsubishi Outlander. Its performance matches the Land Rover Freelander 2 and the Santa Fe is a seven seater.

It wasn’t that long ago when Hyundai was relegated as an afterthought company in the auto industry. Those times, though, are all but gone, because the Korean brand has more than become a player in the business, it’s actually established itself as a contender in some markets, including the compact SUV division.

Hyundai can largely thank the Santa Fe for that, and with a new look, new features and options to match, the 2014 Santa Fe Sport is ready to take on the world.

One of the Santa Fe Sport’s new goodies in its 2014 model year is the company’s new Blind Spot Detection system (BSD) and a rear parking assistance system. Those two technological upgrades alone are certainly worth more than the standard lip service.

That aside, the 2014 Santa Fe Sport also boasts a steady diet of upgrades, something Hyundai actively did to ensure that its prized SUV has been given the proper training to duke it out with its rival models.

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As with the previous years, Hyundai used New York’s Comic-Con to unveil a new zombie machine. A new, strange-looking Santa Fe joined a very long list of Zombie Survival models, including the recently launched Elantra Coupe and Veloster .

The new Santa Fe Zombie machine was designed by Anson Kuo from Arizona — a fan selected from more than 82,500 submissions. The car he designed was developed by Galpin Auto Sports, and it was on displayed at the New York Comic-Con show floor on October 10th.

The car that Kuo rolled out featured knife blades, an automatic crossbow, razor-wired windows, three machine guns, a samurai sword, aluminum armor and a muffler silencer. Thanks to all these weapons, the Santa Fe becomes a real zombie killer. Also, his Santa Fe features lots of cargo space for supplies and passengers.

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Someone at Hyundai must really like western art and turquoise jewelry to keep using this same name. After two years on the market, the 2014 models bring a handful of tech updates to each stylish crossover.

The current Santa Fe comes in three confusing flavors: the original seven-seater, or now a smaller Sante Fe Sport five-seater. And now a LWB version of the base car.

Three Sante Fe’s from Hyundai for 2014.

Detail tweaks to equipment are the biggest changes to the SF and the SF LWB. The Technology Packages now offers HID headlights and LED taillights, ventilated front seats and integrated memory seats.

Also, for 2014 all Santa Fe models will offer Hyundai’s Blind Spot Detection system (BSD) and a rear parking assistance system. The last detail update for the 2014 was made on the models equipped with panoramic sunroofs that will now also be equipped with roof rails.

The 2014 Santa Fe will be offered in three configurations: Santa Fe, Santa Fe Sport, and Santa Fe LWB. Prices will be announced at a later date.

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The Super Bowl is set to air this Sunday, but we still have time to see a few more commercials. The latest one comes from Hyundai and it reveals how much fun, or trouble, a family can have in the new seven-passenger Santa Fe .

The new "Epic PlayDate" ad stars rock band The Flaming Lips who play the song "Sun Blows Up Today" specially for this ad. If you like it, you can buy it from iTunes starting today, or you can wait until band’s new album called “Terror” arrives in April.

To our knowledge, this is the final Super Bowl ad for the Korean automaker, unless they happen to have something else up their sleeve. If the Santa Fe impressed you, it will be available for order starting this spring. It can be yours for a price of $28,350.

We’ve already seen three of Hyundai’s five Super Bowl-bound commercials, and if we do say so ourselves, they’re getting a lot better with each release. Their latest ad for the Santa Fe, called "Team," is the best one yet.

Evoking a kind of Little Giants meets Bad News Bears feel to it, a little kid gets his football taken away from him by some unruly bullies who tell him that he could only get it back if he brings a team together. With the help of the kid’s rather intimidating mom, he proceeds to round up his posse, except that his posse is comprised of friends that each bring a unique skill set to the table.

All together, they go back to the field and stare down the bullies, each with the intent of inflicting as much pain as possible. Well, except for one little dude who looks like he’s about to decapitate someone.

Overall, it’s a pretty good commercial that ties up well to the actual game itself.

Hyundai’s "Don’t Tell" commercial, one that will have prominent air time during the Super Bowl, has actually been playing in the air for a number of weeks now.

Despite being a full-blow 30-second ad (it’s actually 32 seconds), the "Don’t Tell" commercial is still being characterized as a preview commercial for Hyundai’s total Super Bowl platter, which will include four more commercials.

In addition to "Don’t Tell", which by the way left us with nothing more than a slight chuckle, the Korean automaker is also planning to play "Epic PlayDate,” "Team,” "Stuck,” and "Excited.” These all sound cool enough, but we all know that sounding cool and actually being cool are two completely different things when it comes to Super Bowl ads.

We’ll hold our final judgment once we see all five ads run during the Big Game.

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The Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Dee Zee Edition probably won’t get the same buzz as some of the other Hyundai models at the 2012 SEMA Auto Show , but that doesn’t mean that it won’t get some love from us.

Built in collaboration with truck accessory company Dee Zee, the Santa Fe Sport Dee Zee Edition is a prime example of what the new 2013 Santa Fe is capable of becoming with the right mix of custom upgrades.

For this model, Dee Zee wanted to prop the Hyundai SUV as a versatile vehicle that you can take just about anywhere outside of the water. Be it the off-road or the trails, the Santa Fe Sport Dee Zee Edition is primed and ready for action, thanks to the slew of customizations Dee Zee put into it.

A black powder-coated aluminum front bumper bar gives the Santa Fe Sport not just a more menacing stance, but also protection from outside hubris that might victimize a standard type. There are also black power-coated aluminum sidesteps for easier access to and from the interior.

A black roof rack is also prominently featured, which in this case proudly displays the equipment you can bring with you on your outdoor excisions, including a bike rack and a kayak rack.

Finally, Dee Zee went and gave the Santa Fe Sport a new set of Giovanna wheels wrapped in Nitto tires.

South Korean company, Hyundai , brought out the Santa Fe SUV in 2001 and after twelve years on the market, it’s more than ready for its third generation. In the past few weeks, there have been plenty of spy shots of the new Santa Fe, but it’s time now to see it in real life. The new Santa Fe has made its debut at the 2012 New York Auto Show.

For the 2013 model year, the Santa Fe will be offered in three versions: Santa Fe, Santa Fe Sport, and Santa Fe LWB. Customers will also get to choose between three different engines: a 190 HP direct-injection 2.4-liter four-cylinder, a 264 HP turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder, and a 290 HP 3.3-liter direct-injection V6. The three engines can be combined with a six-speed automatic transmission and an optional all-wheel drive system.

UPDATE 08/07/2012: Hyundai has announced prices for the 2013 Santa Fe. The model will go on sale at a starting price of $24,450 for the standard Santa Fe Sport and will go up to $27,700 for the turbocharged version. Each version will also be available with an all-wheel-drive system which adds another $1,750 to the FWD models. Full pricing details are available after the jump!

UPDATE 10/03/12: An onslaught of new commercials for the Hyundai Santa Fe have been released. Check them all out by clicking on the photo above!

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Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai was not shy about releasing a number of teaser images ahead of the Sante Fe ’s official debut at the 2012 New York Auto Show. They’ve spent the whole month of March bringing out these images and we’re just about fed up with the wait. Thankfully, we came across a little banner that helped us out on the journey. Say hello to the first official image of the 2013 Hyundai Sante Fe .

It may only be a few hours until the New York Auto Show officially opens it doors, but that was still too long to wait. After twelve years on the market, the SUV was well in need of a new generation. This new Sante Fe takes its design inspiration from the Veloster and the new generation i30 . The car features Hyundai’s new Fluidic Sculpture design language, a set of new headlamps and taillamps, and a new set of 19-inch aluminum wheels.

The current model is offered with engines like a 2.4-liter gasoline engine with an output of 174 hp and 197 HP diesel engine capacity of 2.2 liter. For the new model, Hyundai will offer more power in out of a couple of four cylinder engines.

We’ll find out more about the 2013 Sante Fe as soon as New York opens its doors, so stay tuned!

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The Hyundai Veracruz might be in its last days. The car has always been pretty good, but the crossover has never sold entirely well. So, with Hyundai models flying off the showroom floors, the Veracruz is getting left behind. Now, Autoblog is reporting that the Veracruz will be around for a little bit longer, but inevitably, the CUV will be replaced by a long wheelbase version of the Sante Fe .

This really caught us a bit off guard, as Crossover models seem to be the hip thing at the moment. Nissan has just added a longer version of the Qashqai and other automakers are likely to follow suit.

This move will likely be a ways off, so it’s not clear yet on how stretched the Sante Fe will be. This stretch won’t be new for the Sante Fe though, as it was offered in a three-row version before its update in 2010. Hyundai will need to increase cabin space, especially in the third row, in order to get shoppers thinking Korean.

Hyundai is also looking to put the new lithium-polymer hybrid drivetrain into the Santa Fe. The motor was first designed for use in the Sonata , but the SUV seems like the perfect fit. No word on if this is actually true, but it seems to make perfect sense. Look how well theFord Escape Hybrid is selling and you’ll soon see the point.

More news to come.

Source: Autoblog

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