2006 Hyundai Gator

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Drag racing has its roots in Los Angeles and Southern California. The pioneering spirit of the drivers, mechanics and machines began in the heyday of hotrodding and continues today at Top Fuel drag racing events across Southern California. What happens when we’ve moved beyond internal combustion and nitrous oxide? Is the party over? HELL NO!!!

Greenspeed is what could happen in the future as speed freaks transition to fuel cell and electric power. Greenspeed is a future sanctioning body of drivers, mechanics, and machines working together with the manufacturers to push the envelope on fuel cell and hydrogen performance. Electric motors can be manufactured in any size and generate a constant torque curve, making the performance possibilities limitless.

Hyundai Gator:The Ultimate Top Fuelcell Dragster

The Hyundai Gator pushes the boundaries of design and fuel cell performance. Inspired by the top fuel racers of the ’60’s, this alien shape is rooted in pure function. The overall design consists of a main fuselage with integrated roll protection and "seat sling" which hangs underneath, tied together by a center spine chassis with integral fuel cells. The giant hood blisters house the hydrogen storage tanks, and the rear wheels house gargantuan electric motors. A single side-stick control and helmet display are all the driver has to put the power to the pavement!


this isnt a god damn video game i need somthiong to get to work in... not a gator.....!!!

i was looking at this car and it look like a real aligator head and i was wondering if it was going to be a race car or a street car

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