2007 Hyundai i30 (FD) Station Wagon

Following the unveiling last month of the i30 5-door hatchback at the Geneva Auto Show, Hyundai is proud to introduce an extension to the i30 family, the FD estate wagon which marks Hyundai┬┤s long-awaited return to this popular and hotly contested segment in Europe.

Like its 5-door hatchback sibling, the FD Estate Wagon was styled at the European Design Center in Russelsheim ensuring that is perfectly in tune with continental tastes.

Thoughtful design touches include projection headlamps, a USB port for connecting portable music players, a smart folding key system for convenient access to the vehicle, a built-in roof rack for maximum cargo-carrying utility and repeater lamps built into the side view mirrors housings.

Hyundai i30 (FD) Station Wagon


  • Length 4,475 mm (+230)
  • Width 1,775 mm
  • Height 1,530 mm (+50)
  • Wheelbase 2,700 mm(+90)
  • Tires 205/55 R 16
  • Powertrain FWD 1.6-liter DOHC Gamma inline 4-cylinder 1.6-liter U CRDi with Variable Geometry Turbo

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