2007 Hyundai Mobis Tiburon

Hyundai unveiled at SEMA the Mobis Tiburon next to five others distinct Hyundai vehicles. In its seventh year at SEMA, Hyundai showed off vehicles spanning its entire product portfolio, proving that customization is not just for sport compacts anymore.

The Tiburon regularly is at the top of the list of must-see cars at the show, and this year is no exception. Its track-inspired styling and handling characteristics inspire tuners with endless possibilities. To that end, Hyundai’s accessories group, Mobis Parts, created the Hyundai Mobis Parts Expo Vehicle.

Hyundai Mobis Tiburon

In addition to the KDM full-body kit by Tomato, supercharger by Next Generation Motorsports and Eibach suspension, this Tiburon features prototype parts that will be in Hyundai dealerships’ parts departments in the near future.

Hyundai Mobis Tiburon


I agree. The car looks like a Christmas tree! There’s a lot of blings that doesn’t needed in the exterior of the vehicle. Well, I guess this car doesn’t make it into production nad now wonder why..

The exterior of the car seems bloat loaded and overdesign. I think it would look clean if they have chosen only two color for its paint. I wonder on how its interior?

Yeah, the overall look of this car is perfect except for the front. And same here, I was wondering on what will be the speed performance of this car. I hope to read updates for this car.

Wow! This car look so aggressive! The back is great though the front hood is kind of bloat loaded! BTW, i wonder on what’s the speed performance of this car.

IMO it’s fron end specially the Grille and shark nose is just look the same as the Mitsubishi.

I never knew that Infiniti and Hyundai will have a same style car like this, the Infitini GT-R and the Hyundai Mobis Tiburon, they have same body styles.

@rielvcle_brown : I think in terms of car performance, speed, etc, I will go for lancer EVO, but if based it on appearance I will choose Hyundai.

IMO they have the same nose tip like the EVO’s shark nose for better air flow to the engine, but for me Evo is still the best car in the market. but mobis is a great custom tiburon I really like the front bumper of it.

"will be in Hyundai dealerships’ parts departments in the near future."... i`m waiting

gawd this is the hottest design hyundai came up with till now

com to think of it i need to show this to that guy missawd this looks like it cud rip up that lil tin can evo x also

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